December 17, 2014

Jocelyn Almond: Dulce Domum rite

Blessings to all Aset Shemsu.  The FOI's funeral rite, the Dulce Domum, will be held for Dr. Jocelyn Almond on Friday, the 19th of December at 12:20pm GMT. (7:20am EST). Those who wish to attune are invited, and you may download a copy of the ritual from her memorial page here:

(photo of Window Shrine for Absent Friends at the Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick)

December 10, 2014

Temple Doors

"A spiral procession slowly and surely winding its way through a garden inwards towards a temple blends two spheres, the earthly and the psychic. After such a ceremony, the garden or field has a different, more psychically alive atmosphere, which may be felt even by those unacquainted with the occult. The wearing of robes and regalia, the playing of musical instruments, enhance the effect. However, if neighbours may wonder when they hear chanting, the clash of symbols, the eerie notes of the flute and the rattle of the sistrum, all that is needed is a quiet walk around the garden in everyday clothes. During this silent walk, thoughts are sent forth to bless plants and the earth. The procession then winds inwards to the hall door and so within to the shrine. So is the outer acknowledged and blended with the inner. After the Rite within the shrine, which brings through the Power needed for the good purpose of the ceremony, it is needful that the procession should return out-of-doors, preferably in a contrary spiral movement. This return is not to inhibit the Power, nor to dispense with the aid of those elemental and other Beings who have chosen to join in the ceremony. It is to disperse the power outwards so that it may radiate blessing to the whole neighbourhood and the surrounding plants, earth and streams."  (Olivia Robertson, "Dea: Rites and Mysteries of the Goddess")
(photo of the doors to the Foundation Center Temple, painted by Olivia Robertson.)

December 1, 2014

FOI Oracle for December

"Every time you send forth healing for all,
or for one animal or plant,
you change the world around you for good."

The Oracle for this month is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jocelyn Almond. You may read it in full here:

(Photo of Olivia Robertson from the Logic Reality DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis." Copyright reserved.)

November 28, 2014

The passing of Dr. Jocelyn Almond

It is with deep sadness that we report the passing of Dr. Jocelyn Almond in the early morning of Thursday, November 27th. She was an FOI Archpriestess and member of the Star of Isis. In 1995 she founded the Lyceum of Isis Myrionymous near London and had correspondence students world-wide.

Jocelyn was the author of many books, including Egyptian Paganism for Beginners, An Egyptian Book of Shadows, The Book of Egyptian Ritual, The Fall of Xeirozogenes, The Barricaded Tower and also several on the Tarot, co-written with her husband, Dr. Keith Seddon.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and friends. More information will be posted on this  page of our website as it is received:

(photo of the High Altar, FOI Foundation Center Temple, copyright M. Quick)

November 25, 2014

FOI Prayer of Thanks


FOI Thanskgiving Prayer
By:  Olivia Robertson

"Holy Isis, Holy Osiris;
We give you thanks
that your Love, Beauty and Truth
are manifest with Power and Peace
throughout all spheres,
within all beings,
and we accept your Blessing now,
in Mind and Heart."

Archival link: Fellowship of Isis Prayers

(photo of Winged Isis and Osiris in the Healing Chapel, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick.)

November 21, 2014

Sun in Sagittarius

The Shrine of Sagittarius, Foundation Center Temple.

"Presided over by The Morrigan, Queen of All Rivers at Full Flow,
All Springs and Wells, She is the Virgin Source – the Baive.
Her husband is The Dagda Mor, Chief of the Danaans
She is also An Cailleach, the Widow, She Who Weeps.
Where Her Daughter, a tributary, joins her,
A Goddess Centre is traditionally established.
The Castle is on the Banks of the River Derry,
which is a tributary of the ‘River of Healing’- the Slaney.
The FOI as a Daughter of the Goddess
has established the ‘New Awakening’
And dedicated it as the Druid Clan of Dana,
Based in the Druid Grove
in the Wilderness in the grounds of the Castle."

(Commentary by Olivia Robertson and Minette Quick, photo by M.Q.)

November 18, 2014

Shrine of Persephone

"Harken to my words with your inner ear: and see with the Eye of Vision. The seed falls from the plant into the depths, there to draw within itself the elements of growth. When spring comes the plant grows through the earth into the bright air. The great trees and the small wild flowers alike give their gifts of colour and scent and good food. The birds make their nests in branches and the bees and butterflies are enchanted by the many coloured flowers. But when the autumn comes what then of the plants and flowers? Their seeds fall into the dark earth, as I did: and they are reborn on earth, as I was. But their true Selves enjoy eternal beauty with Demeter and all Deities: as I do, now and for ever more."  Oracle of Persephone, by Olivia Robertson.

(photo of the Shrine of Persephone, Foundation Center, copyright Durdin-Robertson.)

November 14, 2014

From Cressida Pryor: Olivia's Passing Anniversary

Olivia's Passing Anniversary
Message from Cressida Pryor
On today's anniversary of Olivia's earthly death I am sure we will all connect with our memories of her in our own way.

She was truly exceptional and her Tara poem seems so pertinent on the day we connect with a comet, which she would have loved, and we honour her life and death:

"The canopy of stars are mine,
Bright eyes of the black Mothers.
I draw the starlight through the spirals of space
To the dark earth's mountains and little hills,
So stars and earth are one.
See Me in the mirror of the moon
reflecting the Inner Sun.
I am with every being that is
For I am within you all."

Hail and farewell, dear Olivia.

Love and blessings,


Archival Link: Fellowship of Isis Letters

(c) Tara poem and drawing by Olivia Robertson, from the NOT Manual/Compendium and Isis of Fellowship.

Olivia's Reflections - Audio

To further honor Olivia Robertson on the anniversary of her passing (see post directly below), we have uploaded fifteen new audio files. This adds two more hours of Olivia presenting her Reflections articles, often with additional commentary.  To listen and read the text as well, go to the link below, click on "Reflections" and scroll down to the new additions:

(Photo of Olivia by Logic Reality)

November 13, 2014

Remembering Olivia Robertson

Blessings to all Aset Shemsu.  Please join us in lighting a candle to remember and honor Olivia Robertson, on the first anniversary of her passing.

"My own dedication came from sudden awareness of identity with the White Light of Isis, a shining silver-white feminine figure with wide shining lightning flashes extending from either side of her head – that encompassed the stars. So I learnt that without Truth, Love becomes dissipated. I have always received inspiration from Those outside myself. I received the teaching: 'Approach Truth with courage: Love with humility.' Divine reality pervades every being. I learnt to honour the truth in all faiths and philosophies. To accept Deity in each creature and atom. I felt the love within all born of The Great Mother of All."  (Olivia Robertson, "The Call of Isis")

Archival Link:
The Life and Work of Olivia Robertson