December 30, 2010

Happy New Year!

 © The Fiery Mother by Olivia Robertson

From Juno Covella, for Dec. 31st,
by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson:

"Hestia, Vesta. Everliving flame of the hearth.
Life is eternal, and manifests - by rebirth through, the Mothers.
Fires and candles re-lighted from past flame.
Life renewal."

From our Hearth of the Goddess to yours,
a very happy and blessed 2011!

December 28, 2010

DVD of Olivia Robertson

Steven from Logic Reality just sent an email informing us that the DVD of Olivia Robertson that they have been working on for the past year is due for release on January 20th.  It is:

"A feature length documentary exploring the life and philosophy
of one of the founder members of The Fellowship of Isis,
Lady Olivia Robertson: Priestess of Isis."

The video is £15.00 + P&P, via PayPal and the price includes a donation to the Fellowship of Isis.

A trailer of the video, along with ordering information may be found here:

Promotional poster, available for purchase as well!

Short clips of the video, sent by the producers:

Solidified Light Energy

The Missing Mother (t5)

Crop Circles (t4)

The Temple Labyrinth (t2)

The Star Chapel
(Photos by Logic Reality, included with permission.)

December 23, 2010

Snowy Clonegal

As many of you know (and are experiencing yourselves), much of Ireland has been undergoing a cold and snowy winter this year. A friend has shared these photos after a recent snowfall, as well as several others which have been added to the "Winter Snowfall" section of this page of the Photo Gallery:

We will be adding more photos to this section later, as Olivia will be sending some as well.
Wherever you are, may you be surrounded by the beauty of the season, and have a safe and most blessed new year!
(Photos courtesy and copyrighted M. Moore.  All rights reserved.)

December 21, 2010

Sun in Capricorn

Blessings of this Solstice Full Moon!

We now continue our zodiac tour with the Shrine of Capricorn, located in the Well Chapel of Brigid at Clonegal Castle.

Also, here is an excerpt from a Castle ritual drama, in which Olivia Robertson speaks of Capricorn and the stories behind the constellations:  Olivia discusses the myths

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 90 sec./354kb.)

For those who have difficulty with audio files, here is the text:

"At Clonegal Castle in Ireland, it is Winter in the constellation of Capricorn. Let us contemplate this mystery of the humble Earth at the far distant stars of Capricorn, which some saw as a sea goat. Teachings given to us by the Magi. For they would ask a simple person: "my friend what is that in the sky?" They would say: 'it's goat's horns.' And the Magus would say, 'I will tell you concerning that goat.' And so the starry book revealed myths not known to astronomers, yet written in the Book of Fate. Despise not the myths of the stars, for they were linked to the simple imagination of humble fellow friends who gazed at the sky and called them names, and the teachings were given. And so their souls were brought nourishment. Let us contemplate the Earth and the constellation of Capricorn. . ."

(Photo by Olivia Robertson.  The Golden Winged-Brighid figure was carved by David Durdin-Robertson. Photos & audio files are copyrighted.)

Homepage archival link:  Shrines of the Zodiac

December 19, 2010

Happy Holidays!

In a recent letter, Olivia Robertson wishes everyone "A very happy Winter Solstice & Christmas!"

She also includes this delightful sketch of her walking in the snow and ice, surrounded by the animals of Clonegal Castle. These include Otto the Bernese mountain dog, Mouse the Dachshund, Spook, Nutmeg & Ginger, the cats, and Boris & Hamlet, the pot-bellied pigs!

It has been added to this page:  Animal Family of Isis

Many blessings for a safe and joyful holiday season to all!

p.s.  New photo of Boris added as well! ;)

December 8, 2010

Featured Book & Quote from "The Religion of the Goddess"

"I should like to start by quoting a passage from a book written by a certain Dr. Alexander. It is from a long treatise entitled "The History of Women". Although living 200 years ago, the author might well be an advanced advocate of the Women's Liberation Movement. He writes as follows:

"'The mythology of all antiquity is full of female as well as male deities. The Hebrews and many of their neighbouring nations, worshipped the Queen of Heaven; the Phoenicians adored Astarte; the Scythians, Apia; and the Scandinavians, Frigga, the consort of Odin. Wherever female deities have obtained a place in the religion of a people, it is a sign that women are of some consequence; for we find in those modern nations where the women are held in the most despicable light, that even their deities are all of the masculine gender.'

"In other words, to achieve a healthy society - something more is needed than 'Votes for women', 'Equal pay' and so on. For achieving a healthy society there is only one adequate answer; and that answer is: - a return to the Cult of the Goddess.

"This lecture is divided into two sections. First, we shall survey the history of Matriarchal religion. Second, we shall consider the rituals, both the public or outer, and the esoteric or inner Mysteries; the second section will end with a few examples of the effect of the cult of the Goddess on ethics."

* * * * * * * * *

This booklet is a transcript of a lecture given by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, in the Assembly Room in Wexford on October 26, 1974, at the opening of the The Wexford Arts Centre.

You may read more here:  The Religion of the Goddess

The cover art is by Olivia Robertson.  It represents the Goddess sitting on the Holy Table and is is based on the High Altar of the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle.

To order this booklet, please visit our Publications Page and click on the order forms link.

November 30, 2010

Isis of Fellowship - new reprint

The booklet, "Isis of Fellowship, How the Fellowship of Isis was Founded" has been newly reprinted. For this version, Olivia Robertson added a chapter for the Muses Symposium that she created from her past writings about this FOI special project.  Her artwork, The Peacock Goddess, has also been added.

Former chapters include: "Foundation, the Throne of Isis", "Return of the Priestess", "College of Isis Revived", "Spirals of Light", "Dana's Land of Immortality", "Ladies & Knights of the Green Earth", "The Goddess Has New Helpers", and "Isis Prophetis." 

