April 7, 2017

Goddess Art of Olivia Robertson

"My writing expresses my mind and spirit:
art for me shows forth my intuition and heart."
Olivia Robertson, 2006
"Goddess Art of Olivia Robertson" is now available in paperback.  First published in 2006 in booklet form, this expanded edition now contains over 200 pages, with two-thirds of the book in full color.  There are three sections: "Black and White Illustrations", "Color Illustrations", and "Temple Art."  Our many thanks to Minette Quick, who provided the photos for the third section, as well as scans of Olivia's work from her personal collection.
This book may be ordered internationally through Amazon's online sales outlets:
Due to "Goddess Art" being in color with so many pages, Amazon's charge to print it is considerably higher than for our other books.  Please know it has only been marked-up $1.50, and those proceeds will be donated to a non-profit that benefits the Arts.
(Book cover art: "Goddess the Creator" by Olivia Robertson, copyright reserved)