May 20, 2020

Sun in Gemini

Blessings of the Sun in Gemini.  Click on the link below to listen to Olivia Robertson leading a meditation on the "Window of Gemini" from a past rite:

(mp3 / 3:16 min / 765kb)

Audio transcript:
"We reach the window of Gemini. The picture shows a young man and woman embracing each other, their wings reaching upwards to two stars. They head a spiral procession of twins winding like a serpent through indigo space. Each, man and woman, twins. Suddenly a wind blows open the window and we see the constellation of Gemini itself. Hear the words of Meylo Moya, Sage of the Builders of Zimbabwe. 

"Look for the Star! That star does not rise, nor does it set: it holds a fixed place beyond the clouds. O seeker, know that this Nature in which you live and labour is the battleground of the Gods of Storm. Not until you dominate strife will the clouds of fury lift, and the Star illumine the sleeping earth. Then while the Star flames upon the way may you rest with Peace and raise the veil from Her Face. Ngisi kuve hambaseke kahlese! Which in arcane Bantu means: Follow thou after Peace.'

"Look upon the orange star, Pollux, of the Gemini twins. Within its aegis is the Heaven of Zimbas. Its rulers are the Rain Queens, each known as Queen Mujaji: 'She who must be obeyed.' 

"Now, gaze upon the other star of Gemini, light years apart and yet one to our vision: the white star Castor. Within its pure light dwell Mawu and Li-Sa, first of the seven twin deities. Hear the words of the Berber sage Meylo Moya: 'I mounted seven steps of Rainbow Crystal in the Temple, and three more of Opal. And I knelt and adored the Sacred Star. And the crystal pavement of the Temple became a pool, clear as a perfect mirror reflecting the midnight sky. And I heard these words: If thou wouldst be perfect, O servant of Life, thou must dwell in the Light and work in the Shadow. Ili Tongo ka lase nwaya zu ze esu nka dhlineni. May thou and the United All dwell together in Eternity.’

"Ponder upon the wisdom of ancient Africa.”

(© Shrine of Vesta-Gemini, Foundation Center Temple photo by Minette Quick; audio by the FOI Homepage; copyrights reserved)

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May 13, 2020

Vision of Pele

Olivia Robertson wrote the following about her vision of the Goddess Pele in October of 2007:

"I was wakened by the appearance of a woman who had the power and presence of a Goddess. She had very dark hair, black touched with bronze, which surrounded her head with large rich curls. Her body was gold-bronze. I saw Her in profile which was strong, with fine nose and determined chin. Her eyebrows were thick and black, her eyes dark, and her lips were very full and indented at the corners. Here I feel, I should not give her message. She gave me a circular mirror of Prophecy – a gift from the Goddess Mahina of the Moon. However, what was particularly wonderful was that she brought a flow of diamond and crystal points of white light – in a dome shape on top of my head – thus opening my crown chakra. I had thought that this had happened already, but not in this brilliant and orderly way, resembling Far Eastern tiaras.

"I received the word 'Loa'. I can equate this with my experience of Yemaya of the Ocean, which I was given in 2005. What I understand is this. The Loas – Nature deities – do not punish us for wrong-doing. But the earth herself and all her elements are part of our own being. When we transgress the laws of love and goodness, this produces repercussions throughout earth. After various turbulences – possibly an axis shift – a new and nobler humanity will emerge from the old, as the veil between our physical earth and the etheric realm will dissolve. Hence there will be no 'death' but soul transference. We only die because we identify with our physical bodies. So there is hope. And creativity will pour forth in rainbow beauty."

