November 30, 2010

Isis of Fellowship - new reprint

The booklet, "Isis of Fellowship, How the Fellowship of Isis was Founded" has been newly reprinted. For this version, Olivia Robertson added a chapter for the Muses Symposium that she created from her past writings about this FOI special project.  Her artwork, The Peacock Goddess, has also been added.

Former chapters include: "Foundation, the Throne of Isis", "Return of the Priestess", "College of Isis Revived", "Spirals of Light", "Dana's Land of Immortality", "Ladies & Knights of the Green Earth", "The Goddess Has New Helpers", and "Isis Prophetis." 

If you have previously purchased "Isis of Fellowship", and would like an insert of the new chapter to print out, please contact us.

You can also read Olivia's foreword from 2002: Isis of Fellowship Foreword

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