If you have previously purchased "Isis of Fellowship", and would like an insert of the new chapter to print out, please contact us.

You can also read Olivia's foreword from 2002: Isis of Fellowship Foreword

Homepage Archive links:

FOI-Crossroads Media Booklet Order Forms

More information on the Muses Symposium

November 22, 2010

Shrine of Sagittarius - Fellowship of Isis Temple

The above photo is of the Shrine of Sagittarius, which is located in the Chapel of Brigid of Clonegal Castle.  Over the altar, you can see Olivia Robertson's artwork of "Bride Ad Infinitum".

You may hear Olivia speaking about the creation of this painting in this audio file: Fractal Brigid

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 48 sec./192kb.)

For those who have difficulty opening audio files, here is what Olivia says:

"I have painted a 5-fold Palladium myself for our Temple of Isis, super-imposing it over a silver Piscean Madonna. She has vermillion red hair, very long, and she holds her baby girl, also with long red hair. The baby holds a doll with spiky red hair; the doll holds a mini-doll - and all are held within great hands of Brigid, from the sky. She is Brigid holding Bride, Magdalene holding Sophia. . . something was lacking. Were we only to diminish in consciousness? No! So I painted those giant hands coming out of a tumultuous sky enfolding the figure in an eternal embrace, because I believe the Goddess exists. We're not the only creatures in the Universe."

A closer view of the Temple painting:

Photo courtesy of Minette Quick.
Homepage archive links: 
Shrines of the Zodiac

November 11, 2010

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy Quote

"In the Divine Spheres there are no divisions,
no theological dissension nor philosophical contradictions.
There are differences of approach, of emphasis, of radiation,
for the stars are many-hued and bring differing gifts.
Yet all spring from one source, the Cosmic Mother." 

From: "Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess" by Olivia Robertson.
Artwork:  "Isis, Mother of the Sun" by Olivia Robertson.

Homepage Archive link:  Sophia Liturgy Booklet

November 1, 2010

Shrine of Scorpio

This is the Shrine of Scorpio in the Well Chapel at the Castle Foundation Center. Look closely, and you'll see the Cosmic Web of the Universe of the Fellowship of Isis on the altar cloth.

Homepage Archive link: Other Zodiac Shrines

October 24, 2010

Samhain Blessings

In honor of the Samhain season in the northern hemisphere, here is an historic audio clip of Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, during an invocation of Hecate in the ritual of the Lunar Magic of the TidesHecate Invocation

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 1:08 min./269kb.  The audio clip from the Autumnal Equinox is still available as well.)

Other updates to the Homepage archive include:

The Awakening - Samhain 2010 Reflections article by Olivia Robertson

Tara of the Oracles: Rites 23 & 24

We also include an excerpt here from Lawrence Durdin Robertson's Juno Covella,  for November 1st:

Celtic: La Samhna, Samhain Day; Second of the Three Days of Samhain; Feile na Marbh, Feast of the Dead. (Dinneen, Dict.) "Samhain, All-Hallowtide, the feast of the dead in pagan and Christian times, signalising the close of harvest and the initiation of the winter season lasting till May . . the fairies (aos sidhe) were imagined as particularly active at this season, from it the half-year is reckoned; also called Mile na Marbh and Fide Moingfhinne (snow goddess); La Samhna, 1st November . . the weird fairy elfin first of November . . mi na Samhna, the month of November lucht na Samhna, the Hollantide good-things . ."

(Perp. Fest. Cal.) "November 1 'Peace Fire' of the Druids, Samhain". (The Druids Cal.) "November 1. Samhain. The dark month begins, initiating the Gloom. Unharvested fruit now belongs to the puca and faerie who roam abroad. Samhain and Beltane (May Day) are the joints of the year". (Fell. of Isis Dir.) "November 1st. Festival of the Goddess Samhain and of all the Sidhe and departed Spirits. Communion with those of other spheres. 1st - 3rd: The door is open between earth sphere and other realms. Spirits may move through the door. Souls may meet each other. Psychic vision and prophecy. Future lovers seen. Intercalary days of the Gaelic Moon Yeardays out of time".

Read the rest of this entry and others in: Juno Covella, Perpetual Calendar of the Fellowship of Isis

Blessings of the season to one and all!

(Historic photo of Olivia Robertson & Lawrence Durdin-Robertson in the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle Sanctuary.  Photo enhanced by the Homepage Archive.  Photo Gallery)

October 18, 2010

From Olivia Robertson - Muses Symposium

Below is an Oracle from Olivia Robertson, received via email on October 18, 2010 from the Rev. Stephanie Campbell, Iseum of the Golden Eagle and Iseum of the Arts.

The email reads:

This oracle was received by Olivia Robertson in response concerning clarification of the Muses Symposium and the Magical Arcadian Realm.

From: Urania, Muse of All Magic.

Our Muses Symposium exists already in the inner planes. We are now extending it to the material world,through the Fellowship of ISIS. Therefore, our Magical Arcadian Realm is not subject to any existing structures. It is a telepathic extension of our divine web of the arts.So,in the Muses Symposium, there are no levels, degrees or rules.


We Muses inspire that perfect freedom of expression, without which, the Arts cannot exist.BE FREE , BE JOYFUL, BE LOVING AND SO CREATE YOUR INDIVIDUAL ART, THROUGH THE DIVINE RAINBOW NETWORK OF ALL ARTS.


Note: Any F.O.I. Member who wishes to join, may do so through the existing global web sites. They are preparing the necessary navigation on these sites, now.

[End of email]

Our thanks to Stephanie for forwarding this message from Olivia.  Artwork is "The Peacock Angel" by Olivia Robertson.

