April 26, 2014

Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess

The Fellowship of Isis Liturgy book "Melusina, Life Centres of the Goddess" is now available in paperback. It may be ordered through Amazon's online bookstore, as well as any other bookstore or library.
Olivia Robertson writes in the Introduction:
"When we have received a clear picture of what our part is in the Divine Plan, the next worry is, how can we, so insignificant, so dream-filled in a harsh world, do anything about it? This is where the Melusina comes to the rescue. There is only one source of Power; Deity. Men have operated this power through the Great God Mode and produced intellectual, artistic and scientific marvels. The rebound has been misuse, resulting in our present dangers. But the other source of Power, the Goddess, has been almost totally neglected. The Oracle has been relegated to the circus- "Madame Zita tells Fortunes". Flames spring up for the stage magician . . . Power through the Great Goddess Mode has been ascribed to black magic or cheating. Even life after death has been denied or simply ignored. Yet this Power works through the etheric vehicle around which the earthly body is built. It flows through the etheric counterpart of the entire physical universe. Its area has been denigrated as "Limbo", place of disembodied ghosts, poltergeists, black magicians, witches and the occasional "High Adept" bring some to order! Its force has been termed Kundalini in India, Manitu with the North American Indians, Mana of the peoples of Oceana, Melusina to Westerners, and Buto to the Egyptians. When we have truly centred ourselves in Deity, and clearly know our Intention, we may invoke this Power. We realise it is not, as electricity, to be evoked according to our will, but respectfully to be invoked as Living Deity, Life Power."