April 29, 2011

Athena, Arcadian Awakening

Olivia has completed the working cover art for her next booklet, "Athena, Arcadian Awakening."  It has been uploaded, along with the first ritual and introduction here:

As always, the Fellowship of Isis liturgy may be read online in its entirety, or ordered in booklet form:


April 26, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

The following 9 new photos and text were received of the Castle Temple this morning from Olivia Robertson, via Minette Quick:

By: Olivia Robertson

Birds call their song of hope to Wandering Souls
Pilgrims in search of their lost Heaven
Within the Mothers’ Home lies hidden
The source of life

Cave of the Mothers
I did feel our curtained off dungeon,
“Cave of the Mothers” lacked cheerfulness.
It was all Fates & Norns & Eggs.
So for the New Aeon I have opened it wide for all.
On the altar is a joyful Osiris awakened by the Winged Isis!
This is eternal bliss springing from the Mothers (and Fathers). 

Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel
Here is Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel,
(These are the stars that circle the North Star Polaris)
She between the passing age of Pisces
and the Aquarian altar of Amaterasu No Kami 

Shrine of Andromeda
In the Eastern Corner is the Shrine of Andromeda
Containing our Sister Galaxy of the same name
She is shown holding a new planet as her baby.

Isis Blessing Plants
Above the lintel of the Shrine of Aries
Is a carved wood pyramid depicting
ISIS Blessing Plants
By David Durdin-Robertson.

Shrine of Aries
The Shrine of Aries includes Animal Deities
Palu the Cat Goddess carved by David Durdin-Robertson. 

Athena's Owl
Athena’s Owl above Athena’s Head – painted on slate by OR. 

The Shrine of Taurus
With a painting of the Goddess Maya as seen by Olivia
with copper coloured light appearing over the sky.
Kachina figures donated by Elders in Hopi Land to OR
And carving by David Durdin-Robertson of a Golden Eagle and
White Buffalo Calf Woman on slate by OR. 

In the Shrine of the Anthrosphinx
An African Mother with Child on her back, carved in Africa,
Stands by a bowl giving water to a large stone tortoise.
Behind her on a Moorish screen are
lemons, apples and orange branches
Next to a painting on cloth by OR of Margo the Korean Goddess of Mercy
And below is a real large pottery jar.
On the other side of the Art Nouveau
stained glass window showing an Ankh, is: 

The Goddess Gangur of Rajasthan
She is also distributing water & fruit –
carried by a sacred white elephant.

She is working with a carved African giraffe, and a sea monster carved by David Durdin-Robertson & painted by OR, and NU KUA the Creator Goddess, in the form of a jade dragon. On the right is the Sphinx Ra Herut. Behind Her is the Golden Disc held by 2 folding wings by David Durdin-Robertson. The Rainbow banner was given from Hawaii and symbolises our Rainbow network of friendliness and harmony that circles the earth.

Archival link: Temple Update 4/26/11

(Photos copyright M. Quick with additional enhancement by this website.  Our thanks to Olivia & Minette!) 

April 22, 2011

Greeting from Olivia

A fun drawing just received from Olivia Robertson with the message: "Happy Festival of the Goddess Oestre!"

April 20, 2011

Shrine of Taurus

Blessings of the Sun in Taurus!  Above is the Shrine of Taurus at the Foundation Center Temple in Ireland, honoring many Native American Deities. The painting above the altar is of the Goddess Maya, by Olivia Robertson.

Below is an audio file of Olivia Robertson, which will take you on a magical journey to the constellation of Taurus:

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 3:00 min./709kb.)

