February 18, 2020

Sun in Pisces

Blessings of the Sun in Pisces!  Click below to listen to audio of Olivia Robertson leading a guided meditation in a past rite:

(mp3 file - 1.6 mb - 6:44 mins)

Audio transcript:
"We find ourselves at the foot of the holy mountain upon which shines the Temple of the Zodiac, surrounded by constellations. Let us climb this mountain . . . it seems silvery and white and beautiful as we reach the top.  We reach the mighty portico of the temple, guarded by two female sphinxes, whose wings soar to the heavens. We enter. . . we make our way to the North-East window, surmounted by the emblem of Pisces, a silver and gold fish joined by two knotted cords. Let us gaze upon the stained-glass window of Pisces. It depicts the fish-tailed Goddess Derceto, holding two winged children, a boy and a girl. A wind suddenly rushes through the temple, throwing open the window. We are faced with the constellation of Pisces, known to the ancient Persians as Mahik the Fish.

"Let us gaze upon the constellation of Pisces and see a vision of Anahita: 'Ardvi Sura Anahita stands forth in the form of a pure maid, strong, all-formed, wearing a mantle fully embroidered with gold. Ever holding the baresma, she wears square golden earrings and a golden necklace. Upon Her head She wears a golden crown with a hundred stars and eight rays.'  Visualise Anahita of the flowing waters of Space that encompasses all stars and constellations. We are a microcosm of the whole, the jewels of Anahita within our bodies as the sacred centres, the Melusina serpent.  The flowing waters of Space are in our bodies through in our blood. We are mostly made of Her waters, our body. 

"Then we realize that the Goddess rules from within, the God without.  The Goddess holds creation within Her womb and through inspiration, magic, She prevails.  But now we see the form of Ahura Mazda, who rules the outer form, and both are united in Love and Truth and Harmony.  Feel this within yourself.  Within the Goddess is perfect balance, force and gentleness - within the God is perfect balance, force and gentleness.  So it is with you.  Feel this.  You feel a tingling within you.  What's the use of looking at a Goddess if you're not one - what's the use of contemplating a God if you're not one?   You feel a flow now right through you. There's a tingling around your head, like a thousand stars.  Your body is made of constellations of atoms.  You feel a glow in your heart, right down your spine, sex centre, base of spine, right around you.  This is Divine Light, blended perfectly through Anahita and Ahura Mazda, the silver and the gold. You are in perfect harmony.  You can blend the active and the passive, love and the emotions; your heart is weighed by the Feather of Truth as it was in Ancient Egypt. You're finding your own keynote, your own individuality.  You are an eye in the peacock feather of Creation. 

"But even as you feel this heavenly serenity you realize that you have to come back and continue your work. We have felt the light and warmth of divine Anahita, the light of Mazda flow through us to invigorate us for our essential work transmuting the elements of earth to their True Being. For the Earth also is holy.  And  we return through the window of Pisces to the Temple of the Zodiac.  A wind blows the window shut. We pay our respects to the central altar, the altar of perpetual flame in the centre of the Temple of the Zodiac.  We gaze in awe at that central flame and find a little of it entering our hearts.  Receive the blessings of the Goddess Anahita.  Selah!"

(© Shrine of Pisces, Foundation Center Temple, copyright Minette Quick.)

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February 13, 2020

Divine Love

Click on the link below to hear audio of Olivia Robertson speaking on the Realm of the Heavenly Twins:

(mp3/ 628 kb / 2:39 mins)

Audio transcript:
"We have entered the Divine Realm of the Heavenly Twins.  Colour and music are here in perfect accord and tell us mysteries. Symbols reveal themselves in their Divine Truth.

"Harken to the story of the Heavenly Twins. In Sirius, they are beautiful brother and sister Deities, with hair as black as space and bodies resplendent with White Light. But they hear the lamentations upon earth from all beings and from those especially who struggle to return to Deity, so the Twins themselves descend upon the earth.  But upon earth they are as dead, lying in trance, impenetrably concealed beneath shrouding veils. But to those who uncover their mystery they shine forth as stars!

