March 8, 2019

The Peacock Angel

Click to listen to Olivia Robertson - mp3 file:  The Peacock Angel - Audio

"I long for the Peacock Angel, whose eyes are the stars. I would be a star and be with Her for Eternity. Even as I wish this, it is so! Before me, in indescribable grandeur is the Mighty Goddess Herself. Her Divine Body is formed from dark space, irradiated by Her Eyes, the many coloured stars. But what is most wonderful are Her Wings, which are The Veils woven by Bride. Two encompass her head with their gleaming feathers, and two are extended throughout all space, and about Her feet are two azure wings that reach into the abyss. She is the Goddess of the Heights and of the Depths. The stars are Her Visions and the flow of the Web of Bride are Her garments. Her face is forever veiled. Behind Her shines Her Divine Consort, The White Peacock Angel. Between his feathery wings are the dark tunnels that lead through the spheres. He is the Angel of Transmutation." 

(Peacock Angel artwork and quote from "Ishtar of the Starry Heavens by Olivia Robertson, mp3 audio file by the FOI Homepage, all copyrights reserved.)

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