Audio transcript:
To realize the harmony of Justice and Compassion, we need to make a magical journey to the Constellation of Taurus.  Know that these signs are given to us by the Adepti, the Magi of old, so that we may relate to the reality of the stars - not through the sciences, but through our spirits: this is spiritual rising.  Come.  Approach the window of Taurus.  This window depicts a red-haired Goddess seated on a white bull, which is emerging from the sea. Descending from the stars of Taurus, are 14 maidens who bathe in the ocean. Now suddenly a sharp wind blows, and it throws the window open, and we are faced with the constellation of Taurus.  Gaze upon the 7 stars of the Hyades, in V-formation - 7 of the 14 Atlantides maidens. Within their aetheric sphere is the mountain of Hursag, Paradise of Creation.  For what appears as earthly, flaming stars, planets and space, is but a symbol of a reality beyond.  Hear of this mountain of Hursag, this paradise.  Ninurta, the God, created the mountain to save his people from the flooding of the Tigris. Hear the ancient words written on tablets, about this God-king: "Behold now, everything on earth rejoiced afar at Ninurta. The Lord made mourning disappear from the land, he made happy the spirits of the Gods. Because of his Mother's great joy at his great and heroic deeds, Ninurta addressed her: ‘O Lady, O Ninmah, because for my sake you would enter the matchless land, the hill which I have set up, let its name be Hursag, and you be its queen’.”  In this magical world ruled by Ninmah and Ninurta, only those who do great deeds are admitted. Pass through the window, if you dare.  Imagine yourself now, entering this land if you would - if you would do great deeds.  Enter and visualize what you would like to do in the future, and see it as if it happens!

Archival links:
 Seasonal & Zodiac Audio

Shrines of the Zodiac

(Photo by Olivia Robertson, with additional cropping/enhancement by this site.)

April 18, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

Below are five new photos taken by Minette Quick at the Foundation Center Temple of the ongoing work of Olivia Robertson. As always, our sincere thanks to both of them!

Mayan Sun Disc
Represents Ra in the Mayan Calendar
In the Shrine of the Anthrosphinx.

The Goddess Margo is a Korean Goddess
Who threw humanity out of her land for bad behaviour.
(She is now between the Anthrosphinx and the Gangur Shrine.)
Her Sun-Gold hair and Blue-Sky eyes harmonize with Ra.
Her gifts of fruit and water from the Aquarian jar
mirror the gifts of fruit and water
Given by Gangur to all creatures.

The Cave of the Mothers
Now the Cave, for the 1st time, is unveiled.
GAEA is represented by a very young girl on the Altar
beneath the loop-hole.
On the left of the cave is the entombment of Osiris
and a painting of MARY MAGDALEN holding her Daughter, Sarah by OR.
On the left back wall are the 3 Creator Artists,
They are releasing red, green and purple rays
on a new green planet on a tripod.
On the right is a full length figure of the Goddess Persephone,
Queen of the Underworld
and a painting of the Goddess Muth, Queen of Spirits.
On the floor before her is a South American plaster figure of
Behind her are wooden figures by David Durdin-Robertson of
THE THREE NORNS, Urd, Vivandi and Skulda.
Above are paintings of THE THREE FATES, Lachesis, Clotho & Atropos
To the right of the Granite Dolmen doorway is

Guarding the Doors to the Temple, one on either side
are paintings of a Male Sphinx
And a Female Sphinx.
Both by Olivia Robertson.


(Photos copyright M. Quick with additional enhancement by this website.)

April 14, 2011

New trailer of Olivia's DVD

This trailer was shared by the producers of Olivia's DVD in honor of her birthday yesterday. Thank you Dennis & Steven!

Also, Minette Quick reports on Olivia's birthday in an email that we received this morning:

"We had a lovely day with Olivia yesterday. The weather was damp but we didn't mind at all - the earth really needs rain at present for growth, but everything is looking beautiful with the white and pale pink cherry blossom and pure white of the blackthorn in the hedgerows. Three of us took Olivia out for lunch and then a couple of us also went to visit her great niece Pamela for tea together with her young family, which was, as ever. delightful.

April 13, 2011

Happy birthday Olivia!

© photo Logic Reality

This April 13th is Olivia Robertson's 94th birthday, and we join with all members worldwide in wishing her a day full of love and joy!

In honor of the day, we have uploaded three new audio files.  In the first clip, Olivia speaks of her first vision of the Silver Lady, the second is another encounter with Her and how she influenced Olivia's charitable work, and the third is Olivia's first vision of the God.  Transcripts of each may be found below.

