April 13, 2011

Happy birthday Olivia!

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This April 13th is Olivia Robertson's 94th birthday, and we join with all members worldwide in wishing her a day full of love and joy!

In honor of the day, we have uploaded three new audio files.  In the first clip, Olivia speaks of her first vision of the Silver Lady, the second is another encounter with Her and how she influenced Olivia's charitable work, and the third is Olivia's first vision of the God.  Transcripts of each may be found below.

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The Silver Lady

Audio clip transcripts:

Silver Lady Part I:  "She who inspired me to do all my work, came to me, at night in 1946 at Imbolc; about Feb. the 1st I saw her. I associated her with snow, because she came at midnight in the snow with the aura of stars and moon. It was at the time of Capricorn still, getting on to Aquarius - that queer, cold, magical time of midwinter, moving to spring. She told me to get out of bed, which I did reluctantly because of the bitter cold, and put on my red cardigan. Now I guess she wished me to know that she WAS REAL. But she was made of different substance, of crystallized white light, her hair raven black, her dress was cut in v-shapes of different cloths - violet and blue-green. I knew that they were blended together, the material, in some way - not sown. She unwound a white scarf. Her face had delicate features. To me she was absolutely real, as physical reality to be absolutely real, but obviously in different dimensions. She told me to sit, and she sat facing me. The extraordinary thing is, that I could not remember one word of our half hour's conversation. Now I believe I was not meant to remember in the surface of my mind, that I had to have free will to work out what I wanted to do as well. This has influenced me all my life - whatever our conversation was - from the depths, like the depths of the ocean. My own feeble telepathic abilities were as nothing in comparison with the clarity and power of her thought-stream. This was the first Goddess who had come to me. By Goddess, I mean an advanced feminine Being. The visits were a very rare occurrence, with years inbetween. I knew she belonged to a more spiritual and wise race of being. At the close of our communion - it was communion - she rose and I thought: "she has a dignity of a queen, the grace of a ballet dancer and the power of a gymnast!" At that date I had not heard of UFO's, so could not make out at all what was this small plane which she had to wait for? Goddess or no Goddess, she had to wait for some, what I thought, was like a little Aer Lingus plane. And above all, what was the giant ship in the sky that the plane would take her to? I gathered it was as big or bigger than the Queen Mary liner, and that to me was immense. I think that size in the sky made of some wonderful substance like this Lady - well, I couldn't understand it at all - I was overcome."

Silver Lady Part II"A year or so later, I had a vision of the Silver Lady, as I called her, appearing in a wretched slum dwelling with an African family of some immigrants, in utter poverty, which then existed in the Dublin slums, which I'd worked in for four years. I looked after children in the most terrible conditions. What struck me was her power. She stood, straight and slim, and raised her right arm in command. Her left arm she gestured downwards in utter dismissal of such conditions. It reminded me of the figure of Christ, in Michalangelo's Last Judgment: one arm up, the other down. It's as if you call down the powers of heaven with your left hand and execute them with your right. It was a call to action. My brother Lawrence, his wife Pamela and I did go on doing my social work when we created the Clonegal Welfare Association in 1960 to '63, when the government then took over local authority and the people actually had enough to eat. In our area of Clonegal, it was extraordinary that there were people living below subsistence level. There was one farm family living on 15 pounds a week, and yet they'd be too proud to accept. This wasn't charity - we suggested people join the scheme, contributed when they could and then - well, we did get a lot of money, we got 10,000 pounds from the English who helped us in this, but nontheless - the people all contributed themselves when they could. It was extraordinary - we visited 400 families, we knew all about them intimately. We were fascinated by what they wanted. One woman who had absolutely nothing longed for a peacock firescreen. Another one wanted a cuckoo clock and my sister Pamela, very imaginative, she managed to get it for them as a Christmas present. So I think those small thing matter, just as much at subsistence level. I feel that we can't really proceed in our spiritual life without respecting not only our fellow human beings, whatever race or color, but all the other beings."

Vision of the God"Some months after we had finished the Order of Tara, which is very much environmentally active, I had an extraordinary experience, which introduced me to the God. In vision I found myself at night, down in our Temple of Isis. The male being appeared, made of crystallized white light. These bodies are energy bodies. They are made of pure light and they and they are actually and can work on our - people often think they're no use here, they just light. They're not. They can actually affect our physical matter because they include our physical material in some other way: it's inclusive. He radiated Divine happiness and love. I received a sudden lightening flash down from the top of my head, right through my body, so extreme that I experienced in two locations: at the Temple Chapel of Healing, and at the same time, in my earthly body which was lying in bed. I was given the name of the being - Michael. The Archangel Michael. Or Horus, son of Isis and Osiris. Whatever name you love. Like Shiva or Krishna."


Archival link:  Olivia's recordings

Photo of Olivia during Castle festival by Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality.