October 13, 2013

The Isis Wedding Rite - Highlighted Book

Olivia Robertson writes in the introduction:
"'To find the Other is to find Oneself: All Nature is expressed in one loved face.' "So says the Bard of the Druids in our Isis Wedding Rite. To unite with another soul is the goal of the Lover: through this devotion selfishness and loneliness fade away. When twin souls unite in Divine Union, it is through discovery of The Immortal Beloved that they find their own real selves. Such is the truth underlying the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris, perfect wife and husband. In classical Greece Plato brought forth the ideal of twin souls divided and discovering reunion through love. Centuries later medieval troubadours travelled throughout Europe singing of fulfilment through the romantic devotion of lovers. Within our secret dreams, we have this knowledge in ourselves."

The Isis Wedding Rite is now available in paperback and may also be read in full, along with all of the FOI Liturgy: