October 18, 2010

From Olivia Robertson - Muses Symposium

Below is an Oracle from Olivia Robertson, received via email on October 18, 2010 from the Rev. Stephanie Campbell, Iseum of the Golden Eagle and Iseum of the Arts.

The email reads:

This oracle was received by Olivia Robertson in response concerning clarification of the Muses Symposium and the Magical Arcadian Realm.

From: Urania, Muse of All Magic.

Our Muses Symposium exists already in the inner planes. We are now extending it to the material world,through the Fellowship of ISIS. Therefore, our Magical Arcadian Realm is not subject to any existing structures. It is a telepathic extension of our divine web of the arts.So,in the Muses Symposium, there are no levels, degrees or rules.


We Muses inspire that perfect freedom of expression, without which, the Arts cannot exist.BE FREE , BE JOYFUL, BE LOVING AND SO CREATE YOUR INDIVIDUAL ART, THROUGH THE DIVINE RAINBOW NETWORK OF ALL ARTS.


Note: Any F.O.I. Member who wishes to join, may do so through the existing global web sites. They are preparing the necessary navigation on these sites, now.

[End of email]

Our thanks to Stephanie for forwarding this message from Olivia.  Artwork is "The Peacock Angel" by Olivia Robertson.

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