July 27, 2016

Art Highlight: We reap to share

"Behold the Virgin holding her wheat ear, the star Spica. . .
The Libran Goddess stands nearby,
weighing Virgo's golden grain on her scales,
while the harvest is protected by the rampant lion, Leo."

("We Reap to Share" artwork, quote from "Sophia", both by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved.)

July 22, 2016

Shrine of Leo

Blessings of the Sun in Leo!  Enjoy this new audio file of Olivia Robertson during a past ritual:
Audio transcript:
(sistrum) "It is my privilege at this ceremony, to call forth the Lion power: Holy Sekhmet, bring to us Thy flame within the golden sun, which is beneath the earth.  We feel the flames rising up from the heart of the earth - Cor Leonis - Heart of the Lioness: Star Royal, Flame, Red Fire.  Bring us Thy flame!  Sisters, brothers, feel the power rise up from the earth.  Let it rise and shine and warm our hearts with Love." (sistrum)  
(photo of the Shrine of Leo at the Foundation Center Temple, copyright M. Quick, audio file copyright FOI Homepage Archive.)

July 14, 2016

Nativity of the Goddess Isis - Updated

Updated announcement for the upcoming FOI Retreat being held in the UK on August 26-28th:

"This retreat celebrates the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Fellowship of Isis in 1976. This retreat celebrates the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Fellowship of Isis in 1976. As a worldwide association that honours the Goddess in all her forms, with thousands of worldwide members, FOI now comes of age. In Egyptian lore, Isis was born on the fourth intercalary day, equivalent to our 27th August, so we are offering day entry places on the Saturday, so that we may celebrate Isis Day together with our non residential members."  See the link above for dates, costs and full details.

July 11, 2016

Hear the words of the Goddess

"I am She who was and is and is to be.
Whenever evil prevails over good,
I manifest, in changing form appearing."  
(quote from "Melusina" by Olivia Robertson, photo of High Altar in the Foundation Center Temple, copyright Minette Quick.)

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Foundation Center Photo Gallery

July 7, 2016

Sphinx: Goddess Myths and Mysteries

"Sphinx: Goddess Myths and Mysteries" is now available in paperback. It may be ordered online through Amazon or any other bookstore, and is also available through local libraries. You may always read it at no charge on our website as well.

This book features 8 rituals and illustrations, by Olivia Robertson. She writes in the introduction: "My aim with these Mystery Plays, related to the eight sacred planets, is to bring into harmony physical facts with inner spiritual reality. The facts are to be respected - but we need to face the elaborate dreams we have built around our material life. The sphinx has an animal body, but also the head of a human-being and spiritual wings."

Associated Link: Online Bookstore

July 1, 2016

July: Marama and Haumea

"To enjoy the creativity of the Deities
you need to bathe in the fire of Spirit,
and surrender your barricade of self."

Marama and Haumea are featured this month, along with audio of Olivia Robertson. Click on the link below to read and listen:

(Photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis." All rights reserved.)

June 27, 2016

Summer Solstice Festival Foundation Center Temple

"For She is to be found not only within the great light
of summer, but also within the depths of darkness
and Her creativity may be found there also…"
Click below to read the entire report from Minette Quick about the Summer Festival held at the FOI Foundation Center this past weekend:

(photo of Caste Rose, copyright reserved Durdin-Robertson, Huntington Castle)

June 21, 2016

From Cressida Pryor: Summer Solstice Letter

"Fullness of being opens wide our hearts;
a soft gaze that can bear the paradox
of the divine mother at our core but there too with
all that is beyond gender; love, truth and beauty. "

Click below to read Cressida Pryor's Summer Solstice Letter to the  FOI:

June 20, 2016

Shrine of Cancer and Solstice

Blessings of the Solstice and the Sun in Cancer!  You may hear Olivia Robertson giving the intention of a past Summer Solstice ritual at the Foundation Center by clicking below:

(mp3 / 372 kb / 47 sec)

Audio transcript:
"Here it is my task now, to declare the intention of this Solstice ceremony.  The intention is to blend the feminine, gentle, rays of the Moon with the over-active, masculine energies of the Sun.  So that the feminine Sun - the warmth of the heart - be made more manifest, and the psychic powers of men in the Moon be enhanced.  So the balance of Cancer, the 6 and the 9 - Yin and Yang - may be brought about."

(photo of the Shrine of Cancer, copyright M. Quick.  The drawings by Olivia Robertson are of the Goddess Thalia/Muse of Comedy, and the Mermaid Goddess Derceto.)

June 15, 2016

Window Shrine

"Holiest of the Holy, Great Goddess Isis, perpetual comfort of mankind, thou whose beautiful grace nourishes the whole world, whose heart turns towards all those in sorrow and tribulation, as a mother's to her children we invoke thy grace. Hallow this shrine with thy protecting wings that bringeth shade to the weary of heart, jubilation to the distressed and rest to sufferers. Bring vision and healing to those who use this shrine, thou who with thy breath bringeth the dead to life: thou friend of Thoth who art excellent in tongue, bring us thy wisdom: unveil thy Truth."

Quote from the book "Dea", by Olivia Robertson.

(photo of window shrine at the FOI Foundation Center Temple, copyright 2016, Minette Quick.)

June 5, 2016

Gate to Temple Grounds

"The Gates between the psychic and material spheres are opening!
A new humanity is being born."

Oracle of Alma Mater,
from "Panthea", by Olivia Robertson

("Hidden Garden Gate" at the Foundation Center, copyright reserved, Durdin-Robertson, Huntington Castle.)

June 1, 2016

June Oracle: Goddess Mumuna

"Humble yourself and in your emptiness
you will receive new bodies of Light."
June's Oracle is from the Goddess Mumuna and also includes a historic audio clip of Olivia Robertson.  You may read and listen to it by clicking on the link below:
(photo copyright Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)

May 20, 2016

Sun enters Gemini

Blessings of the Sun in Gemini!  Click below to hear the late Olivia Robertson give a blessing of the Starry Twins:
Audio transcript:
"Friends, let us wonder at the Starry Twins of Gemini, light years apart, yet together in vision. The divine forms of the Shining Twins manifest: Mawu and Li-Sa - Isis and Osiris - Lakshmi and Vishnu - Artemis and Apollo. . . receive the blessings of the Shining Twins." 

("The Sirius Twins" artwork by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved)