January 13, 2021

Excerpt from "The Call of Isis"

From the "The Call of Isis" by Olivia Robertson:

"So it is only by analogy that one may imagine the domain of the Inner Sun. We are given words such as 'building the solar body.' But I feel that the solar body is there for all of us: we have rather to strengthen the rainbow bridge that joins our souls to our Spirit. How may we do this?

Strangely enough, in this most active area of the Inner Sun, we must at last surrender activity. In order to transcend limitation, we must give up the barriers we ourselves have built in order to protect our own developing originality. For the surrender to the Light prematurely is to suffer the fate of Semele, and be burnt by too great a glory. One needs, as the earth does, one's protective veil of blue atmosphere, one's shell of personality.

One is encouraged in approaching the Initiation of the Sun, by seeing the bright form of one who has attained the Light. Once I was awakened in the morning by just a vision. Eyes open, heart full of wonder, I saw standing at the foot of my bed a figure made of golden light. He was self-luminous and shone like the sun. And the glory came from love.  Others have had a like experience. And this Solar body also belongs to ourselves, our true greater selves, if we will only allow ourselves to be conscious of it.

Yet this consciousness comes from self-forgetting. The constrictions of self fall away and, like the butterfly we immerge from the chrysalis of what was once our whole world. We are like newborn babies when we first awaken into Cosmic Consciousness. We lose nothing; rather we gain the harvest of many lives. We touch on the experiences of our own spiritual group.

We have the Universe before us - Temple of the Stars."

(© Window Shrine, Foundation Center Temple by Minette Quick; 'Call of Isis' excerpt by Olivia Robertson; copyrights reserved)

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January 1, 2021

January Oracle: Goddess Nut


"When you truly love, 
you awaken your Creative Star."  

Happy 2021 to all Aset Shemsu!  The Goddess Nut gives the January Oracle.  See the following page to read it and listen to audio of Olivia Robertson:

You may also listen to it from the following YouTube page:

(© 'Nut' artwork by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved.)

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December 23, 2020

Foundation Center - Virtual Winter Festival


Happy holidays Aset Shemsu!  The report on the Foundation Center virtual-festival has been uploaded at the following link:
(© report by Deirdre Wadding; photo by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved)

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December 20, 2020

Solstice Sun in Capricorn

Blessings of the Sun in Capricorn and the Solstice!  To listen to a 25-minute meditation on the Window of Capricorn by Olivia Robertson, please click below:

Here also is a short clip from this meditation 
(mp3 - 516 kb - 2:12 mins):

Transcript of audio clip:
"We move towards the North, to the window of Capricorn.  It is mighty and vivid with colors that seem to be alive.  Above the window is the sign of Capricorn.  We see a stained-glass picture of a goat, with fish's tail, accompanied by a Green Man crowned with leaves, and a mermaid holding a cornucopia - every sort of good thing, fruit and wheat.  We like the Green Man too, with his comical expression, his golden halo and his antlers and his leaves. However, suddenly the wind blows the window open and we face the actual constellation of Capricorn in its spiritual form.. . The Magi of old called Capricorn "Altera Solis Porta": the starry gateway for souls to enter heaven.  Here we gaze at the stars and hope for a vision of the Earth Goddess, who is our Goddess of the Earth, Nerthus.  For we know that She is crowned with the stars, holds the earth in her hands and has the moon on Her brow and the sun as a robe.  We accept the gifts of earth - trees and flowers and animals and birds.  We adore Her and She is in all beings, as is Her green Consort.  We are whole.  May the blessings of the Goddess Nerthus bring you wisdom and peace, now and forever."

(© photo of the Shrine of Capricorn, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick; meditation by Olivia Robertson; audio by the FOI Homepage.  All copyrights reserved.)

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December 19, 2020

Letter from Cressida Pryor


"For ours are the hands with which the Goddess 
is to bless and connect with all beings."

The latest letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, may be read here:

December 8, 2020

Fellowship of Isis Attunement Prayer


Dear Aset Shemsu, although we may be physically distant, you may always connect with other members on the inner planes through attunement.

