March 1, 2021

FOI Oracle of the Month

"The Goddess and God is within each one of you. 
You are united with a rainbow network with all that is."

This month's Oracle is from the Goddess Tara. Click below to read and listen to audio of Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle:

(© Oracle and "The Five Taras" art by Olivia Robertson.)

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February 18, 2021

Sun in Pisces


Blessings of the Sun in Pisces!  To listen to a 20-minute meditation on "The Window of Pisces" by Olivia Robertson, please see the latest upload on our YouTube page:

"Let us gaze upon the constellation of Pisces and see a vision of Anahita: 'Ardvi Sura Anahita stands forth in the form of a pure maid, strong, all-formed, wearing a mantle fully embroidered with gold. Ever holding the baresma, she wears square golden earrings and a golden necklace. Upon Her head She wears a golden crown with a hundred stars and eight rays.'  Visualise Anahita of the flowing waters of Space that encompasses all stars and constellations. We are a microcosm of the whole, the jewels of Anahita within our bodies as the sacred centres, the Melusina serpent.  The flowing waters of Space are in our bodies through in our blood. We are mostly made of Her waters, our body."

(© t
ext by Olivia Robertson; photo of the Shrine of Pisces, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick)

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February 12, 2021

Archival Article: A New Humanity is Born

"Matriarchy brings us realization of facts. All organic beings are born from the Mother, whether from egg or womb. Love nourishes and cares for us. We are all children of the Great Mother. We are, along with crystals and stars, a part of Divinity, for we were born of Divinity." 

Audio of Olivia Robertson's Reflections letter entitled "A New Humanity is Born" from May of 2005 has been uploaded to YouTube.  You may access it from this link:

Olivia Robertson's Reflections Articles:

(© photo of Olivia Robertson by Minette Quick)

February 1, 2021

February Oracle of the Month

"Eternity is within you."

The Oracle for February is from the Goddess Uzume and includes audio of Olivia Robertson.  Go to the following page to read and listen:

You may also listen to it from our YouTube page:

(© photo of the "Altar of Nu Kua, Uzume Dances" by Olivia Robertson)

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January 31, 2021

From Cressida Pryor

 "We can learn curiosity and 
presence from these little ones."

The Imbolc letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, has been uploaded and may be read here:

January 20, 2021

Sun in Aquarius

Blessings of the Sun in Aquarius!  To listen to a 27-minute meditation on "The Window of Aquarius" by Olivia Robertson, please see the latest upload on our YouTube page:

Here also is a short clip from this meditation:

Audio transcript (mp3 / 1:50 min / 430 kb):
"Contemplate the 2 wavy "W's" of Aquarius and we see that they resonate against each other, in a sort of polarity - two forces.  Now, listen to the Priestess or we'll go dreamy: "we see a winged Goddess holding a mighty urn, from which pours a stream of life forms of which we can discern fishes, animals, plants, rocks, elementals, humans.  A laughing God behind the Goddess draws power upon them with his trident. Look at this - imagine the most beautiful Goddess you can imagine with mighty wings and she has this urn, and imagine all life forms, even the oddest, you know - lizards, insects, fear viruses, crystals, giraffes, weird creatures from other planets.  We could go on looking at this stream of life forever.  All sorts of fabled creatures are here, which exist somewhere, or we wouldn't have thought of them.  Look.  And as we are, we see a God behind her drawing power, sharing it with her, with his trident.  And that trident also seems to have a meaning. The positive and negative forces are held together by the central spike, as it were.  And we gaze upon the stars of Aquarius, set in the Sea of Heaven.  Know that the ancients wanted us to see these visions, so they attached these visions to the constellations, that we may attain Stellar Consciousness."

(© photo of the Shrine of Aquarius, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick; meditation by Olivia Robertson; audio by the FOI Homepage.  All copyrights reserved.)

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January 19, 2021

Archival Video:  Huntington, a Home For Spirits

This video first aired on July 11, 1973 as an episode of "Agenda".  It was filmed three years before the Fellowship of Isis was founded.

Video Link:  "Huntington, a Home For Spirits"

From the website:  "A visit to Huntington Castle, in County Carlow, the ancestral home of the Durdin-Robertson family, a centre for meditation and study and a meeting place for druids, spiritualists, occultists and students of meditation."

