July 22, 2015

FOI Temple Prayer Tree

The Prayer Tree
Announcement from the Circle of Brigid,
Foundation Center Temple
A beautiful space for private contemplation and prayer has recently been created within the Healing Chapel of the Temple of Isis at Foundation Centre in Ireland, where members and Castle visitors may spend a few quiet moments and leave or send requests for prayer to be included in the seasonal festivals held each year.  The concept of placing a ‘prayer tree’ within the Temple springs from the ancient Celtic tradition of visiting a sacred well or place in the wild to make petitions, leaving small ribbons of cloth as a token of devotion tied to a ‘sacred thorn’ or bush nearby.  Therefore an invitation is extended to members from farther afield to send in their prayer requests together with a ribbon if they wish.
As it is intended to keep individual requests and identities private, personal information should not be written upon the ribbons which will be placed on the Tree. All requests will be represented within a quiet time in ceremony by members of the priesthood.  At each Festival we join together in healing prayers for the world, for guidance and healing on issues close to our hearts and ask for the Blessings of the Goddess on all in need of Her Divine Love.
Requests should be sent to:
FOI Prayer Tree
Huntington Castle,
Co. Wexford,
(photo of Castle Temple Prayer tree by Eimear Burke, copyright reserved.)
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