February 10, 2014

God the Mother by Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

From the back cover: "This book presents a theology. It is based on the fact that the Goddesses alone possess the power to create from and to transmit life; the Gods, while having neither of these powers, are allotted the function of helping the Goddesses organise these forms and of assisting them in administering their vital gifts. The first part of the book, The Maternal Source, shows the Female as the Original First Cause of the cosmos. Examples of the recognition of this are drawn from many religious traditions, including the prehistoric, the Western, the Eastern and the modern. The second part, The Generation of the Great Mother, describes the various ways by which the Female reproduces herself to form the Cosmos, by fission, by parturition or giving birth and by sexual emission. Examples of these methods are shown in the different religious traditions."
Read this book in full (PDF file): http://www.fellowshipofisis.com/godthemother.pdf

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(The cover illustration of this booklet is by Anna Durdin-Robertson. The dedication reads: "This book is dedicated to my wife, Pamela.")