"In their Realm are the twins Isis and Osiris, Ishtar and Tammuz, Astarte and Adonis, Maria and Emmanuel-Jesus, Buddha and Yasodhara, and Krishna and Rhada.  All Lovers united in Divinity. Such Divine Love, Agape, illumines all spheres, friends.

"Let us therefore seek for this Agape, Divine Love, which unites all love, both of Eros and Philia, friendship, and bring it back to earth so we may find Harmony. Let us enter the Realm of the Heavenly Twins, and like Isis and Osiris, find our True and other selves."

(© "Isis and Osiris" painting and quote from the book "Psyche" by Olivia Robertson; audio by the FOI Homepage; copyrights reserved)

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February 1, 2020

February Oracle: Goddess Isis

"Wherever you love, at home, in your place of work, 
in your shrine, in a wood, there am I."

The Oracle for February is from the Goddess Isis and includes audio of Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle.  Read and listen by clicking on the following link:

(© photo copyright Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)

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January 30, 2020

Cressida Pryor: Imbolc Letter

"So approaching the season of Imbolc brings the glimmer 
of hope and the prospect of fresh shoots of 
new growth through the tilth of dark quiet earth."

The Imbolc letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, may be read at the following link:

January 20, 2020

Sun in Aquarius

Blessings of the Sun in Aquarius! Olivia Robertson wrote the following in the Liturgy book of "Sophia":

"Let us visualise the constellation called by the Ancients, Aquarius. For to our forebears the dome of the sky was a picture of living hieroglyphs set there by the Deities. From their starry homes they deemed that their Teachers came to teach them through the language of symbols. So they offered the Deities their beautiful images, which they saw as they lay on desert sands or groves, gazing upon the sky at night. And they offered the Deities pictures that they painted through their visionary eyes. They imagined a great white winged horse, Pegasus, flying through the sky above a starry sea. Below him in the sea of heaven swam two intertwining fish, Pisces. And from a stream entering the sea they discerned a maiden whom they called Hebe or Ganymeda, or a youth, Ganymede drawing the stream's water into a pitcher and then pouring forth the water in bounty, in two starry streams.

"Companions, let us receive inspiration from the Muses as did our ancestors, and receive the hidden wisdom of the stars. As we shut our eyes the pictures they saw come also to us! Below Aquarius in the sea of stars they spied a sea goat whom they called Capricornus. The Southern fish swam near him. Far in the heights floated the beautiful Princess Andromeda, rescued by Perseus, holding aloft Athena's shield with the Gorgon's Head. And the monster whale, Cetus, who so frightened her, swims far below! They recognised a winding river of stars, Eridanus, which sprang from the cup of Aquarius, bright Juno's stream. No less than the white bull, Taurus, with his red eye, Aldebaran, was clearly seen rising from the sea, as once he did when, as Jupiter, He trod the Cretan shore to carry off lovely Europa.

"And the Star Deities delighted in the rich imaginings of youthful humanity, springing as dreams do from their original genius. When Deities visited aspiring humans, they used these ever changing pictures crossing the starry skies as an unfolding scroll of symbols. They instructed humanity through these symbols, so unveiling Divine Truths. They taught that every star is linked to each and every creature by means of interweaving radiations from the auras of Star Deities. The greater contains the lesser, which is of its substance, and nothing is alien in the universe. The lesser is a microcosm of the greater. In this earth is buried our past, and our future extends to the stars!"

(The Shrine of Aquarius at the Foundation Center Temple, dedicated to the Japanese Sun Goddess, Amaterasu No Kami: photo © MEK.)
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January 7, 2020

Fellowship of Isis Daily Prayer

"Holy Goddess Isis, Mother of all beings, come to our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Abundance.
We offer Thee our loving care for all who are born of Thee."

(© prayer by Olivia Robertson; photo of Foundation Center Temple High Altar by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved)

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January 1, 2020

January Oracle: Goddess Brigid

"To enjoy all that is, we need pride and humility; 
love and caution; belief and disbelief."

