February 7, 2016

Imbolc Festival

"The time of Brigid, recognised from early times as both Goddess and Saint is very precious to us all in Ireland, as her spirit recognises the true unity of spirit upon which the Fellowship was founded."

Click to read a report of the gathering held yesterday at the FOI Foundation Center:

(photo of  Brigid Na Mara, Well Chapel, copyright M. Quick)

February 3, 2016

From Cressida Pryor: Imbolc Letter

Dear Friends,

I delighted yesterday in taking a walk and admiring the view, admittedly in growing twilight but a few minutes before five in the evening...and long for the afternoon to fully reclaim this time again as her own...the days are slowly drawing out...

We are however meeting often unwelcome strangers in the guise of Desmond, Eva, Frank, Gertrude and now Henry; the storms that have brought devastation to many homes and lives...surely climate change deniers are hushed?

So now we light candles, and rejoice in Imbolc’s stirring of new life... Seamus Heaney paints with words the magical time after stepping through Beloved Brigid’s rope girdle:

They could feel the February air
Still soft above their heads and imagine
The limp rope fray and flare like wind-born gleanings
Or an unhindered goldfinch over ploughland.

This is a time to hold the hope and promise of spring as lightly as the tiny feathers in the finch’s wings, spread open, hovering through soft February air...

Leading us to the door that now stands ajar in preparation for the 40th Anniversary celebrations...the time is beckoning and plans are made. Whether you are able to come to Huntington or remain closer to home I hope you will find time to give thanks for those times, the Divine inspiration, the struggles, the vision and the spirit of the Foundation Centre and the Founders and all those who bring the Fellowship to life and fruition...to give thanks and celebrate what has been and what will be...

With thanks to you all, love and blessings,

FOI Letters and Correspondence

February 1, 2016

Feb 2016 Oracle: Goddess Neith

"Only fear self-deception.
For in reality, Truth bears the most beautiful face of all the Deities."

This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Neith.  You may read it and also hear a historic audio file of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle at this link:


(photo copyright Alice Smeets, all rights reserved.)

January 30, 2016

Olivia's Vision of Brigid

Olivia Robertson wrote:
"In the year 2OOO at midnight during the Summer Solstice I saw in full consciousness a 'Sun.' On 6th September this 'Sun' - large, cheerful, slightly flushed - woke me up and burst in a sort of explosion from my body. On the eve of my departure for the USA (Sept. 26), in full consciousness at night or rather early dawn, I saw an unearthly woman by my bed. She had hair like liquid gold cut in 'petals' and wore a white robe slightly flushed with gold on a part of it. It was what she was doing that was so strange. She was striking a suspended very long crystal with a rod. As she did so, I observed a mighty transparent column on her left side, and within it, at the beautiful clear fairly high note she struck, spirals of golden 'atoms' gyrated.
"Are we facing a new expanding twist in the spiral of life? Are we becoming aware of our angel selves? Brigid, striking crystal notes that affect atoms and stars, may furnish a clue. Ever rising octaves of sound and the spectrum show a way of finding the buried sun within ourselves, and hence in all that surrounds us. Many already are seeing turquoise-blue and violet rays. Others hear 'the hum.'  As to my own quest, it has led me home. I have discovered the hidden sun within the transforming fire on Brigid's Hearth."
(Painting of Brigid by Olivia Robertson at the Castle Foundation Center Temple, photo copyright M. Quick, w/further cropping by this website.)

January 26, 2016

Art Highlight: Pele, Goddess of Inner Sun

Olivia Robertson wrote the following about her vision of the Goddess Pele in Hawaii in 2007:

"I was wakened by the appearance of a woman who had the power and presence of a Goddess. She had very dark hair, black touched with bronze, which surrounded her head with large rich curls. Her body was gold-bronze. I saw Her in profile which was strong, with fine nose and determined chin. Her eyebrows were thick and black, her eyes dark, and her lips were very full and indented at the corners. Here I feel, I should not give her message. She gave me a circular mirror of Prophecy – a gift from the Goddess Mahina of the Moon. However, what was particularly wonderful was that she brought a flow of diamond and crystal points of white light – in a dome shape on top of my head – thus opening my crown chakra. I had thought that this had happened already, but not in this brilliant and orderly way, resembling Far Eastern tiaras.
"I received the word 'Loa'. I can equate this with my experience of Yemaya of the Ocean, which I was given in 2005. What I understand is this. The Loas – Nature deities – do not punish us for wrong-doing. But the earth herself and all her elements are part of our own being. When we transgress the laws of love and goodness, this produces repercussions throughout earth. After various turbulences – possibly an axis shift – a new and nobler humanity will emerge from the old, as the veil between our physical earth and the etheric realm will dissolve. Hence there will be no 'death' but soul transference. We only die because we identify with our physical bodies. So there is hope. And creativity will pour forth in rainbow beauty."

