February 18, 2023

Happy Sun in Pisces


Blessings of the Sun in Pisces!  Here is a YouTube video that includes two meditations on the "Portal of Pisces" by Olivia Robertson:
Rite 1.  The Dark Goddess of a Myriad Stars. To take all is to lose all. To give all is to gain all. "You now face the culmination of the zodiac revelation of Alchemy, the Portal of Pisces.  This sphere resolves duality into the music of the spheres."

Rite 2. The Concourse of Prophets. To create the future, the prophet rises above space and time. "Seekers for the Mysteries of Alchemy, time does not pass from your birth to death.  Rather space and time form the area through which you travel:  the Alchemical Labyrinth is where you transmute evil to good, that you may grow in true Being."

(© quotes by Olivia Robertson, portico photo by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved)

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