Happy New Year!  The Oracle for January is from the Goddess Brigid and includes an historic audio clip of Olivia Robertson.  You may read and listen by clicking on the following link:

(© 'Brigid' artwork by Olivia Robertson; photo by Minette Quick, Foundation Center Temple; Audio by the FOI Homepage; all copyrights reserved.)

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December 28, 2019

Foundation Center: Winter Festival Report

"Be your True Self.  Be the Beautiful Self 
that you were made – now and always.”

The report on the festival held at the Foundation Center on December 14th may be read at the following link:

(© report by Stella Dana, photo by Minette Quick, copyrights reserved)

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December 23, 2019

Dec 24th: Modraniht, Night of the Mothers

From "Juno Covella" by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson: 

DECEMBER 24th - Anglo-Saxon: THE MOTHERS; Modraniht, Night of the Mothers. (Hislop, "The Two Babylons", p. 93):

"As the 25th of December was called by our Pagan Anglo-Saxon ancestors, 'Yuleday', or the 'Child's day', and the night that preceded it, 'Mother Night' (Sharon Turner's "Anglo-Saxons", Vol. i, p. 219)  . . (Hilda Davidson, "Gods, Myths, N. Europe", p. 112) "Inscriptions are known from Roman times in Germany, Holland and Britain in honour of groups of female beings known generally as 'the mothers' . . Female deities of this kind seem to have been worshipped by both the Celts and the Germans, and they were evidently associated with fertility and with the protection of hearth and home. In some form they were known to the Anglo-Saxons, for Bede mentions them in De Temporum Ratione (13), where he tells us that the night before Christmas was known in heathen times as Modraniht, 'the Night of the Mothers'. There seems little doubt that they were closely connected with the birth of children".

(© Cave of the Mothers, Foundation Center Temple, photo by Minette Quick)

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December 22, 2019

Sun in Capricorn

Happy Sun in Capricorn!  Olivia Robertson wrote in the book, "Sophia":

"Companions, let us contemplate the Constellation of Capricorn! Behold, it emerges from the Sea of Heaven, the primordial abyss from which all life is drawn. Within it swim Pisces Australis and Aquarius. and above flies the eagle Aquila. Beyond ascends the starry Northern Swan Cygnus, spreading wide its wings. Nearby are the twin souls, fair Vega, maiden of the Lyre, and Altair, the youth of Aquila, separated by the milky way. As is told in the Orient, the Weaver Maid and the Shepherd, may only meet once a year, over a bridge of magpies. So do our souls long for completion, the union of darkness and light, dreams and activity, the past and future, in eternal reality. . . "

(© photo copyright Minette Quick.)

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December 21, 2019

Happy Solstice!

Olivia Robertson wrote in the Introduction to "Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess":

"Wherever any living flame burns, there is the Vestal Fire guarded by Hestia. The tradition in Ireland, and in many countries, is that the hearth fire must never die. At the time of the winter solstice the fire is renewed with embers from the dying fire of Yule. To create a shrine to the Goddess there needs to be this matriarchal flame. In any impersonal hotel room, in a town flat, in a small garden, the vestal flame is the same, and gives the same power as that bestowed by the Goddess in the mighty temples of antiquity. This sacred flame may be represented by a lighted candle, an incense stick, a resinous torch or small fire. The smoke represents Air, the holy breath which keeps the fire alive, as does our breath combine with our heart-beats. By the divine law of correspondences, everything material in this world is a symbol for some reality in another sphere. When a fire, candles or incense are burnt with the intention of honouring Deity, a communication centre is created, which forms a link in a golden chain that brings through the fiery power of the Deity invoked.