(MP3 file, 745KB, 3:10 mins)

(MP3 file, 508KB, 2:09mins)

(MP3 file, 275KB, 1:10mins)

The Silver Lady

Audio clip transcripts:

Silver Lady Part I:  "She who inspired me to do all my work, came to me, at night in 1946 at Imbolc; about Feb. the 1st I saw her. I associated her with snow, because she came at midnight in the snow with the aura of stars and moon. It was at the time of Capricorn still, getting on to Aquarius - that queer, cold, magical time of midwinter, moving to spring. She told me to get out of bed, which I did reluctantly because of the bitter cold, and put on my red cardigan. Now I guess she wished me to know that she WAS REAL. But she was made of different substance, of crystallized white light, her hair raven black, her dress was cut in v-shapes of different cloths - violet and blue-green. I knew that they were blended together, the material, in some way - not sown. She unwound a white scarf. Her face had delicate features. To me she was absolutely real, as physical reality to be absolutely real, but obviously in different dimensions. She told me to sit, and she sat facing me. The extraordinary thing is, that I could not remember one word of our half hour's conversation. Now I believe I was not meant to remember in the surface of my mind, that I had to have free will to work out what I wanted to do as well. This has influenced me all my life - whatever our conversation was - from the depths, like the depths of the ocean. My own feeble telepathic abilities were as nothing in comparison with the clarity and power of her thought-stream. This was the first Goddess who had come to me. By Goddess, I mean an advanced feminine Being. The visits were a very rare occurrence, with years inbetween. I knew she belonged to a more spiritual and wise race of being. At the close of our communion - it was communion - she rose and I thought: "she has a dignity of a queen, the grace of a ballet dancer and the power of a gymnast!" At that date I had not heard of UFO's, so could not make out at all what was this small plane which she had to wait for? Goddess or no Goddess, she had to wait for some, what I thought, was like a little Aer Lingus plane. And above all, what was the giant ship in the sky that the plane would take her to? I gathered it was as big or bigger than the Queen Mary liner, and that to me was immense. I think that size in the sky made of some wonderful substance like this Lady - well, I couldn't understand it at all - I was overcome."

Silver Lady Part II"A year or so later, I had a vision of the Silver Lady, as I called her, appearing in a wretched slum dwelling with an African family of some immigrants, in utter poverty, which then existed in the Dublin slums, which I'd worked in for four years. I looked after children in the most terrible conditions. What struck me was her power. She stood, straight and slim, and raised her right arm in command. Her left arm she gestured downwards in utter dismissal of such conditions. It reminded me of the figure of Christ, in Michalangelo's Last Judgment: one arm up, the other down. It's as if you call down the powers of heaven with your left hand and execute them with your right. It was a call to action. My brother Lawrence, his wife Pamela and I did go on doing my social work when we created the Clonegal Welfare Association in 1960 to '63, when the government then took over local authority and the people actually had enough to eat. In our area of Clonegal, it was extraordinary that there were people living below subsistence level. There was one farm family living on 15 pounds a week, and yet they'd be too proud to accept. This wasn't charity - we suggested people join the scheme, contributed when they could and then - well, we did get a lot of money, we got 10,000 pounds from the English who helped us in this, but nontheless - the people all contributed themselves when they could. It was extraordinary - we visited 400 families, we knew all about them intimately. We were fascinated by what they wanted. One woman who had absolutely nothing longed for a peacock firescreen. Another one wanted a cuckoo clock and my sister Pamela, very imaginative, she managed to get it for them as a Christmas present. So I think those small thing matter, just as much at subsistence level. I feel that we can't really proceed in our spiritual life without respecting not only our fellow human beings, whatever race or color, but all the other beings."

Vision of the God"Some months after we had finished the Order of Tara, which is very much environmentally active, I had an extraordinary experience, which introduced me to the God. In vision I found myself at night, down in our Temple of Isis. The male being appeared, made of crystallized white light. These bodies are energy bodies. They are made of pure light and they and they are actually and can work on our - people often think they're no use here, they just light. They're not. They can actually affect our physical matter because they include our physical material in some other way: it's inclusive. He radiated Divine happiness and love. I received a sudden lightening flash down from the top of my head, right through my body, so extreme that I experienced in two locations: at the Temple Chapel of Healing, and at the same time, in my earthly body which was lying in bed. I was given the name of the being - Michael. The Archangel Michael. Or Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. Whatever name you love. Like Shiva or Krishna."


Archival link:  Olivia's recordings

Photo of Olivia during Castle festival by Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality.

