September 8, 2014

Selene's Realm

Olivia Robertson wrote in the rite of "The Triple Moon":
'Let us make our voyage to the sphere of the full moon in our fair ship Luna. We sail through bright moonlight into Selene's spiritual realm. The moon in her beauty inspires the romantic dreams of poets and lovers, so that the humblest woman becomes a Goddess of eternal loveliness: a hump-backed man is transformed through love's eyes into a God. And this is no illusion, but the banishing of a false transient image. For ugliness, stupidity and cruelty are but distortions in our shadow world of the perfection that is our true being. Those who despise others are deluded by the passing play: wise are those who adore the ideal in their lovers.'
(photo of the Moon Goddess Shrine by Minette Quick at the Temple of Isis, Ireland, further cropped by this site.)