Fellowship of Isis attunements are mornings and evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 (GMT), but you may access the global FOI current whenever you wish.  Co-founder Olivia Robertson wrote:  "members and others may attune at any time to our Rainbow Network, knowing that somewhere the Goddess is being invoked and Her Blessings sent forth." 

Isian Blessings to all.  We end this post with the FOI Prayer of Thanksgiving:

"Holy Isis, Holy Osiris;
We give you thanks
that your Love, Beauty and Truth
are manifest with Power and Peace
throughout all spheres,
within all beings,
and we accept your Blessing now,
in Mind and Heart."

Fellowship of Isis Prayers and Blessings:

Listen to Olivia Robertson - YouTube:

(© Prayer by Olivia Robertson; photo of the granite entrance to the Cave of the Mothers, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved)

December 1, 2020

December Oracle: Goddess Durga

 "It is through spiritual acts of will 
that the soul wins freedom."

The Oracle for December is from the Goddess Durga.  See the following page to read it and listen to audio of Olivia Robertson as the Oracle:


You may also listen to it from the following YouTube page:


(© photo copyright Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)

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(Photo of Olivia Robertson by Dennis Murphy from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis." All rights reserved.)

November 21, 2020

Sun in Sagittarius Meditation

Blessings of the Sun in Sagittarius! Below is a short audio clip and transcript from the Temple of the Zodiac - Window of Sagittarius meditation by Olivia Robertson. If you would prefer to listen to the full 25-minute meditation, please go to the YouTube video here: 

Click on the link below to hear the audio clip:  

Transcript (mp3 / 4:30 mins. / 1mb): 
"We face a hill surmounted by the Temple of the Zodiac. Now, begin to climb up this hill. . .we reach the South-West portico flanked by two female sphinxes. We now enter this Temple. There are 12 stained-glass windows. In the center is the altar of the perpetual flame of everlasting life. Come to the window of Sagittarius. The window depicts a Goddess enthroned on a mighty rock of ages. She is crowned and bears in Her right hand a sceptre surmounted by a golden eagle. In Her left hand She holds a mighty crystal orb. Above Her on the left is a crescent moon shining down above a winged white horse. On the right is a rayed sun illuminating a peacock with raised tail of blue and green and gold. 

"A sudden wind blows open the window and we see the nine mighty stars and the fifty-four lesser stars of constellation of Sagittarius. Protected by the starry bow of the Centaur lies Arcadia. Friend, enter Arcadia of the Starry Bow of the Goddess Diana, leader of the dance of the Muses and receive joy and love and enchantment from the Immortals. This is the realm where rest those who accept divine commands with faith and happiness. But linger too long here and you will be the lotus-eaters, who sit by the Arcadian stream, unendingly smiling, bereft of strength, purpose and wit. 

"I want you now to pass through this window. How you've envied those with spiritual faith, the serene countenance of a nun, the absolute acceptance of a follower - of Diana or any Deity - obedience, and in that obedience: certainty, peace, joy, no questioning, no struggle, peace, no war, cared for, loved. Enter Arcadia. Just to let go - to let go the separated self, to obey the rule, to follow the guru, the teacher, to accept the Divinity totally, like slipping back into a warm pool surrounded by still water lilies, for what can grow in tumult? 

"Nothing matters without happiness, so accept and drink of the pool of happiness in your cupped hands . . the happiness the Goddess Diana gives. . .the sounds of birds. There is someone you love reflected in the pool and you look up and see this one, smiling at you. Here you are together, forever when you return here, it's always here. 

"But even as we lapse into complete peace and happiness at a distance, we hear a voice say: "come back, come back, come back from Arcadia." Reluctantly we drag ourselves back. We return to the Temple of the Zodiac, and from thence down the hill and you find filled with the elation and joy of the Goddess that you return to your own time and place." 

Fellowship of Isis Homepage & Archive 

YouTube Channel: 

(© photo of the Shrine of Sagittarius, Foundation Center Temple by Minette Quick; audio by the Fellowship of Isis Homepage, all copyrights reserved)

November 13, 2020

Honoring Olivia Robertson

Dear Aset Shemsu, we invite you to join us in lighting a candle to remember Olivia Robertson, co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis, on the anniversary of her passing to the Spirit Realm seven years ago.