The High Altar in 1973

Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

Olivia Robertson

Our thanks to the Durdin-Robertson family for forwarding this and appreciation to Raidió Teilifís Éireann for their permission as well.

(© photos courtesy RTÉ Archives, please do not reproduce.)  

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January 13, 2021

Excerpt from "The Call of Isis"

From the "The Call of Isis" by Olivia Robertson:

"So it is only by analogy that one may imagine the domain of the Inner Sun. We are given words such as 'building the solar body.' But I feel that the solar body is there for all of us: we have rather to strengthen the rainbow bridge that joins our souls to our Spirit. How may we do this?

Strangely enough, in this most active area of the Inner Sun, we must at last surrender activity. In order to transcend limitation, we must give up the barriers we ourselves have built in order to protect our own developing originality. For the surrender to the Light prematurely is to suffer the fate of Semele, and be burnt by too great a glory. One needs, as the earth does, one's protective veil of blue atmosphere, one's shell of personality.

One is encouraged in approaching the Initiation of the Sun, by seeing the bright form of one who has attained the Light. Once I was awakened in the morning by just a vision. Eyes open, heart full of wonder, I saw standing at the foot of my bed a figure made of golden light. He was self-luminous and shone like the sun. And the glory came from love.  Others have had a like experience. And this Solar body also belongs to ourselves, our true greater selves, if we will only allow ourselves to be conscious of it.

Yet this consciousness comes from self-forgetting. The constrictions of self fall away and, like the butterfly we immerge from the chrysalis of what was once our whole world. We are like newborn babies when we first awaken into Cosmic Consciousness. We lose nothing; rather we gain the harvest of many lives. We touch on the experiences of our own spiritual group.

We have the Universe before us - Temple of the Stars."

(© Window Shrine, Foundation Center Temple by Minette Quick; 'Call of Isis' excerpt by Olivia Robertson; copyrights reserved)

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January 1, 2021

January Oracle: Goddess Nut


"When you truly love, 
you awaken your Creative Star."  

Happy 2021 to all Aset Shemsu!  The Goddess Nut gives the January Oracle.  See the following page to read it and listen to audio of Olivia Robertson:

You may also listen to it from the following YouTube page:

(© 'Nut' artwork by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved.)

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December 23, 2020

Foundation Center - Virtual Winter Festival


Happy holidays Aset Shemsu!  The report on the Foundation Center virtual-festival has been uploaded at the following link:
(© report by Deirdre Wadding; photo by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved)

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December 20, 2020

Solstice Sun in Capricorn

Blessings of the Sun in Capricorn and the Solstice!  To listen to a 25-minute meditation on the Window of Capricorn by Olivia Robertson, please click below:

Here also is a short clip from this meditation 
(mp3 - 516 kb - 2:12 mins):

Transcript of audio clip:
"We move towards the North, to the window of Capricorn.  It is mighty and vivid with colors that seem to be alive.  Above the window is the sign of Capricorn.  We see a stained-glass picture of a goat, with fish's tail, accompanied by a Green Man crowned with leaves, and a mermaid holding a cornucopia - every sort of good thing, fruit and wheat.  We like the Green Man too, with his comical expression, his golden halo and his antlers and his leaves. However, suddenly the wind blows the window open and we face the actual constellation of Capricorn in its spiritual form.. . The Magi of old called Capricorn "Altera Solis Porta": the starry gateway for souls to enter heaven.  Here we gaze at the stars and hope for a vision of the Earth Goddess, who is our Goddess of the Earth, Nerthus.  For we know that She is crowned with the stars, holds the earth in her hands and has the moon on Her brow and the sun as a robe.  We accept the gifts of earth - trees and flowers and animals and birds.  We adore Her and She is in all beings, as is Her green Consort.  We are whole.  May the blessings of the Goddess Nerthus bring you wisdom and peace, now and forever."

(© photo of the Shrine of Capricorn, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick; meditation by Olivia Robertson; audio by the FOI Homepage.  All copyrights reserved.)

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December 19, 2020

Letter from Cressida Pryor


"For ours are the hands with which the Goddess 
is to bless and connect with all beings."

