July 15, 2013

From Olivia Robertson: Rejoice!

To All Global Sites and Isian News:
Rejoice!  The Goddesses and Gods are real!

The word “Worship”, which once meant respect, has been a barrier to communion with Deities.
How can perfected Beings commune with us when we offer them obsequious prostration, with all our psychic senses closed down?
The Rainbow Flow of Divine Life, circulates through inter-communion spirals, pervading all beings.  As we progress, we extend this awareness from Spirit Guides to the sphere of Angels, and Devas who are advanced beyond us, and are therefore our teachers.  The culmination of Divine Beings emanating from a Heavenly Sphere comes when we are ready for it, and can enjoy it.  In Heaven there is no fear, nor evil.  Why should we object to various names religious people give to these beings?  For instance, the one I call the Wanderer, the Shamanic Deity, is known in the North as Odin; to Greeks as Zeus, and to the ancient Irish as the Dagda Mor.  The name of the companion who assists the Wandering Shaman is known as Baldour the Beautiful, Mercury, Hermes, or Aengus Og.
Let us enjoy the reality of the whole company of heaven, without religious conflict.
All beings are part of the cosmic hierarchy.

Olivia Robertson, Co Founder, assisted by Marian Smiles and Minette Quick, Hon. Secretary of the Rainbow Circle of Brigid.
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(photo of Olivia at a Foundation Center celebration by Dennis Murphy, Logic Reality)