July 1, 2015

July Oracle of the Month

"When you fear the infinity of the cosmos,
turn instead to that which is small,
which requires your love and protection:
there you will discover eternal Love, Wisdom and Bliss."
The Oracle of the Month for July is from the Goddess Aditi and includes audio of Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle.  You may read and listen to it at the following page:
(photo of Olivia from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis," copyright Logic Reality.)

June 24, 2015

Aerial Castle View

Great aerial view of the Foundation Center Castle.  Shared from the Castle Facebook page, copyright the Durdin-Robertson family.

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June 22, 2015

Foundation Center Summer Festival

"On such occasions everything seems to conspire to remind us
that Nature is indeed our Mother who provides for our every need
within the drama of life if we but let her." 
Click below to read the article in full about the Summer Solstice gathering at Clonegal Castle this past weekend:
(photo of Castle rose garden, copyright Durdin-Robertson)

June 21, 2015

Solstice Sun in Cancer

Blessings of the Sun in Cancer and Happy Solstice!  Below is a link to an audio clip of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson during an FOI ritual:

Audio transcript:
"Companions on the quest for occult wisdom hidden within the Great Deep, know that the Sign of Cancer was reverenced in remote antiquity. In the fourth month of the Chaldea Duzu, it is the Northern Gate of the Sun whence, at the Summer Solstice, it commences its retrograde movement. With Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer forms the Watery Trigon. To the Coptic Egyptians, this sign was the Power of Darkness of the Jackal Anubis, Guide of the Dead, a Deity of Sirius. It was known as the Dark Sign with no eyes. The Ancient Egyptians knew it as Scarabeus, the beetle Kephera that holds the mud ball of earth. Cancer is depicted as Sacer, the Water Beetle of Immortality, in the most ancient Zodiac known, found in the Temple of Isis in the Denderah Temple of Hathor."


(Photo of the Shrine of Cancer, honoring Juno: Foundation Center Castle, copyright Durdin-Robertson.)

June 16, 2015

Shrine of Dana

The painting directly over the altar is of the Goddess Dana, as seen in a vision by Olivia Robertson in 1952. On left, ‘Mari of the Mists’ of the Atlantic Ocean,  Daughter of Manannan Mac Lir. Statuette of Dana, Mother of All the Gods and Goddesses of Ireland and Her Beloved Daughter Bride of the Well; Aengus Og, God of Love and Joy with his Birds. Altar Front: New Moon over Mt. Leinster.  Left of Shrine, Painting of Fionnuala and the Swan of Lir. Right of Shrine, Etaine and Midir, Sidhe.  Windows – Left Osiris and His Son the Younger Horus, Right – Isis with Her Daughter the Younger Hathor.  All painted by Olivia Robertson.

(photo taken at the FOI Foundation Center, copyright M. Quick)

June 9, 2015

Clonegal Castle Garden

"The garden is counted to be the second oldest garden in Ireland. The terraces were laid out by Alexander (ii) Durdin in about 1860. Much of the wilderness was tilled, for root crops. The terraces were dug down about 4 feet and the bank removed by the Rev. Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, who also filled in the path on the southeast side of the Castle and the path running from the house to the centre walk."

Quote from "Clonegal Castle" by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson.
Photo  of Castle grounds, copyright Durdin-Robertson.

June 1, 2015

June Oracle of the Month

"Love and Truth blended in perfect beauty."

This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Isis. You may read it in full by clicking on the link below:

(photo copyright Alice Smeets, please do not reproduce.)

May 29, 2015

Fellowship of Isis Credo

By: Olivia Robertson

"We grow from the Earth
And we share Her fruits.
We fly with bright wings
And we reach the stars.
We are Immortal with all that is.
Evoe Isis!"

("We All Have Wings of Spirit" painting by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved.)

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May 25, 2015

Window Shrine

Candles in the window of the "Shrine for Absent Friends", Foundation Center Temple.

Archival link:
Fellowship of Isis Photo Gallery

(photo copyright Minette Quick)

May 20, 2015

Shrine of Gemini

From the book "Sophia, Cosmic Consciousness of the Goddess", by Olivia Robertson:
"Companions on the quest for Intuition and Clear Minds, know that the constellation of the Dioscuri, the Twins, is depicted in the Denderah Zodiac of Ancient Egypt as the Lion God Shu, Bringer of flowing waters, and His twin the Lion Goddess Tefnut, Lady of Heaven. They are shown facing each other, holding hands. These Divine Twins were born of the Goddess Nebhet-hotep, Great in Magic, Wife to the God Atum of primaeval waters. The Lion Pair in their turn brought forth the Goddess Nuit of the starry sky, and the God Geb, of the earth. Isis and Osiris, sister and brother, were born of these, and the rest of the Great Ennead of Heliopolis, which includes Shu and Tefnut, Isis and Osiris, Ra, Geb, Nephthys, Horus and Hathor. The virtuous are revived through Tefnut: 'I have brought to him the Goddess Tefnut and he liveth! The soul which dwelleth in Tefnut abideth in bliss in Her realm beyond death'. Thus to the Egyptians, Gemini was the House of Life here and in the next world. It was also the sphere of twin souls."
Archival Link:

(Photo of the Shrine of Gemini by the South Portal of the Foundation Center Temple, copyright reserved.)