February 1, 2010

Leopoldine the Beautiful

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson
Brigantia 2010

“To find the Other is to look within.
Gaze in a mirror. You will see your twin.”

Deity divides itself into two in order to experience joy, passions, controversy and adventure! Tears and laughter alternate with heavenly visions of perfection won through trials, courage and compassion. Deity manifests as loving Mothers and Fathers through all that is. However the whole Company of Heaven alarms us by being Creators – presumably our own creators! We have to be reminded sometimes that Divine Love is within us all, because we are part of the very mind of the Divine Father: the substance of the Divine Mother. So we too are eternal, travelling through time and place, which exists forever. We share divine love, learning to look after all our varied companions, animal, insect, plant on our earth. For we are learning to be Creators.

How do we distinguish between Divine Love and the creative process? One of the most moving of true life stories was told to me by my friend, the artist Desmond McCarthy. For me it unravelled the enigma of Gnosticism.

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