March 19, 2019

Anniversary of the Fellowship of Isis

Happy 43rd anniversary to the Fellowship of Isis! The FOI was founded on the Vernal Equinox, March 20th, 1976 by Olivia Robertson and Lawrence and Pamela Durdin-Robertson. Please join us in honoring their legacy as members worldwide remember and celebrate this day.

Audio transcript:  
"It was direct spiritual experience, as with my brother, that I had a direct spiritual Vocation to do this from God - the feminine aspect of God - God who is also feminine to emphasize this, because the world is threatened by destruction, through pollution, through misuse of nature - often through stupidity and greed.  We're destroying the planet.  And the Divine Plan appears to be to emphasize the feminine: charity, kindness, care for nature, nurturing, motherhood - all that side.  Not to get rid of the male aspect, but to balance male aggression and materialism and this linear-logical, mental thought:  always analysis, analysis - we're more for healing and synthesis."

Audio transcript: 
“I started as the Church of Ireland, or as we call Anglican, as an Anglican. I suppose one approaches . . . everyone is basically interested in religion, and their first approach is through their religion to which they were born, and as I say I was born into the Church of Ireland, the Anglican Church. And then my horizon broadened and I became interested in many other religions, and so many of them the last 150 years have been prevented, Indian, Chaldean, Egyptian, Japanese, the old Norse and Celtic, and so on - that my horizon broadened, so I became – actually I call it – a Universalist, believing in all the religions, but particularly of course, the fair feminine aspect, which is now very much coming into the fore again. Of course you get that in Christianity, particularly in the cult of the Divine Wisdom, Sophia, that you get of course in the Hebrew Bible, Chokmâh, but also in the Virgin Mary. So there isn’t really such a gap because the Virgin Mary has many of the titles as the Goddess Isis. Isis represents all women and corresponds to all the Great Goddesses or in fact, every Goddess, or every woman to that extent."

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