November 14, 2014

From Cressida Pryor: Olivia's Passing Anniversary

Olivia's Passing Anniversary
Message from Cressida Pryor
On today's anniversary of Olivia's earthly death I am sure we will all connect with our memories of her in our own way.

She was truly exceptional and her Tara poem seems so pertinent on the day we connect with a comet, which she would have loved, and we honour her life and death:

"The canopy of stars are mine,
Bright eyes of the black Mothers.
I draw the starlight through the spirals of space
To the dark earth's mountains and little hills,
So stars and earth are one.
See Me in the mirror of the moon
reflecting the Inner Sun.
I am with every being that is
For I am within you all."

Hail and farewell, dear Olivia.

Love and blessings,


Archival Link: Fellowship of Isis Letters

(c) Tara poem and drawing by Olivia Robertson, from the NOT Manual/Compendium and Isis of Fellowship.