(© "Pele, Goddess of Inner Sun" art by Olivia Robertson, photo by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved)

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May 6, 2020

Remembering Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Today we honor Olivia's brother and FOI co-founder, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, on what would have been his 100th birthday.  (May 6, 1920)  Click on the audio link below to hear how he described his own background:

Audio transcript (mp3/1:32 min/361 kb):
“I started as the Church of Ireland, or as we call Anglican, as an Anglican. I suppose one approaches. . . everyone is basically interested in religion, and their first approach is through their religion to which they were born, and as I say I was born into the Church of Ireland, the Anglican Church. And then my horizon broadened and I became interested in many other religions, and so many of them the last 150 years have been prevented, Indian, Chaldean, Egyptian, Japanese, the old Norse and Celtic, and so on - that my horizon broadened, so I became – actually I call it – a Universalist, believing in all the religions, but particularly of course, the fair feminine aspect, which is now very much coming into the fore again. Of course you get that in Christianity, particularly in the cult of the Divine Wisdom, Sophia, that you get of course in the Hebrew Bible, Hakma, but also in the Virgin Mary. So there isn’t really such a gap because the Virgin Mary has many of the titles as the Goddess Isis. Isis represents all women and corresponds to all the Great Goddesses or in fact, every Goddess, or every woman to that extent."

The Life and Works of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson:

(©  photo from the Occult Experience video, created with permission; audio by the FOI Homepage; all copyrights reserved.)

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May 1, 2020

Fellowship of Isis Oracle for May

"However, do not fear, 
though there is much to be feared! 
Only fear self-deception. 
For in reality Truth bears the most 
beautiful face of all the Deities."

This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Neith. Click below to read and listen to audio of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson & Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle:

(© photo of Olivia and Lawrence at Foundation Center Temple by Peter Doyle, copyright reserved)

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April 22, 2020

Cressida Pryor: Beltane Letter

"So may the Goddess guide us 
to imagine a world that is worthy of her and us."

The latest seasonal letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, has been uploaded to this page:

April 19, 2020

Sun in Taurus

From "Sophia", by Olivia Robertson:

"Companions, let us contemplate the Awakening of Taurus and Isis. . . Gaze with me upon the glory of the black sky of winter. With the eyes of wondering childhood we see the starry cluster of the Pleiades as dancing nymphs moving across the sky. They come with the white bull, Serapis, who rises from the milky sky river, Eridanus. His baleful left eye gleams like a red torch, and within it are all lost memories. In his eye is held forever the beauty of the Goddess; and her forked cows' horns may be seen behind his. Following him strides the hawk-headed giant Sahu-Orion-Horus of the Southern sky. And rising from the milky sea of heaven comes great Isis, and on Her brow is the full moon and in her right hand She holds Her star, Anuki, Sirius that holds the immortal twin spirits of Osiris and Herself. This is the story of eternal love and life, of the losing and the gaining of the death in the West and the rising in the East. Contemplate and wonder."

(© Shrine of Taurus photo and text, copyright Olivia Robertson; photo enhancement by the FOI Homepage)

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April 12, 2020

Remembering Olivia

Today we remember and celebrate Olivia Robertson on what would have been her 103rd birthday!   (April 13, 1917)  Click on the link to hear Olivia speak on dreaming reality in a past rite:

Audio transcript:  "We are thankful that we may create beautiful garments of dreams to surround our earth.  But those can become real - they are spiritual and good - but whatever is evil just disappears as the day breaks, and the shadows flee away, and we are surrounded by the beautiful darkness of space with all the stars of Ishtar and the pale-faced moon. You conceive reality during the night and dream your days to produce unity of all. Day and night are one; sun and moon are one; man and woman are one; and we are one with all creatures that are."

For more on the life and work of Olivia Robertson, please visit this page:

(© photo by Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD; audio by the FOI Homepage Archive; copyrights reserved.)

March 31, 2020

FOI Oracle of the Month

"Every time you send forth healing for all, 
or for one animal or plant, 
you change the world around you for good."

Blessings to all Aset Shemsu.  The Oracle for April is from the Goddess Kwan Yin.  You may read it by clicking on the following link:

(© photo by Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)

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March 25, 2020

Attunement & Isian Blessings

Dear Aset Shemsu:  In this time of physical distancing, please know that you may always connect with other members on the inner planes through daily attunement.