April 12, 2011

Olivia's DVD & Photos

The producers of "Olivia: Priestess of Isis" have created an updated cover for her DVD, which you may see above.  You may also see 25 photo stills from this wonderful video, as well as enjoy the many video clips that they have shared, on this page:

Order the DVD here:  Logic Reality


More photos of Olivia may also be found on these pages:

Olivia's photo gallery

Historical photos

April 10, 2011

More Changing Faces of the Temple

Six new photos taken by Minette Quick yesterday, April 9, 2011 of the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle. (Click on the photos to view them at full size.)  Our continued gratitude to her and Olivia Robertson!

In the Cave of the Mothers
Death of Osiris in mummy form
The Mothers at altar – the 3 Creator Artists,
The Goddess Persephone - Queen of the Underworld,
The 3 Fates & The 3 Norns.  

Osiris born again by the Winged Isis
As you leave the cave on the left side we now have
OSIRIS born again by the Winged Isis
A perfect projection of “Opet” that shows Osiris as alive and well
as Isis OUT of the tomb – painting by OR
The Sphinx, the Lady and the Lion
In the Shrine of the Anthrosphinx
This is between the shrines of Leo & Virgo
where the Ancient Egyptians honoured
The Goddess Sekhmet, The Goddess Bast & The God Ra.
We have the Sphinx, the Lady and the Lion, by OR 
The God Ra
And now RA Himself painted as a radiant God.  
In the Passage
Now we have the Red-Haired Witch, Enchantress Melusina,
who manifested on stone helped by OR’s paints
above: The Green Man - Mystic Orion – Orpheus – Dionysos
now appearing as MERLIN.
Melusina is holding the Veil separately over Merlin in his mirrored image. 

In the Star Chapel
Here is Dana again, now joined by Aisling,
A Merchild from the Stars of the New Aquarian Age.
She is protected by Deities of the Waxing & Waning Moon
& Isis and Osiris are with her through the windows.



(Photos copyright M. Quick with additional enhancement by this website.)

April 6, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

Below are four new photos of the ongoing changes Olivia Robertson has been making to the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle, received this morning from Minette Quick. Titles and commentary can be found underneath the photos.

STATUE OF ISIS by David Durdin-Robertson

Isis is represented as the Aquarian Goddess holding a Water Jar
formed by the Sun with two handles of the waxing and waning Moon.
Above Her is the Crown of Rulership and by Her
are statuettes of Bast & Horus of the Rising Sun.

Comment by Minette: Isis has, in fact, been literally ‘brought down to earth’ by about 6 inches. Olivia spent hours disassembling the High Altar and then rearranging and putting it all together again. What struck me as I gazed at it was the amazing presence of the Goddess. Her energy almost stepped forward and down off the Altar. MQ

THE WINGED DISC carved by David Durdin-Robertson
This represents the Spiritual Sun with two balancing wings
overlooking the Leo & Virgo Shrines of the Rising of the Nile
within the double sign THE ANTHROSPHINX.

On the left is the Sphinx of Leo receiving a procession of followers of Amon Ra, the Ram God. On the right are followers of the Aten Sun of Akhenaton. Below the winged disc are Sekhmet, (Head of a Lioness), as the Lady and the Lion, painting by OR, and Bast Cat Goddess with Ra overhead as the Deities of the Anthrosphinx, and a red disc. SEKHMET, BAST & RA overhead, are thus represented as a Triad. Within the Anthrosphinx period of Leo & Virgo is the Rising of the Nile heralding the Egyptian New Year. We have the symbolic figures of Sekhmet, Goddess with head of a lion in a woman’s body and the Sphinx, God Harmachis, with head of a God and body of a lion.

Within the GANGUR SHRINE OF COMPASSION is a picture
of the Divine Lovers, RADHA & KRISHNA playing his flute.
We see Gangur on the right with the Sacred Jade Dragon,
the GODDESS NU KUA working with her.


Many thanks to Olivia & Minette for sharing!

Archival link: Changing Faces April 6, 2011

(Photos copyright M. Quick with additional enhancement by this website.)


April 4, 2011

Manifesto translations

Rev. Isis Shaktyma recently updated the French version of the manifesto that she submitted a few years ago. This may be found here:

Manifesto Translations

A warm thank you to Isis Shaktyma, and all members who have shared their translations over the years.