The latest letter from FOI Steward, Cressida Pryor, may be read here:

December 8, 2020

Fellowship of Isis Attunement Prayer


Dear Aset Shemsu, although we may be physically distant, you may always connect with other members on the inner planes through attunement.

Fellowship of Isis attunements are mornings and evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 (GMT), but you may access the global FOI current whenever you wish.  Co-founder Olivia Robertson wrote:  "members and others may attune at any time to our Rainbow Network, knowing that somewhere the Goddess is being invoked and Her Blessings sent forth." 

Isian Blessings to all.  We end this post with the FOI Prayer of Thanksgiving:

"Holy Isis, Holy Osiris;
We give you thanks
that your Love, Beauty and Truth
are manifest with Power and Peace
throughout all spheres,
within all beings,
and we accept your Blessing now,
in Mind and Heart."

Fellowship of Isis Prayers and Blessings:

Listen to Olivia Robertson - YouTube:

(© Prayer by Olivia Robertson; photo of the granite entrance to the Cave of the Mothers, Foundation Center Temple, by Minette Quick; copyrights reserved)

December 1, 2020

December Oracle: Goddess Durga

 "It is through spiritual acts of will 
that the soul wins freedom."

The Oracle for December is from the Goddess Durga.  See the following page to read it and listen to audio of Olivia Robertson as the Oracle:

You may also listen to it from the following YouTube page:

(© photo copyright Dennis Murphy from "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis" DVD.)

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November 21, 2020

Sun in Sagittarius Meditation

Blessings of the Sun in Sagittarius! Below is a short audio clip and transcript from the Temple of the Zodiac - Window of Sagittarius meditation by Olivia Robertson. If you would prefer to listen to the full 25-minute meditation, please go to the YouTube video here: 

Click on the link below to hear the audio clip:  

Transcript (mp3 / 4:30 mins. / 1mb): 
"We face a hill surmounted by the Temple of the Zodiac. Now, begin to climb up this hill. . .we reach the South-West portico flanked by two female sphinxes. We now enter this Temple. There are 12 stained-glass windows. In the center is the altar of the perpetual flame of everlasting life. Come to the window of Sagittarius. The window depicts a Goddess enthroned on a mighty rock of ages. She is crowned and bears in Her right hand a sceptre surmounted by a golden eagle. In Her left hand She holds a mighty crystal orb. Above Her on the left is a crescent moon shining down above a winged white horse. On the right is a rayed sun illuminating a peacock with raised tail of blue and green and gold. 

"A sudden wind blows open the window and we see the nine mighty stars and the fifty-four lesser stars of constellation of Sagittarius. Protected by the starry bow of the Centaur lies Arcadia. Friend, enter Arcadia of the Starry Bow of the Goddess Diana, leader of the dance of the Muses and receive joy and love and enchantment from the Immortals. This is the realm where rest those who accept divine commands with faith and happiness. But linger too long here and you will be the lotus-eaters, who sit by the Arcadian stream, unendingly smiling, bereft of strength, purpose and wit. 

"I want you now to pass through this window. How you've envied those with spiritual faith, the serene countenance of a nun, the absolute acceptance of a follower - of Diana or any Deity - obedience, and in that obedience: certainty, peace, joy, no questioning, no struggle, peace, no war, cared for, loved. Enter Arcadia. Just to let go - to let go the separated self, to obey the rule, to follow the guru, the teacher, to accept the Divinity totally, like slipping back into a warm pool surrounded by still water lilies, for what can grow in tumult? 

"Nothing matters without happiness, so accept and drink of the pool of happiness in your cupped hands . . the happiness the Goddess Diana gives. . .the sounds of birds. There is someone you love reflected in the pool and you look up and see this one, smiling at you. Here you are together, forever when you return here, it's always here. 

"But even as we lapse into complete peace and happiness at a distance, we hear a voice say: "come back, come back, come back from Arcadia." Reluctantly we drag ourselves back. We return to the Temple of the Zodiac, and from thence down the hill and you find filled with the elation and joy of the Goddess that you return to your own time and place." 

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(© photo of the Shrine of Sagittarius, Foundation Center Temple by Minette Quick; audio by the Fellowship of Isis Homepage, all copyrights reserved)