(Artwork of the Goddess Pele by Olivia Robertson, photo copyright M. Quick)

Archival link:
Olivia Robertson's Online Art Gallery

January 20, 2016

Sun in Aquarius

Happy Sun in Aquarius!  The above photo is the Shrine of Aquarius, dedicated to the Sun Goddess Amaterasu No Kami and  located in the Sanctuary of the Foundation Center Temple.  Listen to Olivia Robertson during a past Fellowship of Isis ritual, as she describes the mystery of Aquarius:
(MP3 / 1:50 min / 430 kb)
Audio transcript:
"Contemplate the 2 wavy "W's" of Aquarius and we see that they resonate against each other, in a sort of polarity - two forces.  Now, listen to the Priestess and we'll go dreamy: "we see a winged Goddess holding a mighty urn, from which pours a stream of life forms of which we can discern fishes, animals, plants, rocks, elementals, humans.  A laughing God behind the Goddess draws power upon them with his trident. Look at this - imagine the most beautiful Goddess you can imagine with mighty wings and she has this urn, and imagine all life forms, even the oddest, you know - lizards, insects, fear viruses, crystals, giraffes, weird creatures from other planets.  We could go on looking at this stream of life forever.  All sorts of fabled creatures are here, which exist somewhere, or we wouldn't have thought of them.  Look.  And as we are, we see a God behind her drawing power, sharing it with her, with his trident.  And that trident also seems to have a meaning. The positive and negative forces are held together by the central spike, as it were.  And we gaze upon the stars of Aquarius, set in the Sea of Heaven.  Know that the ancients wanted us to see these visions, so they attached these visions to the constellations, that we may attain Stellar Consciousness."
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(Photo by M. Quick, cropped and enhanced.  Wooden panels behind altar were carved by William Morris. All photos & audio on this blog are copyright protected.)

January 13, 2016

Additional information re: 40th Anniversary

Please go to the link below to read an update regarding the deadline to RSVP and the costs to attend the FOI's 40th Anniversary celebration at the Foundation Center:

January 7, 2016

Fellowship of Isis Prayer

"We thank you our Holy Mother Isis
for your Love, Beauty and Truth,
which surround us now and evermore." 
(Prayer and drawing of Isis and Hathor on glass by Olivia Robertson, Foundation Center Temple, Ireland; photo copyright M. Quick.)

January 1, 2016

Jan. 2016 Oracle: Goddess Amaterasu

"Only by fulfilling your individuality, your eccentricities,
can you develop naturally. Cosmic consciousness is
the goal but not the childhood of your evolution."
This Oracle of the Month is from the Goddess Amaterasu.  You may read it in full here and also listen to an audio file of the late Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle:

(photo of Olivia Robertson copyright P. Sudheer, with additional cropping by this site)

December 31, 2015

Happy 2016!

Blessings to all Aset Shemsu in 2016 and beyond!

(Shrine of the Star Children of Polaris between the pillars of Sagittarius and Capricorn at the Foundation Center Temple.  Photo copyright Minette Quick.)

December 22, 2015

Sun in Capricorn

Blessings of the Sun in Capricorn! Click on the link below to listen to an audio file of Olivia Robertson speaking of the constellation of Capricorn during a past ritual:

(mp3 file - 517 kb - 2:12 mins)
Audio transcript:
"We move towards the North, to the window of Capricorn.  It is mighty and vivid with colors that seem to be alive.  Above the window is the sign of Capricorn.  We see a stained-glass picture of a goat, with fish's tail, accompanied by a Green Man crowned with leaves, and a mermaid holding a cornucopia - every sort of good thing, fruit and wheat.  We like the Green Man too, with his comical expression, his golden halo and his antlers and his leaves. However, suddenly the wind blows the window open and we face the actual constellation of Capricorn in its spiritual form.. . The Magi of old called Capricorn "Altera Solis Porta": the starry gateway for souls to enter heaven.  Here we gaze at the stars and hope for a vision of the Earth Goddess, who is our Goddess of the Earth, Nerthus.  For we know that She is crowned with the stars, holds the earth in her hands and has the moon on Her brow and the sun as a robe.  We accept the gifts of earth - trees and flowers and animals and birds.  We adore Her and She is in all beings, as is Her green Consort.  We are whole.  May the blessings of the Goddess Nerthus bring you wisdom and peace, now and forever."

