May 22, 2019

Sun enters Gemini

Blessings of the Sun in Gemini!  Click below to hear Olivia Robertson give a blessing of the Starry Twins from a past ritual:

Audio transcript:
"Friends, let us wonder at the Starry Twins of Gemini, light years apart, yet together in vision. The divine forms of the Shining Twins manifest: Mawu and Li-Sa - Isis and Osiris - Lakshmi and Vishnu - Artemis and Apollo. . . receive the blessings of the Shining Twins."

("The Sirius Twins" artwork by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved)

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May 13, 2019

Foundation Center Beltane Festival

The report on the Beltane Festival held at the FOI Foundation Center on May 4th may be read by clicking on the following link:

(© report by Tom Joseph Swinburne; photos by Katheriona Doyle; copyrights reserved)

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May 1, 2019

Fellowship of Isis May Oracle

"Use your imagination: yet know that all you 
visualise manifests in some sphere; so let your 
visions be true and noble."

The Oracle for May is from the Goddess Ceridwen and you may read it at the following link:

(photo © Minette Quick. "Ceridwen by Her Cauldron" painted by Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple.)

April 29, 2019

Cressida Pryor: Beltane Letter

"She whispers a song to heal, 
a song of listening and connection."

The Beltane letter from Cressida Pryor, FOI Steward, may be found at the following link: 

April 22, 2019

For Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  Listen to a short audio clip of Olivia Robertson giving a blessing:

(mp3 / 34 secs / 137 kb)

Audio transcript:
"Know that Nature in reality is perfect . .  unpoisoned . . . pure . . . healthy, and bring these life-giving rays of the eternal beauty of Nature into our Earth. Let us send forth these green rays - green and blue and gold - to all our Earth. . ."

(© "The Faery Fates" artwork by Olivia Robertson; audio by the FOI Homepage, all copyrights reserved)

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April 20, 2019

Sun in Taurus

Blessings of the Sun in Taurus! The Shrine of Taurus at the Foundation Center honors Native American Deities.  Kachinas (unseen below) were donated by Hopi elders and the Golden Eagle was carved by David Durdin-Robertson. The artwork on the lower left is White Buffalo Calf Woman and the one above the altar is the Goddess Maya, both by Olivia Robertson.  She describes her vision of Maya here:

(mp3 file/208 kb/52 sec.)

Audio transcript:
"Hear now the vision of the Goddess Maya, told by Olivia:  I saw with amazement, a Goddess and Her body was made with crystallized copper light.  I've seen beings made of crystallized gold and silver, but this was copper.  She sat - I've never seen anyone like that in feature - she sat crossed-legged and Her face was turned over Her right shoulder.  Later I've seen pictures of Mayan people and She had exactly that profile.   Her hair was raven-colored and hung behind.  She was a mighty Being of glory, from the stars. . ."

(Shrine of Taurus by M.E.K., photo and audio copyright reserved.)

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April 12, 2019

For Olivia

Please light a candle and join us in remembering Olivia Robertson, who was born Friday, April 13th, 1917.

"I invoke Isis, daughter of Nuit,
Who knoweth the secret name of Ra.
Oh Isis, bring us thou Great Enchantress to eternal life.
Evoe Isis Myrionymous!"

For more about Olivia, go to the following page: The Life and Work of Olivia Robertson

See the following post as well!

(© Invocation from 'Melusina' by Olivia Robertson; photo by K. MacDonaugh, cropped from the original; audio by the FOI Homepage. All copyrights reserved.)

Olivia Robertson - Archival Letter

In honor of Olivia Robertson on what would have been her 102nd birthday (see the previous post also), please click on the link below to hear her reading a letter, entitled "The Real World":
(mp3 / 6:41 min / 1.5 mb)

Audio transcript:
" 'Get real!' How depressing. The dream world is beautiful, hopeful, kind, imaginative. 'The Real World', so called, is harsh, cruel, stupid and meaningless. But we are told it is the only world that exists! Life after death is a delusion. Life before death is non-existent. Goddesses and Gods, Angels and Nature Spirits, Faeries, Spirits – are hallucinations. No wonder anti-depressive drugs are sold in billions, and suicides increase among young people. How can we live without hope, joy, and eternal love?

"For me, Space and Time exist in total reality. It is all there – NOW . . . Space is a mighty spiral of planetary and stellar scenes that exist in eternity. Time is not a line with a beginning and an end. It is a radiating centre that pierces through all galactic centres – and in every atom, every being.