Homepage Archive Link:  The Muses Symposium

October 11, 2010

Illustration: The Call of Isis

This drawing is entitled "Two Candlesticks & a Golden Chalice" and illustrates a meditative experience of "Owen" in Olivia Robertson's booklet The Call of Isis.  This is a black & white illustration that Olivia has added color to - we thought you would enjoy seeing it, and have uploaded it to the online art gallery. (Section 5)

Here is an excerpt from the booklet:  "The first was the Lady with red hair. Owen saw her in a woodland scene, wearing fifteenth-century costume. Her hair was bound with pearls, and her gown was full, and coloured yellow and blue. Owen's task was, with the aid of a gypsy, to bring her a bundle from a Roman villa with a mosaic patio. The symbolic head delineated in the centre of the mosaic pavement was that of a helmeted warrior. The bundle was given to the gypsy by an old woman. Owen finally brought it to the Lady in the wood. The focal part of this experience was the nature of the contents of the bundle. Owen realized that this belonged to the Lady of the wood: not to the warrior. And when he untied the bundle he found two candlesticks, and a golden chalice with rubies. So his first session brought at once the Grael which he sought. And he had to give it away, though he had been tempted to keep it. The teaching given was thus conveyed, not in words, but in symbols. The Grael he sought was not, as he has thought, within the jurisdiction of the Warrior King. Rather was he to seek for it among humble peasant women and gypsies, in the depths of woodlands."
The Call of Isis, by Olivia Robertson
(Chapter 5)

The Call of Isis, Olivia Robertson's spiritual autobiography
Olivia Robertson's Online Art Gallery

(Artwork shared from personal correspondence)

October 6, 2010

New Photos & Sections in Photo Gallery

We have uploaded several new photos to the online Photo Gallery, including four from FOI-member Eriko, who recently visited the Castle from Japan. Thank you Eriko!

We have also reworked the galleries for the outside of the Castle and its grounds, and created two new sections: the Yew Walk, and the Changing Seasons of Clonegal Castle.

Photo Gallery Link:

(Above photo of Castle garden by Eriko, all rights reserved.)

September 27, 2010

Auction Update

Today we heard from Anna, Olivia's niece, that the art auction raised a total of £10,000 for the charity of Facing Africa. Thanks to all who participated and who have helped to raise awareness for this important cause!

From Anna: "Thank you, I would love it if you would like to share it [the auction results] on your lists. I'm hoping to have another illustrator's auction for the same cause in a couple of years time and it would be lovely to share it with your members. With very best wishes, Anna"

September 23, 2010

Olivia Robertson in the U.S. & Auction Sketch

Olivia Robertson has arrived safely in the United States and is beginning her month-long tour. Her itinerary may be viewed on the Rt. Rev. Deena Butta's (travel coordinator) website:

Olivia's USA Tour:

Also, Olivia's niece Anna Currey, has put together a charity auction of a wide range of artwork to benefit the children's charity "Facing Africa". From the auction site: "Facing Africa is a British charity which was founded ten years ago in close collaboration with the Dutch Noma Foundation. Every year it sends four teams of volunteer surgeons, nurses and anaesthetists to conduct life-changing operations, reconstructing children's faces and helping them return to a normal life."

Olivia has donated this original drawing from her book, St. Malachy's Court, first printed in 1946. It is a crayon sketch, 27 x 19cm:

The auction will be held on Saturday, September 25, 2010 and the link for it is below. Bids may be submitted online. Olivia's artwork is Lot Number 55, and the winning bidder will receive a copy of the book as well. (photos of outside cover at the end of this post)

Auction Link:

From the inside front cover of St. Malachy's Court: "The author, who is also an artist, tells the appealing and true human-interest story of life in one of the pooer districts of Dublin. Her work there was to look after the playground activities of the children - a task that gave her rich opportunity for intimate knowledge of her charges and their families. Keenly observant, she writes with charm, humor, understanding and sympathy. The appeal of the book is heightened by the author's wisdom in letting the children - and the older people - speak for themselves. Thus, the narrative sparkles with the refreshing frankness of childhood as seen in dramatic relief against the unaffected simplicity of the 'grown ups' in the district. Napper Tandy Street and its denizens come alive - a small fascinating world, quite apart from all else."

There are also works from Anna, as well as other members of Olivia's family, being auctioned as well. Many thanks to the Rt. Rev. Caroline Wise for first bringing attention to this, so all Fellowship members could be aware of this important cause.  Permission to include Olivia's drawing and information about the auction obtained directly from Anna via email. Photos of Olivia's book from personal copy of the FOI Homepage Archive.

Update of information added later:

From Anna's emails: "We had the auction on Saturday and it did really well. We raised £10,000 which I was very pleased about. Especially in recession."

"Thank you, I would love it if you would like to share it [the auction results] on your lists. I'm hoping to have another illustrator's auction for the same cause in a couple of years time and it would be lovely to share it with your members. With very best wishes, Anna"

Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive link:  Auction Sketch

The Vestal Flame - letter from Olivia Robertson

It is now the intention of so many Iseum founders to hold their gatherings in their own homes. Olivia Robertson notes that the original intention of Lawrence, Pamela, and herself was to return the Hearth Fire of the Goddess to the home. Under patriarchy, their followers were forced to build churches and halls at great expense to keep priestesses from power. Now the financial climate makes a return to the Hearth for ceremonies appropriate. Many conventions already do this, including those held in Clonegal Castle.

Founders of FOI centers who would like to join this return to the Hearth Fire may list their participation under the heading of The Vestal Flame.

Olivia Robertson

Thanks to, and received via the Rt. Rev. Deena Butta, Iseum of Eleusis of Chicago.  Photo of the Shrine of Gemini/Vesta at Clonegal Castle by Olivia Robertson.

Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive link in Olivia's Letters:   The Vestal Flame

September 21, 2010

Equinox Greetings!

We hope you will enjoy the following audio recording of the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson (co-founder of the FOI), reading from the rite of the Mystical Awakening of Libra & Kwan Yin: Lawrence Durdin Robertson

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 1 min./256kb.)