Please also visit our new YouTube channel where we will share Olivia's audio recordings.  We have begun with the FOI prayers and blessings:

Check back as new offerings will be added as time permits. All of the mp3 recordings will still be available on the Audio Gallery section of our website (see link below). Isian Blessings to all.

Olivia Robertson Biography:

Audio Gallery:

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November 1, 2020

November Oracle: Goddess Themis


It is easier to wait for an Oracle with stilled mind 
than it is to listen to those around you."

The Oracle for November is from the Goddess Themis and includes audio of Olivia Robertson.  Read and listen to it by clicking on the link below:

(© photo copyright Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)

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October 29, 2020

Cressida Pryor: Samhain Letter


"This is what I envisage at Samhain...
the love that pours through the generations, 
that has been freely given despite hardship and difficulty."

Read the latest letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, at the following link:

Samhain 2020 FOI Letter

October 22, 2020

Sun in Scorpio

Blessings of the Sun in Scorpio! From the book "Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess", by Olivia Robertson:

"Behold the constellation of the Scorpion, lurking between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn. See its claws and the fiery Antares, its Eye! Its sting is in its tail and it emerges from the sea of heaven, in pursuit of Orion who flees far across the sky. Hot in pursuit is Sagittarius with his bow, and above him is Hercules, who when he was a child strangled two serpents in his cradle. Below him is the giant Ophiuchus, holding the twisting constellation of Serpens the snake. Ophiuchus was revered by the Greeks as representing their deified healer Aesculapius, whose emblem was a staff entwined with a snake. Some saw Ophiuchus as Chiron the centaur, wise in knowledge of healing herbs. Observe that the right foot of the giant rests upon the serpent's head. That which poisons may also cure."

(© photo of the Shrine of Scorpio at the Foundation Center Temple.  The wooden panels were carved by William Morris and the altar cloth has the FOI Cosmic Web of the Universe embroidered upon it.  Copyright Minette Quick.)

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October 7, 2020

From Dea, Rites & Mysteries of the Goddess


From Dea, Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess, by Olivia Robertson:

"The religion of the Goddess centres around the Hearth. Whether this be the inner sun flaming within the matrix of our earth, or the sun itself, this is the source of manifested life. Within the body of all mothers, whether Goddesses, women, female creatures that give birth to egg or seed, the inner fire is the Divine Centre. In this nucleus is our own heart's life, that heart whose rhythmic beating keeps us alive and sets moving the rhythmic Dance of Creation. This Heart-beat of the Cosmos sets moving all heart-beats, even the tiny pulse within a blade of grass. On the earthly level the heart brings life. On other levels it is Love. For the Heart exists on all levels. . .

"Though we respect great temples, a simple room or grove of trees form a Matrix that protects our altar fire. A shrine may be a psychic temple not made with hands. The Devotee, sitting in silent contemplation, even in a crowded room, may yet build in creative imagination a shrine that guards the privacy of the soul. For the Matrix is not only a womb or shell: it is also the individual aura. We carry our temples about us.

"Within the shrine is the resting place of Deity, the Altar. Made of stone or wood, the altar is the throne of Isis, Aset; and the Palladium, the casket of Athena. Here is the meeting place of Deity and Devotee. Here the Goddess or God manifest either through the Hierophant or through all the participants. The elements placed on the altar are an earthly focus where Deity may materialise through earth, air, fire and water; and through oil which represents the blending of the primal four. Any shelf or table in a room may be the altar, and any quarter or place between the compass points may be used. For each compass point is relevant to the Goddess. On the altar may be offered a stone, a pot plant, incense sticks and a cup of water. Through their hallowing by the Devotee, these are used as a focus for their own true being. The gem of life is in a stone: the divine breath is within smoke: the elixir of life shines through water. Every element, every atom, contains the spark needful for its transmutation.