"Fine words? I have discovered this on my own – not out of books or courses! I found my prophetic gift developed when I would say of the future: 'What actually did happen?' As a child I regarded myself as 'Olivia in History Land.' It was all there and I could act in different chapters. I could come back to the book when I liked, and become a little figure in coloured illustrations. I left the book 'through the margin.'

"As I grew up, I would know when people were going to die. So when the time came I would turn up during sleep hours, to give a helping hand. I noticed that I would appear in the dying person's imagination, as 'the immortal Beloved.' Only children seemed to like me as me! I could speak what I called 'think-thought language.' This came out in the language of the person concerned. When I was visited by Divine Beings, they all spoke with an English accent! There is a psychic translator within the soul.

"As I grew older I learnt that what one psychically sees of future events can appear alarming. Yet this is not often the case when they really happen. To give an example, I used to be horrified by psychic visits to future cities that were roofed in with vast halls – giant restaurants – restrooms and long glassy corridors. I felt it was frightening, inhuman. After all, I was living in the deep Irish countryside. Years later on a visit to Dublin, I was amazed to find a huge building complex exactly as I had once seen it in vision. This was my first experience of a shopping complex, replete with all the restaurants, shops – roofed in. And I liked it! After all, the people were friendly, not aliens, and the food was good, the shops fun. So much for my prophetic fears.

"So, which is the Real World – the astral spheres of beauty which we long for – or - the so-called real world around us, which most people accept as the only reality. Before I studied Isian Alchemy I would have believed that Heaven was eternal, real. This world was only an illusion created as a learning experience, preparing us for better things. To despise the world, to seek higher spiritual being, was taught in practically every spiritual book I read and believed in.

"But as we move away from the Patriarchal intellectual ladder of the philosophical hierarchy – a ladder with GOOD at the top and BAD at the muddy bottom. We were all actors of love, eating, drinking - were all acts of love, eating, drinking, sport, fun, a temporary delusion? Did I need to disappear into some New Age Hermitage? Of course! I could include the earth, material existence, within The Divine Whole...

"Answer for me – yes! You don’t defeat evil by fighting it, ignoring it, hating it. You re-cycle it, much as we re-cycle organic compost. Mother Nature is not profligate as is assumed. Every atom – you name it – is part of the almighty whole, which includes galaxies and the feared Black Holes. After all, Black Holes are a womb - they're tunnels between the spheres of being from one state to another.

"I received from the Realm of Spirit a handy method of achieving Harmony with diversity. Take a long strip of paper and write a horizontal line of emblems of religions, political parties, people – species – whatever interests you. They are of course all separate. Now fold the paper in squares, a separate square for each emblem. Take a sharp instrument – and pierce the thickness of the folded paper. Thus each emblem, once separate, are One! You can call the paper, Space or Love: the instrument – Time, or Truth. By identifying with Centre, you can happily travel the Spheres, knowing that Infinite variety is yet linked through Divine Centre.

"Reality is where you are - NOW."

(© Samhain 2007 letter by Olivia Robertson; photo by Minette Quick; audio by the FOI Homepage; all copyrights reserved.)

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April 1, 2019

Fellowship of Isis Oracle for April

"Whichever way you travel on life’s journey, 
I call you to live richly, 
by achieving physical and moral courage."

The Oracle for April is from the Goddess Brynhilde.  You may read and listen to Olivia Robertson as the Oracle here:

(photo of Olivia Robertson, Clonegal Castle © Alice Smeets.)

March 22, 2019

Spring letter from Cressida Pryor

"May this balance and joining together be in our hearts 
as within the love of the Goddess all are one."

You may read Cressida's letter at the following link:

(© "Namaste" art, copyright Cressida Pryor)

March 19, 2019

Anniversary of the Fellowship of Isis

Happy 43rd anniversary to the Fellowship of Isis! The FOI was founded on the Vernal Equinox, March 20th, 1976 by Olivia Robertson and Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson. Please join us in honoring their legacy as members worldwide remember and celebrate this day.

Audio transcript:  
"It was direct spiritual experience, as with my brother, that I had a direct spiritual Vocation to do this from God - the feminine aspect of God - God who is also feminine to emphasize this, because the world is threatened by destruction, through pollution, through misuse of nature - often through stupidity and greed.  We're destroying the planet.  And the Divine Plan appears to be to emphasize the feminine: charity, kindness, care for nature, nurturing, motherhood - all that side.  Not to get rid of the male aspect, but to balance male aggression and materialism and this linear-logical, mental thought:  always analysis, analysis - we're more for healing and synthesis."

