January 30, 2014

Audio: Hydrophoria Ritual

Blessings of the New Moon in Aquarius and the Lunar Imbolc! Please click on the link below to listen to a historic audio file of Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson at the beginning of the Hydrophoria rite from the book, "Panthea" (also added to our Audio Gallery):

(mp3 / 411 kb /1:44 min)
Audio Transcript:
Lawrence: "We are assembled to enact the Hydrophoria, the Pouring of the Waters, in the constellation of Aquarius. This Rite was performed by the Babylonians, Assyrians, and other ancient people to celebrate the preservation of life on earth during the Great Flood, and for protection from a like catastrophe."

Olivia: "Friends, wherever you are, you are on earth, which was once consumed by fire and a flood. Some call it the fall of Atlantis, some the Deluge, the Great Flood. We are once again in danger of destroying our earth. But there is always a rainbow of hope, for the true earth is eternally beautiful. It is our task to transmute the shadow of earth, which we call the physical realm. It is the time of the Gaelic festival of Imbolc, known to the Babylonians as the Hydrophoria, where they give thanks for their salvation from the Great Flood, when the waters began to abate."

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(Cropped photo of Olivia and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, sent to the Homepage by Olivia in 1999,  copyright reserved.)