July 31, 2015

Lughnasad Letter from Cressida Pryor

A letter at 2015 Lammas
Dear All,
After many days of cold and rain we now have sunshine and my heart sings!
I have been reminded recently of life’s fragility; a viral infection in me and my close family, especially with the youngest member, shows how near we are at any time to that frightening tipping point. The worry was mirrored by the dark cloud and intermittent storms.
Through these times I found I turned to quiet sitting, a candle’s steady flame gently holding my thoughts and frightened ‘what if’s’...I found it a great comfort to know there is now a ‘Prayer Tree’ for healing in the Temple at our beloved Foundation Centre. A beautiful whole tree; from its roots, up through its slender trunk and reaching out through expansive branches to all who need its connection and support. There through the efforts of Pamela Currey and others in the Circle of Brigid. I offer huge gratitude to her and to everyone who has contributed to making this happen and who will also attend to facilitate the tree’s healing service in times to come.
What a beautiful and fitting ‘first harvest’ for Lammas.
 An important balance in a time when a leader’s careless word can reduce desperate people to being described as if they are insects needing to be swept away and ‘dealt with’. In contrast may we be reminded of our humanity, our capacity to be whole despite challenges of illness, separation and migration. May random acts of generosity and kindness be our service in the world.
I finish with a short prayer to Isis:
Beloved, Spinner and Weaver of our lives, your loom is love.
May we all be empowered by that love to weave new patterns of Truth and Justice into a web of life that is strong, beautiful and everlasting.
And so may it be.
With love and blessings,

July 30, 2015

Moon Goddess Painting

Artwork by Olivia Robertson, 
as displayed in the Foundation Center Temple.

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(Photo copyright Minette Quick, w/additional cropping/framing by this site.)

July 27, 2015

Lughnasad at the Foundation Center

"We all need understanding and respect for the deep earth cycles
upon which we rely to support life upon our planet.
Click below to read a report about the gathering at Clonegal Castle this past weekend:

(photo of  the Shrine of Vesta-Gemini, copyright Minette Quick)

July 25, 2015

Article on the Castle

From an article on Huntington/Clonegal Castle on TheJournal.ie, written by Neil Jackman:
"The most unusual feature of the Castle is undoubtedly the Temple of Isis in the basement. This eclectic spiritual centre, established in 1976, celebrates the role of the female aspect of divinity. It has become an established world religion, with thousands of devotees all around the world making Huntington its Jerusalem."
(photo copyright Abarta Audio Guides)

July 24, 2015

Sun in Leo

Blessings of the time of Leo! Listen to an audio file of Olivia Robertson by clicking on the link below:
Audio transcript:
"We remember that this is the eve of the Opet Festival of Ancient Egypt, as the Sun leaves the Crab, Cancer and enters the sign of Leo of the Lion Goddess Sekhmet. . . Sekhmet is the Goddess of the mysterious Lion power, which is within us all. . .We know now that the true constellation of Leo is one with Virgo, who is the serene face of the Goddess with the body of the Lion, the Androsphinx."

Further information from Olivia:
"I realise now that Isis is revealing Herself, through the changing faces of Her Temple, withdrawing Her Veil, not all at once, but Shrine by Shrine according to the Zodiac periods. This was comprised of the Zodiac Houses of Leo to Virgo. The climax was the Egyptian Harvest with the inundation of the Nile. So Hathor Goddess of Love and Abundance is shown giving a cornucopia of food to the hungry, Humans, a Lion and a Tiger. Fruit is shown given by the Deities, Sekhmet, Bast & Ra."

(Shrine of Leo at the Foundation Center Temple.  Olivia's artwork, "The Sphinx, the Lady and the Lion", both photos copyright Minette Quick)
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July 22, 2015

FOI Temple Prayer Tree

The Prayer Tree
Announcement from the Circle of Brigid,
Foundation Center Temple
A beautiful space for private contemplation and prayer has recently been created within the Healing Chapel of the Temple of Isis at Foundation Centre in Ireland, where members and Castle visitors may spend a few quiet moments and leave or send requests for prayer to be included in the seasonal festivals held each year.  The concept of placing a ‘prayer tree’ within the Temple springs from the ancient Celtic tradition of visiting a sacred well or place in the wild to make petitions, leaving small ribbons of cloth as a token of devotion tied to a ‘sacred thorn’ or bush nearby.  Therefore an invitation is extended to members from farther afield to send in their prayer requests together with a ribbon if they wish.
As it is intended to keep individual requests and identities private, personal information should not be written upon the ribbons which will be placed on the Tree. All requests will be represented within a quiet time in ceremony by members of the priesthood.  At each Festival we join together in healing prayers for the world, for guidance and healing on issues close to our hearts and ask for the Blessings of the Goddess on all in need of Her Divine Love.
Requests should be sent to:
FOI Prayer Tree
Huntington Castle,
Co. Wexford,
(photo of Castle Temple Prayer tree by Eimear Burke, copyright reserved.)
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July 14, 2015

Castle roses

 "As a rambling rose grows upon cottage and temple walls,
so like a rose does heart join with heart within My all-embracing Love."
 (quote from the Oracle of Isis in both "Maya" and "Dea" by Olivia Robertson, photo copyright Durdin-Robertson family, Huntington Castle.)
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July 9, 2015

Fellowship of Isis Prayer

 "We thank you our Holy Mother Isis
for your Love, Beauty and Truth,
which surround us now and evermore."

(FOI Prayer by Olivia Robertson. Photo of the Foundation Center High Altar, copyright M. Quick. Isis statue carved by David Durdin-Robertson.)

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July 6, 2015

The Old Abbey

Olivia Robertson wrote:
 "We practise Druid rituals in the Old Abbey, a ruin filled with flowering shrubs and rambling roses. Parts of it date from the 14th Century, the same date as our yew walk that borders the Wilderness. We have there a dolmen altar and two marble vessels containing rain water. We began using this for rituals in 1963."  (quote from the Druid Clan of Dana manual)


(photo of Old Abbey, copyright reserved Durdin-Robertson, Huntington Castle)

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July 1, 2015

July Oracle of the Month

"When you fear the infinity of the cosmos,
turn instead to that which is small,
which requires your love and protection:
there you will discover eternal Love, Wisdom and Bliss."
The Oracle of the Month for July is from the Goddess Aditi and includes audio of Olivia Robertson giving the Invocation and Oracle.  You may read and listen to it at the following page:
(photo of Olivia from the DVD "Olivia Robertson, Priestess of Isis," copyright Logic Reality.)