November 1, 2009

Rebirth. The Coming Awakening

Reflections by: Olivia Robertson
Samhain 2009

Awakening comes unpredictably, when it chooses! Hours of meditation, prolonged exercises, repetitions, affirmations, may lead nowhere, save for confused breathing and muscular aches… My own experiences have always come unexpectedly, with no stimulants. I have noticed there are various levels in enhanced consciousness.

There is the happy “Summerland” adventure! I see tapestry on our walls shake and the pictures become real. I go to the garden and it is in another wider space and time – luminous – strangely coloured – and each blade of grass, every daisy – each weed is an emblem of some greater reality. Our world is a picture book of a greater sphere of being.

I have a feeling that I am out-growing such sweetness and bliss – this harmony with every person and creature. The change is a sudden influx of mind and spirit. Here I am aware of evil – but this is part of a whole web of life that has a meaning. I once saw why a boat was capsized in the ocean, with everyone on board drowned. It was not an accident. There was a connecting link between destiny and each person. In this state of mind there are no accidents. All has purpose. Evil is but the unreal shadow of the real, created for us to grow as individuals – not just obedient spirits.

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