Audio transcript: 
“I started as the Church of Ireland, or as we call Anglican, as an Anglican. I suppose one approaches . . . everyone is basically interested in religion, and their first approach is through their religion to which they were born, and as I say I was born into the Church of Ireland, the Anglican Church. And then my horizon broadened and I became interested in many other religions, and so many of them the last 150 years have been prevented, Indian, Chaldean, Egyptian, Japanese, the old Norse and Celtic, and so on - that my horizon broadened, so I became – actually I call it – a Universalist, believing in all the religions, but particularly of course, the fair feminine aspect, which is now very much coming into the fore again. Of course you get that in Christianity, particularly in the cult of the Divine Wisdom, Sophia, that you get of course in the Hebrew Bible, Chokmâh, but also in the Virgin Mary. So there isn’t really such a gap because the Virgin Mary has many of the titles as the Goddess Isis. Isis represents all women and corresponds to all the Great Goddesses or in fact, every Goddess, or every woman to that extent."

For more information on the Fellowship of Isis, including its Founders, please see our website:

(© photos/audio Durdin-Robertson, copyrights reserved.)

March 8, 2019

The Peacock Angel

Click to listen to Olivia Robertson - mp3 file:  The Peacock Angel - Audio

"I long for the Peacock Angel, whose eyes are the stars. I would be a star and be with Her for Eternity. Even as I wish this, it is so! Before me, in indescribable grandeur is the Mighty Goddess Herself. Her Divine Body is formed from dark space, irradiated by Her Eyes, the many coloured stars. But what is most wonderful are Her Wings, which are The Veils woven by Bride. Two encompass her head with their gleaming feathers, and two are extended throughout all space, and about Her feet are two azure wings that reach into the abyss. She is the Goddess of the Heights and of the Depths. The stars are Her Visions and the flow of the Web of Bride are Her garments. Her face is forever veiled. Behind Her shines Her Divine Consort, The White Peacock Angel. Between his feathery wings are the dark tunnels that lead through the spheres. He is the Angel of Transmutation." 

(Peacock Angel artwork and quote from "Ishtar of the Starry Heavens by Olivia Robertson, mp3 audio file by the FOI Homepage, all copyrights reserved.)

Archival Links:

March 1, 2019

March Oracle: Goddess Juno

"Divine Law pervades not only the High Heavens 
but is within each creature and object 
through Nature Herself."

March's Oracle is from the Goddess Juno.  You may read and listen to audio of Olivia Robertson by going to the following link:

(Shrine of Juno, Foundation Center Temple. Photo © Minette Quick)

February 18, 2019

Sun in Pisces

Olivia Robertson wrote in the book "Sophia": 
"Comrades on the quest for Truth and Virtue, know that the constellation of Pisces now contains the place of the Vernal Equinox, and the Fishes are called Leaders of the Celestial Host. The Magi saw them as two mighty forces held together by the Cord, the Yoga or Yoke of religion, which means 'to bind'. Thus those who dwell under this influence learn self-control, and through such discipline have authority over those under their aegis. Fishes were seen as emblems of chastity, and the monastery and convent represented a fishpond rather than the open sea. . . In ancient times the constellation of Pisces was seen as a mighty Goddess with the tail of a fish, worshipped as Atargatis in Syria, Parthia, Rome, the Danube lands and in England."

(Shrine of Pisces, FOI Foundation Center Temple, photo by Minette Quick, copyright reserved.)

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February 13, 2019

The Tapestry of Life

"To find the Other is to find Oneself:
All Nature is expressed in one loved face."

"So says the Bard of the Druids in our Isis Wedding Rite. To unite with another soul is the goal of the Lover: through this devotion selfishness and loneliness fade away. When twin souls unite in Divine Union, it is through discovery of The Immortal Beloved that they find their own real selves. Such is the truth underlying the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, perfect wife and husband. In classical Greece, Plato brought forth the ideal of twin souls divided and discovering reunion through love. Centuries later medieval troubadours travelled throughout Europe singing of fulfilment through the romantic devotion of lovers. Within our secret dreams, we have this knowledge in ourselves. But one is not for ever able to concentrate on one other person, excluding all others! To find the other is indeed to find oneself. But this very love is creative, and kindles a like flame in receptive hearts. Families become friendly. Children are drawn into incarnation. Friendship expands to include animals, birds, trees and flowers, in an ever widening circle. Through this increasing community, an elaborate interrelationship is woven; a tapestry of glowing colours and intricate design. Each new friendly connexion makes an additional knot in this tapestry of life."

(Introduction to the 'Isis Wedding Rite' by Olivia Robertson, artwork by Olivia Robertson, attributed to both Arachne and Tara; copyrights reserved.)

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