April 30, 2010

New Photos of Castle Shrines

These photos were taken by Archdruidess Minette Quick, with descriptive notes added by Olivia Robertson. They show many of the additions that Olivia has made recently to the Temple shrines, including her paintings on silken scarves, mirrors and windows.

You may enjoy more of Olivia Robertson's beautiful artwork at the following links as well:

Temple of Isis Paintings

Online Art Gallery

"ISHTAR, Lady of 15 of the 8 pointed Star. Goddess of Love and Beauty of Babylon. She descended through 7 Spheres to rescue her lover, TAMMUZ, Shepherd of the Starry Flocks. They ascended, joining Heaven and Earth. The silk painting of Ishtar is by Olivia Robertson."

"DANA of the Druid Clan of Dana. Mother of the Danaan Deities. Painting by Olivia Robertson of Dana as She appeared to her in Dublin 1952 bringing great happiness. Plaque of Dana of Nature is shown with hair of oak leaves."

"The Golden Winged Goddess now has a Golden Boy with Her at the Healing Well of the Goddess Brighid in Her Chapel for Child Wellbeing."