April 22, 2014

Earth Day Blessings

"I lapsed into unconsciousness and I descended through the earth and through time and through long memories of past lives. I fell through enveloping darkness and I reached flames of fire and a bitumous green molten lake with strange inhabitants like nothing I had ever imagined. And I sank still further into unconsciousness but I still held a thread of memory until I sank below even unconsciousness into death. And I passed a barrier and I was awake and I found myself within earth's heart. And there before me in realms of glory was a Goddess of surpassing beauty. Her hair shone golden like the sun and Her robe was the deep blue of the sea. And the greatness of Her aura filled the earth and reached the stars. She was brighter than a thousand suns. And I felt a happiness I have not ever felt before or since, for this was the Mother of us all."   Olivia Robertson, "Gaea, Initiations of the Earth"

("Young Earth Is Sleeping" illustration by Olivia Robertson. Another version is included in "Gaea" along with the above quote - this version is scanned from an original drawing. Copyright reserved.)

April 19, 2014

Blessings of the Sun in Taurus!

The Shrine of Taurus at the Fellowship of Isis Temple in Ireland. Commentary from Olivia Robertson: "The Shrine of Taurus with a painting of the Goddess Maya as seen by Olivia with copper coloured light appearing over the sky. Kachina figures donated by Elders in Hopi Land and carving by David Durdin-Robertson of a Golden Eagle. White Buffalo Calf Woman on slate by Olivia."
Listen to an audio journey from Olivia, leading you in meditation to the constellation of Taurus:

The Window of Taurus
(mp3 - 3 mins - 709kb)

Audio transcript:
"To realize the harmony of Justice and Compassion, we need to make a magical journey to the Constellation of Taurus. Know that these signs are given to us by the Adepti, the Magi of old, so that we may relate to the reality of the stars - not through the sciences, but through our spirits: this is spiritual rising. Come. Approach the window of Taurus. This window depicts a red-haired Goddess seated on a white bull, which is emerging from the sea. Descending from the stars of Taurus, are 14 maidens who bathe in the ocean. Now suddenly a sharp wind blows, and it throws the window open, and we are faced with the constellation of Taurus. Gaze upon the 7 stars of the Hyades, in V-formation - 7 of the 14 Atlantides maidens. Within their aetheric sphere is the mountain of Hursag, Paradise of Creation. For what appears as earthly, flaming stars, planets and space, is but a symbol of a reality beyond. Hear of this mountain of Hursag, this paradise. Ninurta, the God, created the mountain to save his people from the flooding of the Tigris. Hear the ancient words written on tablets, about this God-king: "Behold now, everything on earth rejoiced afar at Ninurta. The Lord made mourning disappear from the land, he made happy the spirits of the Gods. Because of his Mother's great joy at his great and heroic deeds, Ninurta addressed her: ‘O Lady, O Ninmah, because for my sake you would enter the matchless land, the hill which I have set up, let its name be Hursag, and you be its queen’.” In this magical world ruled by Ninmah and Ninurta, only those who do great deeds are admitted. Pass through the window, if you dare. Imagine yourself now, entering this land if you would - if you would do great deeds. Enter and visualize what you would like to do in the future, and see it as if it happens!"

(photo by Minette Quick.)

April 14, 2014

Shrine of Ngame and Lunar Eclipse

The Shrine of Ngame at the Fellowship of Isis Temple, with the Wheel of the Zodiac on the left wall. And for tonight's lunar eclipse, you may listen to this mp3 recording of Olivia Robertson:
Audio transcript: 
"The Moon is the mirror both of the polarized rays of the Sun, and of Earth, when its shadow blackens the Moon. So those who fear the occulted Moon reject their own shadow! The Moon symbolizes duality. . . the Moon is our sister planet and her influence moves both the tides of the sea and our own souls. In her darkness she shows us our own black image, the earth's shadow.. . So she is an enigma that conceals the truth. For everything in this physical world is but a reflection of greater spheres. Harken to the Mystery of the Occulted Moon: 'And I beheld a mighty Goddess and Her head with its dark waving hair reached the heavens, and Her feet stood within the abyss and a black panther with blazing golden eyes was coiled about them. Her naked body was black as night and the only light therein were two white crescents about her majestic dark eyes. In Her hands She bore a rough rock of quartz. And I knew that She held the Moon and that She was Ngame'!"

 (photo by Olivia, cropped/enhanced by this site)

April 13, 2014

Remembering Olivia Robertson of the Fellowship of Isis

Olivia Robertson was born on this day, April 13th in 1917.  Blessings always to this much beloved co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis, wherever she may be in the Cosmic Web of the Universe!

Read more about Olivia and follow the links at the end of her biography here:

(One of Olivia's favorite photos, taken by K. McDonough at the Foundation Center Temple in front of the High Altar. Photo has been cropped and enhanced from the original.)

April 10, 2014

Temple photo: Mystic realm of Persephone

"Within the Mystic realm
presided over by Persephone
as Queen of Hades,
uniting stars, earth, sea:
the heights and depths."
(Quote by Olivia Robertson, photo of shrine in Foundation Center Temple by Minette Quick.)