Here also is an excerpt from his book, Juno Covella, Perpetual Calendar of the Fellowship of Isis:

Autumnal Equinox. Sun enters Libra (tropical).

Greek: DEMETER and PERSEPHONE; Roman: CERES and PROSERPINA; The Greater Eleusinian Mysteries, First Day. (Lempriere, Dict.) "Eleusinia . . This festival (i.e. the Greater) was observed in the month Boedromion or September, and continued nine days from the 15th to the 23rd". (Kerenyi, Eleusis, p. 8) According to this author's reckoning the 15th of Boedromion is taken as corresponding to September 23rd or 24th.

(Julian, Hymn to the Mother of the Gods, 173A) "I was saying that we ought not to suppose that the ancients appointed the season of the rites irrationally, but rather as far as possible with plausible and true grounds of reason; and indeed a proof of this is that the Goddess herself chose as her province the cycle of the Equinox. For the most holy and secret Mysteries of Deo and the Maiden (Kore) are celebrated when the sun is in the sign of Libra, and this is quite natural".

Read the rest of this entry and others for the month of September in:  Juno Covella

Blessings of the Equinox to all members, whether you are celebrating Autumn or Spring!

Homepage Archive - Updates

Oraciones y Bendiciones en Español

The Fellowship of Isis prayers have now been translated into Spanish and may be viewed here:
FOI Oraciones y Bendiciones

"Yo invoco a la Diosa Isis
y al Dios Osiris
Cuyos atributos son:
Amor, Belleza y Verdad."

Our ongoing gratitude to our Spanish translator, Maa Kheru Nen (Elena RubioLara) for this work!

New Photo

A lovely new photo of Olivia Robertson added to the Founders photo section, courtesy of, and our thanks to, Zoé d'Ay. It was taken at the 2010 Glastonbury Goddess Conference.

We have had some email problems recently, with our server not forwarding correctly.  If you have tried to contact us and not received a response, please resend. We have also added another email address to our contact page to offer an alternate when these issues occur.  Thank you for your understanding and patience!

August 31, 2010

Homepage Archive - Recent Additions

Greetings Aset Shemsu!

We have a couple of quick updates to share with you:

Two postcards of Clonegal Castle and the Yew Walk have been added to the Photo Gallery sections, courtesy of Olivia Robertson. (They may also be viewed directly below this message.)

Clonegal Castle Photos
Castle Grounds Photos

In addition, two more cassette rituals have been converted to CD, both from the booklet Panthea: Rite #5, The Hydrophoria & Rite #6, The Athenea: FOI CDs

Also, this is not new, but we noticed that the links to the Quick Keys for the Druid Clan of Dana and the Noble Order of Tara were missing from their Initiation pages. This has been corrected. You can access all the Quick Keys for the Cosmic Web link here (as well as on the pages for each individual system): Cosmic Web

August 18, 2010

Welcome new Aset Shemsu!

We want to take a moment to welcome all new members who have recently joined the Fellowship of Isis.

The Fellowship is blessed to have thousands of members in 123 countries around the world. Just the last few months, the Homepage Archive has enrolled members from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, France, Germany, Ireland, Nigeria, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, United States and Wales.

Membership in the Fellowship of Isis may be attained through any active center or website and is free of charge. All that is required is to read and agree with the principles in the FOI Manifesto:

Blessings to all Aset Shemsu!

(Photo of Members' Shrine at the Foundation Center Temple at Clonegal Castle, copyright P. Cummins.  You may view more photos of the Temple here: )

August 10, 2010

Reminder: Olivia Robertson's USA tour

Just a reminder that Olivia Robertson will be visiting the U.S. again this autumn, starting in late September. For her schedule, please visit the Rt. Rev. Deena Butta's (travel coordinator) website here:

You can always find this page from the events section on the Homepage Archive as well:  Castle Events

August 1, 2010

Recent Page Additions

We have several recent additions to the Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive to share with you today, so will group them into one message.

Olivia Robertson's latest Reflections article, from the Lughnasad 2010 Isian News, entitled: "The Balance":

Reflections Article

Rites 21 & 22 from Liturgy of Tara of the Oracles, The Alchemical Twins Face the Fates. Portal of Capricorn: "The Fortune Tellers" & "A New Judge Has Come", written by Olivia Robertson:

Tara Rites

"The Awakening of Aengus", an unscripted ritual created by Olivia Robertson and performed on July 17, 2010 at the Foundation Center Castle, with commentary by Minette Quick:

Castle Rite

New updates to the Druid Clan of Dana and the Noble Order of Tara Manuals:

FOI Manuals

And finally, all 12 Rites of Dea have been converted from cassette to CD, and added to the list of available CDs:


Blessings of the Lammas season!
(Blessed Imbolc to our friends in the southern hemisphere)

(Message uploaded from the Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive.)

July 21, 2010

Message from Olivia Robertson

For All Members:

July 21, 2010

"When posting on the internet, please introduce your posts with your own  name. Please do not speak as "The Fellowship of Isis" or introduce your posts as such. We each speak through our own inspiration, we do not enforce corporate religion! We do not promote an official line. Members may consult the Manifesto which has always been our agreed consensus on FOI aims and ideals. Each member has their individual voice."

(message received via the Fellowship of Isis Yahoo Group, posted by Most Rev. Linda Iles, Prs. H., O.T.)

Additional note: Although this is made clear at the top of this blog, we would like to clarify that all posts here are uploaded by myself (C. Silver), or by other administrators of the FOI Homepage Archive. Each one is clearly marked who it was written by - usually by Olivia Robertson, sent via Minette Quick in Ireland for distribution to all global sites. Goddess Blessings! ;)

July 20, 2010

Olivia at the Goddess Conference

Olivia Robertson will once again be one of the presenters at the annual Goddess Conference in Glastonbury. This year the event takes place July 28 - August 1st. Olivia will be presenting "Goddess of Love, Heart Circles" on the morning of Saturday, July 31. Further information may be found here:

July 14, 2010

Blessing Prayer by Olivia Robertson

In the Names of Isis and Osiris,
May all beings be Blessed:
Spirits and humans,
animals, birds, reptiles,
fishes, insects, plants,
rainforests, the Earth
and all Her sacred elements.