Fellowship of Isis attunement is mornings and evenings, from 6:30 to 8:30 GMT, but you can access the global FOI current whenever it is convenient for you.  As co-founder Olivia Robertson wrote:  "members and others may attune at any time to our Rainbow Network, knowing that somewhere the Goddess is being invoked and Her Blessings sent forth." 

Isian Blessings to all for an abundance of health, strength, and peace.  We end this post with the FOI Daily Prayer:

"We thank you our Holy Mother Isis
for your Love, Beauty and Truth,
which surround us now and evermore."

(© FOI Prayer and quote by Olivia Robertson, photo of the Foundation Center High Altar by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved.)

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March 19, 2020

Fellowship of Isis Anniversary

"Feel this life flow, which is linking you with all beings: 
as you do that, you feel a happiness that is being 
without thought or worry or apprehension, 
for you are happy now."

Blessings of the Equinox to each of you, which also marks the 44th anniversary of the Fellowship of Isis.  The FOI was founded on the Vernal Equinox of 1976 by Olivia Robertson and Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson.

To honor this day, here is an historic audio recording of Olivia as she guides you through the Foundation Center Temple in Ireland, in a celebration of Spring and the Sun in Aries.  To listen and view the accompanying photos, please click on this page:

(© photo of Castle courtesy Durdin-Robertson family, audio by the FOI Homepage Archive; both copyrights reserved)

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March 16, 2020

Cressida Pryor: Spring Letter

"So I ask this question: what song would you sing?"

The Spring Equinox letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, may be read on this page:

March 13, 2020

Rainbow Rays of Love, Beauty & Truth

Olivia Robertson wrote the following on June 20, 2013:

All Ancient Faiths had deep roots in some earthly home, which meant the mother to them. We think of Jerusalem, Mecca, Glastonbury, The Great Pyramid, and above all the Sphinx.

I, Olivia, was told from Spirit, in 1948, that my brother and I were to work for a Centre of Light at Clonegal. Clonegal is a mile from the meeting of the waters, where the castle is built, and where the river of healing, the Slaney, is joined by the river of the Oak, the River Derry. Where they join, there is an island of swans. In a vision, I was shown by angelic beings, a view of the castle from the sky. Light poured from the castle, and, I gathered the source of the light was from the well of Truth, St. Brigid's Holy Well.

For some years, my brother worked on energy coming from the granite from which the castle is built. Some underground source of psychic power, and also the white and silver power, like water, descending from the sky into the well. My brother was told from Spirit, that the well was for the healing of Ireland, and that the rainbow colours emanating from the dark, black earth energy from underneath the dungeon, was for the world. We were told to welcome people from all over the world, for healing, blessing, and psychic vision.

At this time of the New Aeon, 2013, I feel we are to activate this sacred place of Dana, Tara, and Brigid; Daneann Goddesses of Ireland. All three have come to me in visions along with the Archangel Michael and the God Aengus Og.

On the grounds, at an angle to the Castle, is the Old Abbey ruin, with a magnificent stone altar. These act as priory of the Noble Order of Tara. We have performed there ceremonies regularly. The grove of trees in the wilderness near the lake and the island which is the cauldron of the God Dagda, and river Derry of the Goddess Morrigan. This is the grove of the Druid Clan of Dana, where ceremonies have been held for many years.

The Rainbow Circle of Brigid have the honour of giving forth the well water to those in need. Each cup represents the Holy Grail of the New Aeon. All members spread Brigid’s rainbow rays throughout the world for healing, sent forth with wisdom and love. Any solitary member can enjoy the healing and vision from the well and from the Rainbow Rays of Brigid: Love, Beauty and Truth.

(© Letter from Olivia Robertson;  Well Chapel Foundation Center photo by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved.)

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March 8, 2020

Fellowship of Isis Prayer

May the Healing Wings of Isis
Protect, Enfold and Awaken You!

