July 31, 2015

Lughnasad Letter from Cressida Pryor

A letter at 2015 Lammas
Dear All,
After many days of cold and rain we now have sunshine and my heart sings!
I have been reminded recently of life’s fragility; a viral infection in me and my close family, especially with the youngest member, shows how near we are at any time to that frightening tipping point. The worry was mirrored by the dark cloud and intermittent storms.
Through these times I found I turned to quiet sitting, a candle’s steady flame gently holding my thoughts and frightened ‘what if’s’...I found it a great comfort to know there is now a ‘Prayer Tree’ for healing in the Temple at our beloved Foundation Centre. A beautiful whole tree; from its roots, up through its slender trunk and reaching out through expansive branches to all who need its connection and support. There through the efforts of Pamela Currey and others in the Circle of Brigid. I offer huge gratitude to her and to everyone who has contributed to making this happen and who will also attend to facilitate the tree’s healing service in times to come.
What a beautiful and fitting ‘first harvest’ for Lammas.
 An important balance in a time when a leader’s careless word can reduce desperate people to being described as if they are insects needing to be swept away and ‘dealt with’. In contrast may we be reminded of our humanity, our capacity to be whole despite challenges of illness, separation and migration. May random acts of generosity and kindness be our service in the world.
I finish with a short prayer to Isis:
Beloved, Spinner and Weaver of our lives, your loom is love.
May we all be empowered by that love to weave new patterns of Truth and Justice into a web of life that is strong, beautiful and everlasting.
And so may it be.
With love and blessings,