Olivia Robertson giving the Blessing
(A sound mp3 file - will open your media player.)

To read more prayers and invocations, and to hear Olivia Robertson's voice recordings of them, please see the:
Prayers & Blessings Page.

July 11, 2010

Circle of Brigid - Copyright Notice

Notice sent to global centers via Minette Quick this morning:


I, Olivia Robertson, have extended copyright of my works to ensure that the aims and ideals of the Fellowship of Isis are available to as many people as possible worldwide. With this in mind I have given copyright of my works to the Circle of Brigid, Ireland, in the care of the Honorary Secretary representing the fundamental principles of the Fellowship of Isis.

Olivia Robertson,
Co-Founder of the Fellowship of Isis
10th July, 2010

Archival link found at: Olivia's Letters

About the: Circle of Brigid

July 9, 2010

Huntington Castle Brochure

Summer is the time for the public to tour the Castle, and Olivia has shared the following brochure with our members:

Please go to the link above to see the information contained on the brochure, or you may also view and print out a PDF file of the complete brochure here:

June 29, 2010

Shrine of the Druid Clan of Dana

STAR CHAPEL (next to Well)

Painting in 1952 of the Goddess Dana of the Tuatha De Danaan as seen in a vision by Olivia Robertson.

On left, ‘Mari of the Mists’ of the Atlantic Ocean, daughter of Manannán Mac Lir, Ocean God.

Statuette of Dana, Mother of All the Gods and Goddesses of Ireland and Her Beloved Daughter Bride of the Well.

Aengus Og, God of Love & Joy with his Birds.

Altar Frontal: New Moon over Mt. Leinster.

Left of Shrine: Painting by Olivia Robertson of Fionnuala & Swan of Lir
Right of Shrine: Etaine & Midir, Sidhe (The Immortal Hour)

Windows – Left Osiris and His Son the Younger Horus
Right – Isis with Her Daughter the Younger Hathor
Painted by Olivia Robertson

Our thanks to the Most Rev. Minette Quick for forwarding this. Click on the photo to see it a little larger, and then go to the archival link below to see it full-sized.

Archival Link: Druid Clan of Dana Shrine

June 17, 2010

Brigid Na Mara Photo

From Olivia Robertson:

"There is now a new wall hanging across the whole back wall behind the Well of Brigid at Clonegal Castle. The beautiful drawing - life size – is by an FOI Priestess and Artist. It is highlighted by Olivia Robertson who identifies it with Brigid Na Mara of the Sea and also with Goda, female equivalent of the Saxon “God”. Goda holds the trident like Britannia Atagartis, Syrian Sea Goddess."

Archival links to photo:

Temple Paintings and Chapel of Brigid

Muses Symposium Notice - Temple Gifts

Olivia Robertson writes:

"For over fifty years Lawrence and Olivia Durdin-Robertson have given grateful thanks to so many donors of lovely pictures and craft works for their Temple of Isis. Now the time has come for those who have given, to receive acknowledgment of their work on our expanding FOI Global Centres. Many do not wish for this publicity, but other would appreciate being listed. This would be helpful for members wishing to order paintings, wands, figures and other works of art. Those wishing to contribute may give necessary information to the Hon. Secretary of the Archives Centre, in Tucson (, the Circle of Isis, California (, and the archives of our Isis Lyceum in Chicago, ("

(Our thanks to the Most Rev. Minette Quick for forwarding this message and the photo of Brigid Na Mara in the note above.)

Additional information: Muses Symposium inquiries may also be addressed to the Star of Elen, U.K. (, the Circle of Pelagia, California ( and Fellowship of Isis Germany (

Archival link to Olivia's Letter: Muses Symposium - Temple Gifts

May 24, 2010

New photos

Back door to Temple Garden
Life-sized 4-armed Goddess

(Many thanks to Minette Quick for forwarding this photo.)

Archival links:

Art Gallery

Temple Paintings

May 21, 2010

Maya Liturgia en Español

Nuestros agradecimientos a Maa Kheru Nen (Elena RubioLara) por esta traducción, y a su esposo Ka-Nakht Ridi Aut-ib (Martín Marini) por la edición de la misma. Maa Kheru Nen está permanentemente viajando entre Chile y Argentina. Es traductora profesional, y en el año 2007 tradujo al español el Manifesto de la FOI. Es la fundadora (y su esposo el co-fundador) del Iseum de la Sagrada Espiral del Sur, dedicado a Isis y Osiris.

Our many thanks to Maa Kheru Nen (Elena RubioLara) for this translation, and her housband Ka-Nakht Ridi Aut-ib (Martín Marini) for the edition of it. Maa Kheru Nen is permanently traveling between Chile and Argentina. She is a professional translator who translated the FOI Manifesto to Spanish in 2007. She is the founder (and her husband the co-founder) of the Iseum de la Sagrada Espiral del Sur, dedicated to Isis and Osiris.

Maya, Ritos de la Diosa para Practicantes Solitarios

May 7, 2010

Membership of the Circle of Brigid

Personal Message from Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder
Received May 7, 2010

My brother Lawrence, his wife Pamela and I looked to the future at arrangements for the continuity of the work of the Fellowship of Isis globally. We loved the Temple of Isis and our Festivals at Clonegal Castle. Our members will always receive a loving welcome there! The general work of the FOI is carried out by the FOI Foundation Union Triad: The Archpriesthood Union, The Archdruid Union of the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara.

