July 4, 2014

Stars in the Star Chapel

Olivia Robertson writes in the book "Sophia":
"The scientific validity of astrology has no consequence in this form of intuitive awareness. It is spiritual discovery of our kinship with the stars. So perfect can this relationship be, that one realises that the Sages were true magicians of the psyche, and taught wisely concerning the influences of heavenly bodies. The music of the spheres brings radiations that affect the spirit within us. The tropical or sidereal forms of horoscope readings can refer to different but relevant types of relationship: the sidereal, with stellar influence: the tropical, with seasonal effects of the year. A horoscope may thus be seen as a psychic mandala given to us by our spiritual Guides as a useful map of our lives, understood through the symbolic language of the ancients. The actual appearance in the sky of constellations seen as ram and fishes, virgin and scales, are picture hieroglyphs used by Adepti on that mighty blackboard which is the moonless night sky! Thus the precession of the equinoxes is relevant, teaching us about the coming of a new era, described as a move from Pisces to Aquarius. Mathematics are essential for astronomy. Inspiration is all-important for reading star symbols. Each symbol can be a key that will open the door to an unknown realm! The Ankh is the opener of all doors: it is the Key of Life held by Isis, Daughter of Nuit." 

(Photo of the painted Window between the Star Chapel and the Well Chapel by Minette Quick.  She writes:  "In 1980 the Star Chapel was created by Co-Founders, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his sister Olivia. They worked together painstakingly to clear an ancient wine cellar in the basement of the Castle. The ceiling was designed by Lawrence to show many of the wonderful non-zodiac constellations such as the Polar Constellations, including Caer Arianrhod, her Pole Star home, and the Great Bear. There are Cygnus the Swan, the Ariadne Crown, Andromeda’s Sea Monster, Sirius, Orion & Cassiopeia. Having first painted the whole ceiling deep blue, Lawrence created cardboard stencils. These Olivia then used to paint the stars in gold.")

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