December 28, 2010

DVD of Olivia Robertson

Steven from Logic Reality just sent an email informing us that the DVD of Olivia Robertson that they have been working on for the past year is due for release on January 20th.  It is:

"A feature length documentary exploring the life and philosophy
of one of the founder members of The Fellowship of Isis,
Lady Olivia Robertson: Priestess of Isis."

The video is £15.00 + P&P, via PayPal and the price includes a donation to the Fellowship of Isis.

A trailer of the video, along with ordering information may be found here:

Promotional poster, available for purchase as well!

Short clips of the video, sent by the producers:

Solidified Light Energy

The Missing Mother (t5)

Crop Circles (t4)

The Temple Labyrinth (t2)

The Star Chapel
(Photos by Logic Reality, included with permission.)