Membership of Circle of Brigid – May 1st, 2010

In order to secure the success of the 8 yearly Clonegal Festivals for the future, the Membership of the Circle of Brigid has been reconstituted. The 8 members of the Circle of Brigid are responsible for running the Festivals at Clonegal, and Olivia wishes to call only on those members of the Irish Priesthood who have been able to attend fairly regularly, and would wish to on an ongoing basis, personal circumstances permitting.

As Membership of the Circle of Brigid is limited to 8 and several of the original members are now unable to share in the work of the Goddess at Clonegal Festivals, she has relieved them of their responsibilities, and invited three new members to join the Circle in order that it may continue to provide a welcome to members of the Fellowship.

She is, therefore, delighted to announce that three new Members have joined the Circle of Brigid. The 8 Members of the Circle of Brigid are now:

Rt. Rev. Olivia Robertson, Rt. Rev. Patricia Griffin, Rev. Eileen Lawrence, Ards., Rev. Marian Smiles, Rev. David de Roeck, Rev. Cait Brannigan, Ards., Rev. Deirdre Wadding & Rev. Minette Quick, Ards. (

The support of all past and present members of the Priesthood in Ireland, the UK and beyond is greatly appreciated, and together with all members of the Fellowship of Isis they will continue to be welcome by invitation. The dates of Festivals will be set by agreement with the Robertson family, who will continue to show visitors the Temple of Isis each year from 1st June to 1st September. As you may know, Olivia is in great health and full of life, uplifted by her work in the Temple, at 93!

(Our thanks to the Most Rev. Minette Quick for forwarding this message.)

Archival Link: Circle of Brigid Membership

May 5, 2010

Reflections: The Blame & Shame Game

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson
Beltaine 2010 - Isian News 136

"The Blame & Shame Game"
“Blame others and you expose your own secret failings."

When I was young – about seventy years ago – the prevailing fashion was to blame everything on MOTHERS. The original sin of our ancestress Eve, who brought about the downfall of Adam, was transferred to The Mother. This was ordained by a present Prophet of the Unconscious, Professor Freud. As he was a scientist and had a beard he was regarded as infallible as the Pope. Mother was the Spider lurking in a mine-field of complexes derived when we were helpless children.

My sister Barbara was a born leader, and enthusiastically joined in this entertaining Blame & Shame Game, as guide to myself and our two younger brothers. And what a Mother we had! She became a legend in her time – thanks to us.

My mother, Nora Parsons, was the only child of a British General. He adored hunting, so when his wife presented him with a mere girl, he had to face a choice – not a hard one. Another baby – hopefully a boy – or a horse. Naturally he chose the horse.

To adjust matters, he brought his daughter Nora up as a boy. From an early age in India she did not have an Ayah but a soldier servant to empty her potty. She had a little military uniform. I have a photo of her as a tiny soldier. She worshipped her father, who when she was five put her hands round a pole with a beefsteak bait wedged on the end, to tempt a shark. The cream of her successes came when she was seventeen and shot a crocodile.

Barbara would achieve a Freudian success with student boy friends by showing the crocodile’s head on a wall, with his bared teeth, and explain “my mother shot that!”

My grandmother, despised by her daughter as feminine, was determined to get her married. So Nora was forced to dress well. She was beautiful, with a strong tanned skin. She had an eighteen-inch waist for her wedding gown for her marriage to my father, aged 21 and 4 years younger. My father, a strong character with scientific bent, had been spiritually guided to propose. He told me that they struggled for power throughout the honeymoon. He hadn’t a chance, so he decided to give in. So the Freudian view suited our family. One of my mother’s cousins, Marie Comerford, had roamed the Wicklow hills shooting British soldiers with a sawn-off shotgun. Another, the Hon Florence Gibson, had shot off a bit of Mussolini’s nose. And the rest of our neighbours followed the same pattern. Dominant women. Hen-pecked men. My brother, a clergyman and I were enthusiastic for the Cause of the Goddess. We were pioneers.

Late in the twentieth century, came a startling change against Patriarchy. It began with the words “Satanic Abuse”, and soon changed to “Clerical Abuse”. Most of us women were totally nonplussed. Apparently we were victims, and had been victims for millennia without realising it! The old Irish rhyme, “Women are evil: men are dumb: they torment them just for fun,” had to be changed. It was “Men are evil, women are dumb: men torment them just for fun.” We had to rescue fellow women in the Near and Far East – even with local wars.

So the Blame & Shame Game shifted dramatically, ably assisted by the Media. Patriarchy was to blame for all our misfortunes. To take an instance: Some Doctors had blamed mothers for killing their babies in “cot deaths.” Now it transpired it was the Doctors’ fault for recommending babies to sleep on their tummies – where they naturally tended to suffocate.

When the Blame & Shame Game gets going, the innocent and the guilty are both targeted. Paranoid fear led to the Inquisition, Witch burnings, and the Holocaust. Now the fearful minded dread “disguised alien reptilians disguised as human celebrities!” Making no exceptions, we blame Men for mistreating women, children – and animals with vivisection – inventing and using weapons of mass destruction, torture, and for creating global warming. Men are blamed for traumatising the rising generation, so that children dare not play in the streets, for fear of abusive men. The motto of the 3 Wise Monkeys has become its opposite: “think evil: see evil: hear evil.” Suicides are increasing.

There is good news! With my psychic capabilities, I have found that our parents, friends, and teachers exist in the next world and know what we say of them, and suffer accordingly. Finding this out, I hastily changed my Blame & Shame Game to the Appreciation Game. I remembered the rich treasures given to me by my mother and father and teachers. Wise were the Ancient Chinese to revere their ancestors! Friendly Spirits bestrew our paths with good fortune. Instead of blaming other cultures, other faiths for short-comings, I now appreciated the earth’s glorious history.

