April 6, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

Below are four new photos of the ongoing changes Olivia Robertson has been making to the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle, received this morning from Minette Quick. Titles and commentary can be found underneath the photos.

STATUE OF ISIS by David Durdin-Robertson

Isis is represented as the Aquarian Goddess holding a Water Jar
formed by the Sun with two handles of the waxing and waning Moon.
Above Her is the Crown of Rulership and by Her
are statuettes of Bast & Horus of the Rising Sun.

Comment by Minette: Isis has, in fact, been literally ‘brought down to earth’ by about 6 inches. Olivia spent hours disassembling the High Altar and then rearranging and putting it all together again. What struck me as I gazed at it was the amazing presence of the Goddess. Her energy almost stepped forward and down off the Altar. MQ

THE WINGED DISC carved by David Durdin-Robertson
This represents the Spiritual Sun with two balancing wings
overlooking the Leo & Virgo Shrines of the Rising of the Nile
within the double sign THE ANTHROSPHINX.

On the left is the Sphinx of Leo receiving a procession of followers of Amon Ra, the Ram God. On the right are followers of the Aten Sun of Akhenaton. Below the winged disc are Sekhmet, (Head of a Lioness), as the Lady and the Lion, painting by OR, and Bast Cat Goddess with Ra overhead as the Deities of the Anthrosphinx, and a red disc. SEKHMET, BAST & RA overhead, are thus represented as a Triad. Within the Anthrosphinx period of Leo & Virgo is the Rising of the Nile heralding the Egyptian New Year. We have the symbolic figures of Sekhmet, Goddess with head of a lion in a woman’s body and the Sphinx, God Harmachis, with head of a God and body of a lion.

Within the GANGUR SHRINE OF COMPASSION is a picture
of the Divine Lovers, RADHA & KRISHNA playing his flute.
We see Gangur on the right with the Sacred Jade Dragon,
the GODDESS NU KUA working with her.


Many thanks to Olivia & Minette for sharing!

Archival link: Changing Faces April 6, 2011

(Photos copyright M. Quick with additional enhancement by this website.)