A recording of Olivia Robertson giving the prayer may be heard by clicking here: Healing Prayer

(© prayer and illustration by Olivia Robertson; audio by the FOI Homepage; all copyrights reserved.)

Fellowship of Isis Audio Gallery:

March 1, 2020

March Oracle: Goddess Dana

"By enjoying your Originality 
you will learn of your Origin. 
And so you will know the Divine Source."

This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Dana. Click below to read and listen to audio of Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle:

(© Shrine of Dana, Foundation Center; art by Olivia Robertson, photo by Minette Quick; audio by the FOI Homepage; all copyrights reserved)

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February 18, 2020

Sun in Pisces

Blessings of the Sun in Pisces!  Click below to listen to audio of Olivia Robertson leading a guided meditation in a past rite:

(mp3 file - 1.6 mb - 6:44 mins)

Audio transcript:
"We find ourselves at the foot of the holy mountain upon which shines the Temple of the Zodiac, surrounded by constellations. Let us climb this mountain . . . it seems silvery and white and beautiful as we reach the top.  We reach the mighty portico of the temple, guarded by two female sphinxes, whose wings soar to the heavens. We enter. . . we make our way to the North-East window, surmounted by the emblem of Pisces, a silver and gold fish joined by two knotted cords. Let us gaze upon the stained-glass window of Pisces. It depicts the fish-tailed Goddess Derceto, holding two winged children, a boy and a girl. A wind suddenly rushes through the temple, throwing open the window. We are faced with the constellation of Pisces, known to the ancient Persians as Mahik the Fish.

"Let us gaze upon the constellation of Pisces and see a vision of Anahita: 'Ardvi Sura Anahita stands forth in the form of a pure maid, strong, all-formed, wearing a mantle fully embroidered with gold. Ever holding the baresma, she wears square golden earrings and a golden necklace. Upon Her head She wears a golden crown with a hundred stars and eight rays.'  Visualise Anahita of the flowing waters of Space that encompasses all stars and constellations. We are a microcosm of the whole, the jewels of Anahita within our bodies as the sacred centres, the Melusina serpent.  The flowing waters of Space are in our bodies through in our blood. We are mostly made of Her waters, our body. 

"Then we realize that the Goddess rules from within, the God without.  The Goddess holds creation within Her womb and through inspiration, magic, She prevails.  But now we see the form of Ahura Mazda, who rules the outer form, and both are united in Love and Truth and Harmony.  Feel this within yourself.  Within the Goddess is perfect balance, force and gentleness - within the God is perfect balance, force and gentleness.  So it is with you.  Feel this.  You feel a tingling within you.  What's the use of looking at a Goddess if you're not one - what's the use of contemplating a God if you're not one?   You feel a flow now right through you. There's a tingling around your head, like a thousand stars.  Your body is made of constellations of atoms.  You feel a glow in your heart, right down your spine, sex centre, base of spine, right around you.  This is Divine Light, blended perfectly through Anahita and Ahura Mazda, the silver and the gold. You are in perfect harmony.  You can blend the active and the passive, love and the emotions; your heart is weighed by the Feather of Truth as it was in Ancient Egypt. You're finding your own keynote, your own individuality.  You are an eye in the peacock feather of Creation. 

"But even as you feel this heavenly serenity you realize that you have to come back and continue your work. We have felt the light and warmth of divine Anahita, the light of Mazda flow through us to invigorate us for our essential work transmuting the elements of earth to their True Being. For the Earth also is holy.  And  we return through the window of Pisces to the Temple of the Zodiac.  A wind blows the window shut. We pay our respects to the central altar, the altar of perpetual flame in the centre of the Temple of the Zodiac.  We gaze in awe at that central flame and find a little of it entering our hearts.  Receive the blessings of the Goddess Anahita.  Selah!"

(© Shrine of Pisces, Foundation Center Temple, copyright Minette Quick.)

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