April 10, 2011

More Changing Faces of the Temple

Six new photos taken by Minette Quick yesterday, April 9, 2011 of the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle. (Click on the photos to view them at full size.)  Our continued gratitude to her and Olivia Robertson!

In the Cave of the Mothers
Death of Osiris in mummy form
The Mothers at altar – the 3 Creator Artists,
The Goddess Persephone - Queen of the Underworld,
The 3 Fates & The 3 Norns.  

Osiris born again by the Winged Isis
As you leave the cave on the left side we now have
OSIRIS born again by the Winged Isis
A perfect projection of “Opet” that shows Osiris as alive and well
as Isis OUT of the tomb – painting by OR
The Sphinx, the Lady and the Lion
In the Shrine of the Anthrosphinx
This is between the shrines of Leo & Virgo
where the Ancient Egyptians honoured
The Goddess Sekhmet, The Goddess Bast & The God Ra.
We have the Sphinx, the Lady and the Lion, by OR 
The God Ra
And now RA Himself painted as a radiant God.  
In the Passage
Now we have the Red-Haired Witch, Enchantress Melusina,
who manifested on stone helped by OR’s paints
above: The Green Man - Mystic Orion – Orpheus – Dionysos
now appearing as MERLIN.
Melusina is holding the Veil separately over Merlin in his mirrored image. 

In the Star Chapel
Here is Dana again, now joined by Aisling,
A Merchild from the Stars of the New Aquarian Age.
She is protected by Deities of the Waxing & Waning Moon
& Isis and Osiris are with her through the windows.



(Photos copyright M. Quick with additional enhancement by this website.)