December 21, 2016

Shrine of Capricorn

Happy Solstice Sun in Capricorn!  Olivia Robertson wrote in the book, "Sophia":
"Companions, let us contemplate the Constellation of Capricorn! Behold, it emerges from the Sea of Heaven, the primordial abyss from which all life is drawn. Within it swim Pisces Australis and Aquarius. and above flies the eagle Aquila. Beyond ascends the starry Northern Swan Cygnus, spreading wide its wings. Nearby are the twin souls, fair Vega, maiden of the Lyre, and Altair, the youth of Aquila, separated by the milky way. As is told in the Orient, the Weaver Maid and the Shepherd, may only meet once a year, over a bridge of magpies. So do our souls long for completion, the union of darkness and light, dreams and activity, the past and future, in eternal reality. . . let us contemplate the Mystery of Capricorn and Terra."

(photo copyright M. Quick.  Shrine of Capricorn at the Foundation Center Temple. The tapestry of the Goddess of the Well Chapel, Brigid na Mara overlooks the Well-Wishers, the Sidhe of Water and Earth.)

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