Marvellous are the ways of the Goddess! Our Temple of Isis, in this new century, began to change, helped by my brother and other Spirit friends. I have found myself inspired to paint Isis and Osiris as twins on our interior windows. The glorious Company of the Goddesses are beginning to acquire new friends. The Sea God Manannan has joined Brighid at our Well. Poseidon, The God of Atlantis, has joined the Goddess Derceto in our Pisces shrine.

Above all, the Great Winged Isis in the painting in our Healing Chapel, has a newcomer. Behind the brilliant Winged Isis of the Stars now appears Osiris in spiritual blue-green form, with outspread wings. And below, the bust of Tutankhamen, instead of portraying a gold mummy’s clay head is reborn as a mischievous boy, ruddy-faced, amused by our ways. The Deities laugh with joy as we humans awaken.

Archival link: Beltaine Reflections Article

(our thanks to the Most Rev. Minette Quick for forwarding this article and photo.)

April 30, 2010

New Photos of Castle Shrines

These photos were taken by Archdruidess Minette Quick, with descriptive notes added by Olivia Robertson. They show many of the additions that Olivia has made recently to the Temple shrines, including her paintings on silken scarves, mirrors and windows.

You may enjoy more of Olivia Robertson's beautiful artwork at the following links as well:

Temple of Isis Paintings

Online Art Gallery

"ISHTAR, Lady of 15 of the 8 pointed Star. Goddess of Love and Beauty of Babylon. She descended through 7 Spheres to rescue her lover, TAMMUZ, Shepherd of the Starry Flocks. They ascended, joining Heaven and Earth. The silk painting of Ishtar is by Olivia Robertson."

"DANA of the Druid Clan of Dana. Mother of the Danaan Deities. Painting by Olivia Robertson of Dana as She appeared to her in Dublin 1952 bringing great happiness. Plaque of Dana of Nature is shown with hair of oak leaves."

"The Golden Winged Goddess now has a Golden Boy with Her at the Healing Well of the Goddess Brighid in Her Chapel for Child Wellbeing."

April 28, 2010

Co-ordination of FOI Global Centres

Co-ordination of FOI Global Centres
Message from Olivia Robertson, Co. Founder 27/4/2010

With the growth of the Fellowship, the service provided online by the Global Sites will become more and more vital to those who wish to learn about the Goddess. The Global Sites will be the gateway, particularly to the many isolated members all over the world, to whom the contact means so much. Already there are members in 132 countries and the Liturgy has been translated into many different languages.

In view of this and for the future of the Fellowship overall, there is a growing need for a co-ordinated approach to the provision of information for members. It will be necessary for the Global Sites, which naturally have developed along slightly different lines, to keep in touch with each other, in a unified way, in order to keep a fully updated list of what is available to our members, so that they will be able to access what they need. New members need to learn about the Fellowship. They need easy access and links to Iseums and Lyceums, Groves of the Druid Clan of Dana, and Priories of the Noble Order of Tara. Whichever Global Site they initially access, they should be able to find the same list of contacts and links to other Sites to further their search for a group they might wish to join. They should be introduced to the expanding list of facilities both online and offline provided by Fellowship members to serve their particular interests be it in art, nature, the fairy realm, or any of the many and diverse expressions of love for the Goddess. Links to upcoming events and activities would be included.

I call upon all present and future Global Centres to provide each other with regular updates of information and links to the work of the Fellowship. Heartening messages are received daily at our Centres, describing spiritual help received through counselling, teaching and distance healing.

(Received via Minette Quick on April 28, 2010)
Archival Link:  Global Centers Co-ordination

April 17, 2010

Olivia's 93rd Birthday Photos

Archpriestess Minette Quick writes:

I thought you would enjoy these photos of Olivia taken on her Birthday, beside two of her latest Shrines. She had a lovely day, not only did the Sun shine brightly, but we went out to lunch on the day with two of our priestesses from Waterford and quite incidentally met up with a lady living locally who loves Egypt so much that she travels there three times a year. She had been to see round the Castle on one of the Summer Tours and loved it. We hope to see her from now on at our Festivals.

Best wishes to all,

Shrine of the Daughter of Gaia of the New Aeon

Ghandarvi Devi Shrine in the Chapel of Harmony

Archival Link:  Olivia's 93rd Birthday Photos

April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Olivia!

We join with all members in wishing Olivia Robertson a very happy 93rd birthday today!

To see more photos of this much beloved co-founder and learn more about her, please see her biography page.

Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle Reminder

A message received today via Minette Quick, from Olivia Robertson:

Reminder about the Temple of Isis, Clonegal Castle, Ireland:

The Circle of Brigid will continue to organize the 8 yearly FOI Festivals after the passing of the Hon. Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder. Members will continue to be welcomed every day to the Temple of Isis from 1st June to 1st September. Meanwhile Olivia is still around and active!

To read more about the Circle of Brigid, and to be invited to any of the seasonal festivals, please see this page:  Circle of Brigid

April 12, 2010

Shrines of Stella Maris & Ghandarvi Devi

Below are two new photos from Minette Quick, recently taken in the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle. The first is in the Star Chapel of Ishtar, and is the Stella Maris shrine entitled "Beautiful Dreamer". The second is the newly gold-painted Ghandarvi Devi statue in the Chapel of Harmony.

Archival links: Chapel of Ishtar & Other Shrines

March 31, 2010

Shrine of the Daughter of Gaia

Photo and details emailed from Minnette Quick, from Olivia Robertson: "It is 'The Shrine of the Daughter of Gaia of the New Aeon'. The Shrine is below the ancient loophole, the window of the old Castle dungeon, now Cave of the Mothers."

Archival link:  Chapel of the Mothers

March 19, 2010

Additional Manifesto Update

To All Global Centres:

Further to the announcement on Feb 10th, 2010 of Manifesto changes, it has come to my attention that this had already been updated on the occasion of the creation of the FOI Foundation Union Triad and was published in Isian News Samhain 2009. This, of course, laid out the full names of the three Unions, now working together in equal partnership to promote the spirit of fellowship as Guardians of the FOI.