"Having made the centre of our shrine, we need a shell, a Matrix to protect it. This Matrix in greater form may be understood to be the darkness of Outer Space which holds galaxies in its embracing blackness. It is the blue atmosphere with fleecy clouds which protects our earthly vegetation as a robe: it is the crust of the earth, a chrysalis that conceals the mystery within. Beneath this rocky shell of earth are two lava flows of magma which, like fiery dragons rotating in contrary directions, protect the golden apples that shine in the glowing heart of our planet. And so also is the Matrix the protecting womb that enfolds the unborn child and small animal: the snake that conceals her eggs within her: the nut shell and husk that guard the living kernel and seed within. Though we respect great temples, a simple room or grove of trees form a Matrix that protects our altar fire. A shrine may be a psychic temple not made with hands. The Devotee, sitting in silent contemplation, even in a crowded room, may yet build in creative imagination a shrine that guards the privacy of the soul. For the Matrix is not only a womb or shell: it is also the individual aura. We carry our temples about us.

"In a Seasonal Rite, the invocation is connected with a special time of year, with the cyclic movements of the celestial bodies and with the climatic changes of the earth. For those living in a town, cut off from nature in her wild form, even the visualising of Stonehenge and the Polar stars at the Winter Solstice brings food for the soul, a reminder of past incarnations, a harmony with nature spirits. When a group gathers for a seasonal festival, even in a small room, affinity is realised with the cosmos.  Above is not a mere plaster ceiling with an electric light bulb suspended from it - but the starry glory of the heavens. Behind the television set is the mystery of the setting sun: beyond the radiator is the radiance of the circumpolar stars: by the door may be felt the influence of the centre of our galaxy, near Vega, the Weaver Maid. And mighty Orion is rising below the sitting-room carpet, as he chases Taurus, and in turn is followed by the Star of Isis now below the earth.

"Any Rite which invokes Deity or Deities through a Mystery Religion - that which deals with the Unknown - has effect throughout all levels and on the earth itself. Throughout the ages people of varying cultures have learnt to communicate with those from other spheres: we need all the knowledge, understanding and good feeling we can obtain, in order that we may live here in peace with each other with all creatures; and obtain happiness and wisdom in the spheres beyond death."

(© "The Fiery Mother," copyright Olivia Robertson)

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December 19, 2019

Cressida Pryor Letter and Member Memorial

"May we find Joy in our hearts and this world."

The latest seasonal letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, has been uploaded here:


Also, earlier this week a page was added to the FOI Memorial section; that of  Patricia Griffin, long-standing member and Assistant Temple Priestess at the Castle Temple for many years.  Our sincere condolences and blessings go out to Pat's family and friends at this time.

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December 13, 2019

Audio: Divine Alchemy

Click below to listen to an audio clip of Olivia Robertson speaking in a past rite:

(mp3 / 1:00 min / 233 kb)

Audio transcript:
"There is a polluted river of grief and rage and every emotion flowing deep below our everyday awareness. Freud described this as the Unconscious.  It works through group telepathy and poisons families, races, religions.  We need bravery to allow this river to flow openly through us - not to block it, because we ourselves are creating it.  Only by facing evil can we perform the Divine Alchemy of transforming hate into love, fear into faith, violence into peace. So shall we cleanse our world from our own nightmares.  When even one of us does this, the poisonous river of death becomes the cleansing river of tears and so reaches the sky, drawn upwards to the sun, and rains upon us, the pure waters of Life."

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(©"Visionary of the New Aeon", by Olivia Robertson, artwork and audio copyright reserved.)

December 1, 2019

"Beneath my black veil of dreams is my 
True Being, the Primordial Mother."

The Oracle for December is from the Goddess Allat.  You may read it in full and listen to audio of Olivia Robertson by clicking on the following link:

(© photo of Olivia Robertson,  High Altar, Foundation Center Temple; copyright Alice Smeets.)

November 26, 2019

Fellowship of Isis Prayer

"Holy Isis, Holy Osiris;
We give you thanks
that your Love, Beauty and Truth
are manifest with Power and Peace
throughout all spheres,
within all beings,
and we accept your Blessing now,
in Mind and Heart."

Listen to Olivia Robertson:

(© Prayer and drawing of Winged Isis and Osiris by Olivia Robertson, photo from Foundation Center Temple by Minette Quick: copyrights reserved)