October 11, 2010

Illustration: The Call of Isis

This drawing is entitled "Two Candlesticks & a Golden Chalice" and illustrates a meditative experience of "Owen" in Olivia Robertson's booklet The Call of Isis.  This is a black & white illustration that Olivia has added color to - we thought you would enjoy seeing it, and have uploaded it to the online art gallery. (Section 5)

Here is an excerpt from the booklet:  "The first was the Lady with red hair. Owen saw her in a woodland scene, wearing fifteenth-century costume. Her hair was bound with pearls, and her gown was full, and coloured yellow and blue. Owen's task was, with the aid of a gypsy, to bring her a bundle from a Roman villa with a mosaic patio. The symbolic head delineated in the centre of the mosaic pavement was that of a helmeted warrior. The bundle was given to the gypsy by an old woman. Owen finally brought it to the Lady in the wood. The focal part of this experience was the nature of the contents of the bundle. Owen realized that this belonged to the Lady of the wood: not to the warrior. And when he untied the bundle he found two candlesticks, and a golden chalice with rubies. So his first session brought at once the Grael which he sought. And he had to give it away, though he had been tempted to keep it. The teaching given was thus conveyed, not in words, but in symbols. The Grael he sought was not, as he has thought, within the jurisdiction of the Warrior King. Rather was he to seek for it among humble peasant women and gypsies, in the depths of woodlands."
The Call of Isis, by Olivia Robertson
(Chapter 5)

The Call of Isis, Olivia Robertson's spiritual autobiography
Olivia Robertson's Online Art Gallery

(Artwork shared from personal correspondence)