November 17, 2009

The Divine Triad

From Olivia Robertson
Co-Founder, FOI
November 17, 2009

What we in the Fellowship of Isis believe in, is the ethical reality of the Goddess Faith. We have a Triad of centres which embody the 3 primal Ethics listed in the Manifesto - Love, Beauty and Truth. These are shown forth through the Priesthood, The Druid Clan of Dana, and the Order of Tara. Every member receives inspiration from the Goddess. So how Love, Beauty and Truth are expressed through the Fellowship of Isis depends on Divine Communion expressed in the lives of individuals. I have drawn up my list - which varies with my flow of inspiration! Each of our members may produce their own list.

We welcome the global expansion via the Web, but we always need to remember our basic ideals!

The Priesthood: Divine Communion. Goodness. Compassion for all that is.

Druidry: Spiritual Vision. Creativity. Sacred Arts & Sciences.

Protections: Integrity. Courage. Service for the Divine Purpose.

The Fellowship of Isis honours the Divine Triad.

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November 1, 2009

Rebirth. The Coming Awakening

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson
Samhain 2009

Awakening comes unpredictably, when it chooses! Hours of meditation, prolonged exercises, repetitions, affirmations, may lead nowhere, save for confused breathing and muscular aches… My own experiences have always come unexpectedly, with no stimulants. I have noticed there are various levels in enhanced consciousness.

There is the happy “Summerland” adventure! I see tapestry on our walls shake and the pictures become real. I go to the garden and it is in another wider space and time – luminous – strangely coloured – and each blade of grass, every daisy – each weed is an emblem of some greater reality. Our world is a picture book of a greater sphere of being.

I have a feeling that I am out-growing such sweetness and bliss – this harmony with every person and creature. The change is a sudden influx of mind and spirit. Here I am aware of evil – but this is part of a whole web of life that has a meaning. I once saw why a boat was capsized in the ocean, with everyone on board drowned. It was not an accident. There was a connecting link between destiny and each person. In this state of mind there are no accidents. All has purpose. Evil is but the unreal shadow of the real, created for us to grow as individuals – not just obedient spirits.

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September 24, 2009

New Temple Paintings

Eight new photos were were added to the Castle Photos section on September 24, 2009 with our thanks to Olivia and Minette Quick for forwarding them.

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August 1, 2009

Alchemy of Lovers

Olivia Robertson's Reflections Article:
Lughnasad 2009

Curious. To use the word “Love” is respectable, invoking the blessing of the clergy. They promulgate the concept of the Love of God. This in my dear land of Ireland suggests at once the Alchemy of the Phoenix. On this spiritual path, in the dying Piscean age of Buddhism, the Bible faiths, this Divine Love, all other loves excelling, involves self-purification. The Righteous had to destroy Old Adam, the sin of Eve, “The Wrathful Deities” of Buddhism, and plenty of Devils. “The devils” try to persuade the spiritual practitioner to be tempted away from the need to destroy earthly temptations.

I have in our Temple a statue of the Hindu Goddess Gandarvi in a Yogic posture. It came from the ancient ruined Temple of Angkor Vat. When Buddhist monks later moved in, they said this merry lady tempted them to Sin. Since I was a small girl the whole problem of Sin has puzzled me, because nobody would tell me exactly what Sin was: I mean the worst Sin of all, the Original Sin that drove Adam and Eve out of Paradise. I gathered they had to put on clothes and have children who all inherited Sin.

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May 10, 2009

Special Section - Olivia Robertson's Art Gallery

Portrait by Olivia Robertson 9th May, 2009 of her nephew David Durdin-Robertson, Sculptor & Builder, 1952-2009. The other photos are of David's portrait with one of Olivia, aged 16, painted by her sister and artist, Barbara, when aged 19. The portrait of Lawrence Alexander Durdin-Robertson, Co Founder FOI 1920-1994, was painted by Olivia when he was 16 and she was 19!

So all these artists and their work form part of the FOI Muses Symposium.

Olivia sends love and appreciation for all who create a rainbow bridge of Art, spanning the Land of Heart's Desire, Elysium, Tir na nOg, Avalon with our own earth Gaea.

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May 1, 2009

Beware the Gang!

Olivia Robertson's Reflections Article:
Beltaine 2009

I was five years old, in a small country town, Reigate, in England. I was dressed for my first day at school. My sister Barbara, my elder and mentor, gave me a serious warning.

“You are only a new girl. When you get there – a girl called Mona will come up to you and be very kind and even kiss you! Look out! She does that to all new girls. But she is Head of a Gang and you’ll be hers. You’ll be lost.”

After this fearsome warning I walked down Reigate Hill with Barbara with trepidation. And sure enough, when I arrived, a big girl – about twelve – came up to me, went on her knees and embraced me. Fortified by my sister’s superior wisdom, I pushed away and turned my back. This was my first step in self-realization…

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April 4, 2009

In Memoriam: David Durdin-Robertson

David Alexander Durdin-Robertson passed into spirit world on the 14th April 2009. He was the only son of two Co-Founders of the Fellowship of Isis, Pamela and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, and nephew of Olivia.

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February 1, 2009

Even the Gods Obey the Fates

Olivia Robertson's Reflections Article:
Brigantia 2009

During these interesting times of Global Warming, Financial Meltdown and global violence, so many of us wonder should we be on our knees in penitence for having trashed our lovely Earth; or standing up bravely for our values – or simply enter the beautiful Many Coloured Land of our visions – with an exciting climax in 2012!

To pay honour to the moment, I offer three of my prophetic visions. The first I choose was in the New Year of 1947. At that time – I was 29 – I knew nothing of the religion of the Goddess. As a Protestant I had been brought up to avoid Catholic “Mariolatry”. So what happened came as a revelation.

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