July 3, 2013

Book Highlight: Panthea

Panthea, Initiations and Festivals of the Goddess by Olivia Robertson has just been newly released in paperback and is available for purchase on Amazon.com (U.S.) and also through all Amazon European outlets. From the introduction:

"Our first four rituals concern Birth, Initiation and experience of other spheres. They culminate with the death of the body, when the soul enters a new spiral of life through the Matrix. The subsequent eight Festivals are illustrated in the diagram by the year's cycle of the earth rotating round the sun. Each ray marks the ensuing seasons. This yearly journey with the lovely panorama of changing constellations and seasons, brings us an awareness of our own relationship with the cosmos. In order to attain cosmic consciousness that brings us into resonance with planetary, solar and stellar consciousness, we offer rituals to mark the flow of Time and Space. Through the dolmen gateway of a ritual we may reach the very hub of the cosmic spiral and so attain spiritual rebirth."