July 22, 2021

Sun in Leo


"The star shines forth, creating, protecting, 
destroying in ever-renewing cycles. 
It is within ourselves. We are reborn."

Blessings of the Sun in the sign of Leo!  To listen to an 18-minute meditation on "The Window of Leo" by Olivia Robertson, please see this link on our YouTube page:

(© Quote by Olivia Robertson; Shrine of Leo photo, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick)

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July 9, 2021

Fellowship of Isis Healing Prayer


"May the Healing Wings of Isis
Protect, Enfold and Awaken You!"

You may also listen to Olivia Robertson giving this prayer here:

(© prayer and art by Olivia Robertson; audio by the FOI Homepage; copyrights reserved.)

FOI Prayers and Blessings:

The Passing of Rev. Caroline Moon-Cook


Rev. Deborah Merwin sent the following memorial for Rev. Caroline Moon-Cook, who passed on July 7, 2021. Our sincere condolences and blessings go out to Caroline's family and friends at this time.

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July 1, 2021

FOI Oracle for July

"Every heart is united with all hearts 
through the spheres with the warmth of Love."

The Oracle for this month is from the Goddess Muth. Click below to read and listen to audio of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and Olivia Robertson:

(© photo by Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality)

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June 25, 2021

Ancient Bullawn Stone


From the Introduction to the "Rite of Dana, Druid Initiation", by Olivia Robertson:

"In our field bordering the Derry is our ancient Bullawn Stone. Thousands of years ago this was used for grinding corn, so forming a cup which holds healing rain water. It was sacred to the Sun and Grain Goddess, Grainne. It is still used for curing warts by local people. It was joined at the turn of the century by a meteorite that landed by our avenue, and glowed for two years. Rooks sat on it warming their behinds! A meteorite is a legendary marker for a Holy place. Within our Temple of Isis in the castle is a holy well traditionally associated with the bullawn stone. The castle was built around it in 1625, so our ancestors have always drunk from its healing waters. The well is dedicated to the Goddess Brighid. We use it for everyday drinking, ritual and healing, and for promoting psychic vision."

(© photo Durdin-Robertson, Huntington/Clonegal Castle: http://www.huntingtoncastle.com)

June 22, 2021

Cressida Pryor: Summer Solstice Letter

"Beloved Isis, may we all appreciate the many gifts life has for us.
The surprises and the expected; the hidden and the disguised."

The Summer Solstice letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, has been uploaded and may be read in full here:

June 20, 2021

Solstice Sun in Cancer

"Happiness is its own justification. 
Without joy, virtue is of little value."

Happy Solstice and Sun in the sign of Cancer!  To listen to a 26-minute meditation on "The Window of Cancer" by Olivia Robertson, please see this link on our YouTube page:

(© Quote by Olivia Robertson; Shrine of Cancer photo, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick)

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June 10, 2021

The Matralia

In honor of the Matralia on June 11th, here is a verse written by Olivia Robertson:

"Birds call their song of hope to Wandering Souls;
Pilgrims in search of their lost Heaven;
Within the Mothers’ Home lies hidden;
The Source of Life."

From "Juno Covella, Perpetual Calendar of the Fellowship of Isis", by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson:

"The Matralia: (Seyffert, Dict.) 'Matuta (usually Mater Matuta). An old Italian Goddess of dawn and of birth, also Goddess of harbours and of the sea, and hence identified with the Greek Leucothea. In her temple at Rome in the Forum Boarium, on the 11th of June, the Matralia, or Festival of Mothers, was celebrated in her honour by the women of Rome. . a matron who had not been married before was allowed to place a wreath on the statue of the Goddess. The women first prayed for the well-being of their nephews and nieces, and then for that of their own children. This custom was referred to the myth of Ino-Leucothea, who tended Dionysus, the son of her sister Semele.' (Lempriere, Dict.) 'Matralia, a festival at Rome, in honour of Matuta or Ino . . They make offerings of flowers and carried their relations' children in their arms, recommending them to the care and patronage of the Goddess whom they worshipped.'  (Ovid, Fasti, VI, 475) 'June 11th . . Go, good mothers (the Matralia is your festival), and offer to the Theban Goddess the yellow cakes that are her due . . on this day, it is said, Servius dedicated with his own sceptered hands a temple to Mater Matuta'."

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(© photo of the Cave of the Mothers, FOI Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick)

June 8, 2021

Fellowship of Isis Daily Prayer


"Holy Goddess Isis, Mother of all beings, come to our hearts.
Grant us, Thy children, Love and Joy, Wisdom and Abundance.
We offer Thee our loving care for all who are born of Thee."

Fellowship of Isis attunement is from 6:30-8:30 GMT mornings and evenings, but you can access the global FOI current whenever it is most convenient for you.  As co-founder Olivia Robertson wrote:  "Members and others may attune at any time to our Rainbow Network, knowing that somewhere the Goddess is being invoked and Her Blessings sent forth." 

YouTube recording of Olivia giving the prayer:

Fellowship of Isis Prayers & Blessings:

(© FOI Prayer and quote by Olivia Robertson, photo of the Foundation Center High Altar by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved.)