April 26, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

The following 9 new photos and text were received of the Castle Temple this morning from Olivia Robertson, via Minette Quick:

By: Olivia Robertson

Birds call their song of hope to Wandering Souls
Pilgrims in search of their lost Heaven
Within the Mothers’ Home lies hidden
The source of life

Cave of the Mothers
I did feel our curtained off dungeon,
“Cave of the Mothers” lacked cheerfulness.
It was all Fates & Norns & Eggs.
So for the New Aeon I have opened it wide for all.
On the altar is a joyful Osiris awakened by the Winged Isis!
This is eternal bliss springing from the Mothers (and Fathers). 

Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel
Here is Arianrhod of the Silver Wheel,
(These are the stars that circle the North Star Polaris)
She between the passing age of Pisces
and the Aquarian altar of Amaterasu No Kami 

Shrine of Andromeda
In the Eastern Corner is the Shrine of Andromeda
Containing our Sister Galaxy of the same name
She is shown holding a new planet as her baby.

Isis Blessing Plants
Above the lintel of the Shrine of Aries
Is a carved wood pyramid depicting
ISIS Blessing Plants
By David Durdin-Robertson.

Shrine of Aries
The Shrine of Aries includes Animal Deities
Palu the Cat Goddess carved by David Durdin-Robertson. 

Athena's Owl
Athena’s Owl above Athena’s Head – painted on slate by OR. 

The Shrine of Taurus
With a painting of the Goddess Maya as seen by Olivia
with copper coloured light appearing over the sky.
Kachina figures donated by Elders in Hopi Land to OR
And carving by David Durdin-Robertson of a Golden Eagle and
White Buffalo Calf Woman on slate by OR. 

In the Shrine of the Anthrosphinx
An African Mother with Child on her back, carved in Africa,
Stands by a bowl giving water to a large stone tortoise.
Behind her on a Moorish screen are
lemons, apples and orange branches
Next to a painting on cloth by OR of Margo the Korean Goddess of Mercy
And below is a real large pottery jar.
On the other side of the Art Nouveau
stained glass window showing an Ankh, is: 

The Goddess Gangur of Rajasthan
She is also distributing water & fruit –
carried by a sacred white elephant.

She is working with a carved African giraffe, and a sea monster carved by David Durdin-Robertson & painted by OR, and NU KUA the Creator Goddess, in the form of a jade dragon. On the right is the Sphinx Ra Herut. Behind Her is the Golden Disc held by 2 folding wings by David Durdin-Robertson. The Rainbow banner was given from Hawaii and symbolises our Rainbow network of friendliness and harmony that circles the earth.

Archival link: Temple Update 4/26/11

(Photos copyright M. Quick with additional enhancement by this website.  Our thanks to Olivia & Minette!)