April 4, 2014

Fellowship of Isis Credo

We grow from the Earth
And we share Her fruits.
We fly with bright wings
And we reach the stars.
We are Immortal with all that is.
Evoe Isis!
(The Sirius Twins, illustration and prayer by Olivia Robertson)
Archival Link:

April 1, 2014

April Oracle of the Month

"Cosmic consciousness is not reached through living many lives, changing with the cycles of the years. It is with you in one flash of joy, one spark of love, through sudden perception of truth."
April's Oracle of the Month is from the Goddess Navatu and includes an audio file of Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle.  You may read and listen to it at the following page:


(photo of Olivia by Dennis Murphy from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis," copyright reserved.)

March 28, 2014

Circle of Brigid

The note below was received today from Minette Quick regarding changes to the Circle of Brigid membership: 

"There have been a couple of further changes to the membership of the Circle of Brigid since those I sent only recently. Perhaps you would kindly update your website notices for us:

"The Rt. Rev. Pat Griffin wishes to retire at this stage of her life, having worked with Olivia for many years and run regular Fellowship meetings in her home in Dublin until just a couple of years ago. As she is not able to be with us on a regular basis any more, she is stepping down from the Circle of Brigid. However, we very much hope that she will come whenever she can, and, of course, for many years she was our most senior priestess together with one or two others whose association with the Fellowship went way back. We all love her gentle ways and genuine devotion to the Goddess which is so apparent when you are with her.

"Her retirement meant that there was a vacancy in our membership to be filled, and we are all delighted that Maire Doyle, one of our loyal and much liked priestesses, has accepted our invitation to assist in continuing to run the 8 Annual Festivals held in The Temple of Isis, which was created by the Co-Founders of the Fellowship, Olivia, Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson in the basement of their home in Clonegal Castle."

Many Blessings!
Minette Quick
(Hon. Sec., Circle of Brigid)

(Temple photo copyright Minette Quick, mirror painting by Olivia Robertson. Olivia wrote: "Brighid, Goddess and Saint, presides over the Holy Grael of the new aeon of Aquarius. At Her feet is the Holy Well in Her chapel that bestows healing and vision. The statue of a young girl on the altar with a cup of water for healing. Represents those loving people who care for others.)

Archival Link:  Circle of Brigid

March 26, 2014

Shrine of Aries

The Shrine of Aries at the Foundation Center Castle Temple.  Olivia Robertson described this shrine as follows:  "Above the Shrine of Aries, carved in bas-relief by David Durdin-Robertson, the Goddess Nepthys of Nature, blesses Africa. Facing the S.E. window on the left is Her Son Anubis, Jackal Guide of Souls. On the right is the Goddess Hathor of the Ka of the Soul."
(photo copyright Minette Quick)

March 24, 2014

Spring Equinox Festival at Clonegal Castle

By:  Minette Quick
Members of the Circle of Brigid and all our regular FOI Members were delighted to welcome Cressida Pryor to preside at our Vernal Equinox Festival on Saturday 22nd March. We were also delighted that so many people came along to join us and we all took the opportunity to meet and greet everyone in the Theatre which was nice and warm on a cold but lovely bright day which was also extremely welcome after the monumental rains and winds we have had these last few months.
Having processed through the grounds of the Castle, where members of DCD and NOT invoked Deity at the Druid Grove and Abbey, Persephone's was also invoked at her Gate into the Temple and the company came into the Temple and gathered at the Well for Blessings. On this occasion it was lovely to have several newly Ordained priestesses present from The Three Mothers Lyceum, trained by Cait Branigan and Deirdre Wadding. So at Cressida's request two of them were invited to step forward and bless the water which they did with great beauty and dedication, and after the remaining priesthood had stepped forward to invoke, they also gave the individual blessings to everyone present.
At the High Altar, Cressida again welcomed everyone present and Invoked Isis. It was a great privilege to us to be able to have her with us when she is able to come over to Ireland, and get to know her on a personal as well as a ceremonial level. The Fellowship is in excellent hands for the future, of that we are assured.
We had a beautiful Oracle from the Goddess Lakshmi, and songs, poems and a deeply peaceful guided journey from Cait Branigan. This was followed by a Mystery Play enacted by members of the priesthood representing the Goddess Danu as the ancient mother of winter who having carried the burdens of that long cold season, hands on her task to the rising Goddess of Spring, Persephone. Olivia loved Mystery Plays and as we watch the seasons go by and honour her memory in continuing this tradition, it enriches our experience and brings them to life for us all, whether we are new to the Fellowship or have been members for longer.  
We completed the main ceremony with another excellent poem from a member of the priesthood. It should be mentioned that the poems that have been offered on these occasions are all the work of those offering them, and show a great depth of understanding which is wonderful and uplifting. After this a short chant to the words "Brigid light the Path for us, show us the Way!" was sung by everyone. Notices were given and thanks offered to Deity, after which the customary short healing and counselling sessions were offered to those who wished to receive them. We all then repaired to Osborne's for tea and good company amongst old and new friends. It had been an excellent day altogether.
Archived Link:  Vernal Equinox 2014
(photo of the High Altar of the Fellowship of Isis, Clonegal Castle Temple, by Minette Quick)