July 1, 2020

July FOI Oracles


Divine Goddess Isis, whose outspread wings promise protection in spiritual flights, bring us through the starry spheres of being to our eternal home.

You have wings yourself. Without spiritual growth you will never fly with the wings of another, even a Goddess. The fledgling bird is pushed from the nest by its mother, not from rejection but from love for its own individual being.

The time of change is at hand. Humanity is discovering wings of the divine spirit, enjoyed by angels. The fledgling soul learns to transcend not only the speed of light to distant galaxies, but to experience greater spheres of consciousness. But take heed. For perfect balance you need two wings - you attain your true being through heart and mind, Love and Truth. But to fly successfully, you need your home to spring from and your haven to return to after your soul's flight! 

Then my wings will enfold you to your deep content.


Horus of the horizon, mighty hawk whose all-seeing eye looks into our souls, save us from self-deception and delusions of grandeur. Help us to face ourselves.

Too frequently your problem is not self-pride but self-hatred. Yet these two go together. If you seek power, you need to learn submission. You search for the object of your love, yet forget to offer love! You may conquer great empires throughout the stars, yet omit to conquer your own passions. Your first essay in the flight of the hawk is to know your own limitations. Otherwise you will become confused and dispirited. Learn with the eye of discernment where you wish to travel to! Do not be guided by some teacher, some book, some tradition. Your soul's flight is too important to be dominated by another's guidance, however noble. Your only true guide is yourself, that spark of which you inherit like Myself from the Divine Body of Nuit, Mother of All.

My Golden Eye is within your own self. It is the eye of Truth

Fellowship of Isis Oracle of the Month:

(© paintings on glass by Olivia Robertson of Isis and Hathor, Osiris and Horus; Foundation Center Temple; photos by Minette Quick.)