December 8, 2010

Featured Book & Quote from "The Religion of the Goddess"

"I should like to start by quoting a passage from a book written by a certain Dr. Alexander. It is from a long treatise entitled "The History of Women". Although living 200 years ago, the author might well be an advanced advocate of the Women's Liberation Movement. He writes as follows:

"'The mythology of all antiquity is full of female as well as male deities. The Hebrews and many of their neighbouring nations, worshipped the Queen of Heaven; the Phoenicians adored Astarte; the Scythians, Apia; and the Scandinavians, Frigga, the consort of Odin. Wherever female deities have obtained a place in the religion of a people, it is a sign that women are of some consequence; for we find in those modern nations where the women are held in the most despicable light, that even their deities are all of the masculine gender.'

"In other words, to achieve a healthy society - something more is needed than 'Votes for women', 'Equal pay' and so on. For achieving a healthy society there is only one adequate answer; and that answer is: - a return to the Cult of the Goddess.

"This lecture is divided into two sections. First, we shall survey the history of Matriarchal religion. Second, we shall consider the rituals, both the public or outer, and the esoteric or inner Mysteries; the second section will end with a few examples of the effect of the cult of the Goddess on ethics."

* * * * * * * * *

This booklet is a transcript of a lecture given by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, in the Assembly Room in Wexford on October 26, 1974, at the opening of the The Wexford Arts Centre.

You may read more here:  The Religion of the Goddess

The cover art is by Olivia Robertson.  It represents the Goddess sitting on the Holy Table and is is based on the High Altar of the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle.

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