May 1, 2009

Beware the Gang!

Olivia Robertson's Reflections Article:
Beltaine 2009

I was five years old, in a small country town, Reigate, in England. I was dressed for my first day at school. My sister Barbara, my elder and mentor, gave me a serious warning.

“You are only a new girl. When you get there – a girl called Mona will come up to you and be very kind and even kiss you! Look out! She does that to all new girls. But she is Head of a Gang and you’ll be hers. You’ll be lost.”

After this fearsome warning I walked down Reigate Hill with Barbara with trepidation. And sure enough, when I arrived, a big girl – about twelve – came up to me, went on her knees and embraced me. Fortified by my sister’s superior wisdom, I pushed away and turned my back. This was my first step in self-realization…

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