Many Blessings,
Olivia (Robertson)
(received via Minette Quick on March 19, 2010)

The last paragraph of Manifesto:
The Archpriesthood Union of the FOI Priesthood, together with the ArchDruid Union of the Druid Clan of Dana and the Grand Commander Union of the Noble Order of Tara (FOI Foundation Union Triad) are Guardians to inspire the ideals of The Fellowship of Isis. All members are equal, and are not subject to anyone. All work with the Goddess - or Goddess and God - of their own Faith. Every Being - human, animal, bird, tree - element - is an eternal offspring of the Divine Family of the Mother Goddess.

Complete Manifesto:

Olivia's archived Manifesto announcements:

March 10, 2010

Clonegal Castle - Seasonal Festivals

Members who wish to visit the Castle are invited to do so during one of their eight seasonal festivals. The Foundation Center, with the assistance of the Circle of Brigid, hosts gatherings on: Brigantia, Spring Equinox, Beltaine, Summer Solstice, Lughnasad, Autumn Equinox, Samhain, and the Winter Solstice.

These festivals are by invitation only. To receive information about the exact dates and to receive an invitation to the next gathering, please use the following email, and place the words “FOI Invitation” in the subject line:

March 4, 2010

Imbolc Festival at Foundation Centre

"The Beginning of the New Aeon”
Imbolc Festival at Foundation Centre
Febrary 6th, 2010
By: Minette Quick

The evening before the Festival I was invited to visit the Temple to see what Lady Olivia had specially prepared to herald the Beginning of the New Aeon. Every altar now had a Goddess sculpture as well as a painting. She had pointed out that whereas paintings are portals to other dimensions, sculptures, such as her nephew David Durdin-Robertson’s figure of Isis at the heart of the Temple, have power to intrude into the 3 dimensional world, hence the fear of ‘idols’. Sensing her excitement, I walked carefully down the stone steps, wondering what awaited me! The depth, purity and clarity of the energy which greeted me was palpable and I was stunned by the Beauty and Presence of the three Veiled Goddesses within the Temple, Brigid, Kwan Yin and the Mighty Isis at the High Altar.

Within the Gateway, there was the Goddess Brigid, the soft silk of her veil draped down exquisitely over Her Well.

To the left of the High Altar, The Great and Compassionate Goddess Kwan Yin was also Veiled but her face was unhidden, her benevolent gaze resting upon the earth and all its creatures at her feet.

But at the High Altar, Her Presence enhanced beneath Her Veil in a halo of luminous violet, stood the magnificent figure of the Goddess Isis, as I had never seen her before.

We had a beautiful gathering of people from all over Ireland attending the Festival, many visiting for the first time. Following the traditional short impromptu play in the Barn Theatre directed by Lady Olivia, the company processed to the Temple in the Castle.

As all gathered around the Well for the Invocations by twelve Priestesses and Priests, the atmosphere was exquisite. Everyone received an individual Blessing from the Goddess for the New Aeon and first Brigid and then later Isis was unveiled. We had a beautiful Oracle of Ishtar, followed by other lovely Ceremonies including an inspired mystical meditation – however, any description of these outer manifestations could never evoke the magical flow of loving energy which pervaded the whole company, and which everyone spoke of later with great happiness and contentment. Afterwards many people queued for healing and counselling from the Priesthood in the various Chapels. The Goddess came to Her Temple to meet the needs of each one, to help them on their way.

Then it was straight down to the warmth of Osborne’s, the 18th Century Coaching Inn in the village, for a delicious home made tea, and good companionship. As we relaxed and chatted, the glorious rays of the Inner Sun arose, and were passed from one to another. Some had experienced its warmth and wonder before, but for some it was a new and amazing experience. It was a fitting end to a lovely day.

Minette Quick is the Hon. Secretary of the Circle of Brigid - our thanks to her for this beautiful account and photos.

Link to Homepage Archive:  Imbolc 2010 Festival

February 10, 2010

Manifesto Updated

From Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI
February 10, 2010


Kindly add this as change from the last paragraph in The Manifesto, and for all booklets:

"The Archpriesthood Union, together with the Druid Clan of Dana and the Noble Order of Tara are Guardians to inspire the ideals of The Fellowship of Isis. All members are equal, and are not subject to anyone. All work with the Goddess - or Goddess and God - of their own Faith. Every Being - human, animal, bird, tree - element - is an eternal offspring of the Divine Family of the Mother Goddess."

Note added on March 4th:  This email was sent from Minette Quick on February 10, 2010 to all global centers.  Since there has been some confusion about whether this or an earlier version in the Samhain Isian News is correct, we have asked Minette to clarify with Olivia about which version she wishes our members to include on their sites.

View archived letter: Updated Manifesto

February 1, 2010

Leopoldine the Beautiful

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson
Brigantia 2010

“To find the Other is to look within.
Gaze in a mirror. You will see your twin.”

Deity divides itself into two in order to experience joy, passions, controversy and adventure! Tears and laughter alternate with heavenly visions of perfection won through trials, courage and compassion. Deity manifests as loving Mothers and Fathers through all that is. However the whole Company of Heaven alarms us by being Creators – presumably our own creators! We have to be reminded sometimes that Divine Love is within us all, because we are part of the very mind of the Divine Father: the substance of the Divine Mother. So we too are eternal, travelling through time and place, which exists forever. We share divine love, learning to look after all our varied companions, animal, insect, plant on our earth. For we are learning to be Creators.

How do we distinguish between Divine Love and the creative process? One of the most moving of true life stories was told to me by my friend, the artist Desmond McCarthy. For me it unravelled the enigma of Gnosticism.

To read the rest of this article: Leopoldine the Beautiful