May 10, 2009

Special Section - Olivia Robertson's Art Gallery

Portrait by Olivia Robertson 9th May, 2009 of her nephew David Durdin-Robertson, Sculptor & Builder, 1952-2009. The other photos are of David's portrait with one of Olivia, aged 16, painted by her sister and artist, Barbara, when aged 19. The portrait of Lawrence Alexander Durdin-Robertson, Co Founder FOI 1920-1994, was painted by Olivia when he was 16 and she was 19!

So all these artists and their work form part of the FOI Muses Symposium.

Olivia sends love and appreciation for all who create a rainbow bridge of Art, spanning the Land of Heart's Desire, Elysium, Tir na nOg, Avalon with our own earth Gaea.

To see all the artwork in this section, please see this page: Special Section