"Through this realisation, the Devotee invokes Deity and through a simple touching of the hands, may awaken the life spark within each object. Earth protects: on another level it represents strength and stability. Fire brings vitality: it also in a greater sphere of being, typifies Love. Air symbolises Mind and Spirit and so must be free to move. Water is so receptive that it must be kept pure and calm, yet flowing. Otherwise, like unhealthy emotions, it may either rage in a storm, or stagnate. Though occult symbolism varies in different systems, the principle remains the same. Any object, however humble, is a key to its essential reality in greater spheres. The purpose of ritual is to strike a note on one level - even with bell, gong or sistrum, and so to awaken the same note on other octaves of being.

"When a shrine is awakened through its true keynote and colour, it begins as it were to hum like a well-tuned harp. It is the awareness of the Devotee that brings about this transformation. For the Deities respond to those who knock. They answer.  Those seekers who are ready for expansion of consciousness may ease the way to initiation. The Elemental Spirits, the Sidhe, Devis and Devas, will work in harmony with those who treat the elements with respect. No Spirits should be commanded even if this is possible: they come joyfully to those who do the Mothers' work."

(© Photo of Olivia Robertson on her 93rd birthday in 2010; Chapel of Harmony, Foundation Center Temple;  copyright Minette Quick.)

Fellowship of Isis Liturgy:

October 1, 2020

October Oracle: Goddess Vesta


"My Light is expressed individually 
through each creature, every atom: 
yet all are One in me."

The Oracle for October is from the Goddess Vesta.  You may read it at the following link:

(© Shrine of Vesta, Foundation Center Temple, photo by Minette Quick.)

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September 22, 2020

Equinox Sun in Libra

Blessings of the Equinox and the Sun entering the sign of Libra!  This photo of the Shrine of Libra was taken at the Foundation Center Temple, showing a statue of the Goddess Etain, carved by David Durdin-Robertson. You may listen to Olivia Robertson giving a meditation on the "Window of Libra" by clicking the link below:

(mp3 file: 5:30 minutes / 1.25mb)

Audio transcript:

"How honored we are to be climbing the hill towards the Temple of the Zodiac. As we gaze at the stars wheeling around us, we realize that each star is the home of Divine intelligences and even mightier Beings and Deities who preside over whole galaxies. Is beyond our believing, yet each of us has a spark of star within us and we belong to the body of the Cosmic Mother. On we climb, up the hill, and we reflect that as each star is haven of Deities, bright beings we may become, yet there are also planets encircling, which are planetary schools for us, as is our Earth. We face the south-west portal of the Temple. It is flanked by mighty winged Sphinxes. Pass the Sphinxes and we enter. Look upon the twelve walls, these beautiful stained-glass windows are each crowned with a sign of the Zodiac.

"Come to the west window surrounded by the seventh sign, Libra: the scales of equal day and night, autumn and spring. The picture shows a Goddess beneath an Aspen tree, cradling the Yin-Yang egg. Think of a Goddess cradling it. The Consort of the Goddess encircles Her with His arms. Below we read the ancient words: 'The aspen will detain, The egg will all explain; Seek not; yourself be sought. All other search in vain.'

"A mighty wind rushes through the Temple, throwing open the window - feel this wind pouring through. We see through it the glittering constellation of Libra with its 28 stars. The star Se Han forms the south-western pan of the scales. Approach the window! Look at the constellation of Libra and enter into entirely other landscape of soft beauty, into this happy land of the Goddess Kwan Yin, full of all we have ever longed for, land of our heart's longing. Here we have the company of those we love, forever - or - as long as we choose. We make our own space and time in Infinity. Here grow the Peaches of Immortality. Taste them if you can find them. Those who have tasted these peaches may ever return, if they have the will to do so.

"Here, all are reconciled: love and truth, philosophy and religion, peace and activity. Above all we find harmony within ourselves and with others. Here is harmony with all Nature. Judgment is not judging others: it is having the judgment to bring harmony so there's no loss to any. Peace can only come with justice. Let us do justice to ourselves, and so we will be just to all, and so the Law of Love and Harmony prevails.  Thus, in harmony with ourselves, we are part of the Cosmos and the Music of the Spheres."

(© photo and audio copyrights reserved)

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