(Historic photo of the Shrine of Capricorn in the Castle Temple by M. Quick.  Womb/Grael tapestry by Lisa Fonkert and the winged-Brigid figure was carved by David Durdin-Robertson. Photo and audio copyrights reserved.)

Archival Links:
FOI Homepage Audio Gallery

FOI Homepage Photo Gallery

December 21, 2015

Winter Solstice Festival

"An exquisite sense seemed to pervade the whole ceremony
on this occasion, as if many strands of individuality came together
into a harmonious whole, and every offering reflected that whole
whilst remaining true to its treasured roots in personal experience."
Click below to read a report of the gathering at Clonegal Castle, held this past weekend:
(photo of  the open well at the Castle Temple, copyright M. Quick)

December 20, 2015

From Cressida Pryor: Winter Solstice Letter

Dear Friends,
As the dark Solstice beckons through this strange season of ‘non-winter’ with folk outside in tee shirts and shorts and daffodils flowering I am reminded of the topsy-turvy world of Twelfth Night gatherings when the normal order, the expected status relationships are stood on their head.

So now we are being shaken away from the expected norm and the comfort of being able to predict the future. Olivia’s lyrical oracle that was part of our early autumn gathering at Hawkwood seems especially relevant now: ‘When you seek me without my calling you, I am not to be found. Yet I may manifest unexpectedly, in the heedless moment, as you put a foot into a fast flowing stream, or climb to pick red apples....’

As we move now from Samhain’s thinning of divisions to the culmination of the mysterious manifestation hinted at in Olivia’s writings...what is it that we await? The sombre Advent of the Christian cycle of the year, the defiant yet welcoming lights of Hanukah and the return of the Sun?...What is hidden in the bright red apple, the black bird’s song, the fast flowing stream where we can never step into the same place again...?

My growing awareness as I read, study and contemplate is the call of non-duality, of divine union and I feel this is what we endeavour to move towards...the FOI, now in human terms is developing beyond the tasks of the ‘first half of life’ so is able to move from the ‘setting up’ phase where the new identity needs to be strongly demarcated.  In the ‘youth’ stage there is a need to make clear comparisons; an awareness of the ‘other’ and how we differ from them.

Derry and Olivia in devising the manifesto had the wisdom to see beyond this inevitable start up phase’s duality; through their emphasis on the interfaith aspects of membership. They stressed that members did not need to reject their ‘home’ faith, if you had one...acknowledgement of and inspiration through the divine feminine could be subsumed into your faith practice as a Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or whatever you were. What a huge strength and generosity of spirit...a weaving of peace and understanding through love of the Goddess, the Divine Mother, between the world faiths.

 Thinking about the 1970’s when I was studying Speech Therapy and setting up my career in the NHS I remember it was a time, in the UK at least, of huge demarcation between different classes, the unions and management...the three day week emerged with rampant inflation and we were about to tumble into the dismantling of nationalised industry with Margaret Thatcher’s years as Prime Minister in the 1980s. This is the context for the start of the FOI. The three founders saw how division and the patriarchy, especially within the established churches were not connecting with what many needed and wanted spiritually. The feminine aspects of the Divine had been denied and neglected for so long that many felt their experience of spirit was not acknowledged or honoured in the modern world. The very place of the FOI’s inception offered a flow of energy that spoke to this need, as Pamela, now living in Clonegal, one of Derry’s granddaughters has described so beautifully:

‘Here at Huntington the well of knowledge burst forth from the land itself. Finding willing recipients, the waters flowed freely spreading to all quarters of the globe.'
Water too becomes subsumed into the very being of whatever or whoever absorbs its life giving molecules to foster continued vibrancy and growth. It merges with and becomes intimately part of that organism, be it animal or plant. A real wholeness of existence.
I think and feel that this is what we truly acknowledge and prepare for at this time; a joyful connection with the wholeness of existence not just on the physical levels but also through mind and spirit...so many people of the world’s faiths at this dark time, feel this need to come together and affirm this ‘one-ness’ of light, of spirit, of connection that is in the Divine Mother’s eternal embrace. A flow of energy that connects and is part of us all.
Hallowed be.

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