June 27, 2013

Messages for Olivia

We have received many emails and PMs since Minette's letter yesterday. As she wrote, Olivia Robertson is recovering from a fractured ankle away from her home at the moment. She is doing very well and is still receiving her mail, which her family takes to her. We will also be happy to forward any "get-well" messages - our email address may be found at the link below. Thank you!

(photo copyright Dennis Murphy, from Olivia's DVD.)

June 26, 2013

Summer Solstice at Clonegal Castle

A lovely account of the Summer Solstice ceremony at Clonegal Castle written by Minette Quick, was  sent by her this morning.  
(Photo of the Shrine of Persephone copyright S.M., shrine decorated by Olivia's great-niece, Pamela Curry.)

June 21, 2013

Shrine of Cancer

Blessings of the Sun in Cancer and happy Solstice!  Please enjoy this historic audio clip of Lawrence Durdin-Robertson speaking on the sign of Cancer:
(MP3/1:45 min./412kb)
Audio transcript:
"Companions on the quest for occult wisdom hidden within the Great Deep, know that the Sign of Cancer was reverenced in remote antiquity. In the fourth month of the Chaldea Duzu, it is the Northern Gate of the Sun whence, at the Summer Solstice, it commences its retrograde movement. With Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer forms the Watery Trigon. To the Coptic Egyptians, this sign was the Power of Darkness of the Jackal Anubis, Guide of the Dead, a Deity of Sirius. It was known as the Dark Sign with no eyes. The Ancient Egyptians knew it as Scarabeus, the beetle Kephera that holds the mud ball of earth. Cancer is depicted as Sacer, the Water Beetle of Immortality, in the most ancient Zodiac known, found in the Temple of Isis in the Denderah Temple of Hathor."
(Photo of the Shrine of Cancer by Minette Quick, which has a statue of the Goddess Juno and paintings of the Muse of Comedy and the Mermaid Goddess by Olivia Robertson.  Photos and audio files on this site are copyright protected.)

Archival Links:  Audio Gallery
Castle Photo Gallery

June 20, 2013

Solstice Letter from Olivia Robertson

Sacred Places:
All Ancient Faiths had deep roots in some earthly home, which meant the mother to them. We think of Jerusalem, Mecca, Glastonbury, The Great Pyramid, and above all the Sphinx.

I, Olivia, was told from Spirit, in 1948, that my brother and I were to work for a Centre of Light at Clonegal. Clonegal is a mile from the meeting of the waters, where the castle is built, and where the river of healing, the Slaney, is joined by the river of the Oak, the River Derry. Where they join, there is an island of swans. In a vision, I was shown by angelic beings, a view of the castle from the sky. Light poured from the castle, and, I gathered the source of the light was from the well of Truth, St. Brigid's Holy Well.

For some years, my brother worked on energy coming from the granite from which the castle is built. Some underground source of psychic power, and also the white and silver power, like water, descending from the sky into the well. My brother was told from Spirit, that the well was for the healing of Ireland, and that the rainbow colours emanating from the dark, black earth energy from underneath the dungeon, was for the world. We were told to welcome people from all over the world, for healing, blessing, and psychic vision.

At this time of the new aeon, 2013, I feel we are to activate this sacred place of Dana, Tara, and Brigid, Daneann goddesses of Ireland. All three have come to me in visions along with the Archangel Michael and the God Aengus Og.

On the grounds, at an angle to the Castle, are the old abbey ruin, with a magnificent stone alter. These act as priory of the Noble Order of Tara. We have performed there ceremonies regularly. The grove of trees in the wilderness near the lake and the island which is the cauldron of the god Dagda, and river Derry of the goddess Morrigan. This is the grove of the Druid Clan of Dana, where ceremonies have been held for many years.

The rainbow circle of Brigid have the honour of giving forth the well water to those in need. Each cup represents the holy grail of the new aeon. All members spread Brigid’s rainbow rays throughout the world for healing, sent forth with wisdom and love. Any solitary member can enjoy the healing and vision from the well and from the rainbow rays of Brigid:  Love, Beauty and Truth.

Olivia Robertson,
assisted by Marian Smiles and Minette Quick,
of the Rainbow Circle of Brigid.

(photo of the Well Chapel, by Minette Quick)

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June 18, 2013

Message to New Members

Message for all Global Sites, from Olivia Robertson and The Circle of Brigid:

"The Fellowship of Isis advises new members or seekers to practise discernment in joining individual groups and taking classes. There have been some individuals operating under the name of the Fellowship who are not genuine, and have inappropriate intentions in misusing the literature of the Fellowship of Isis. We advise you to confirm the authenticity of your proposed teacher through the authorised websites of the Fellowship of Isis, who maintain up to date listings of all authentic Iseums and Lyceums, Groves of the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Noble Order of Tara."

Archival link - 
Olivia's Letters

June 17, 2013

Clonegal Castle Garden Walk

(photo copyright Eriko K.)

June 16, 2013

Castle Festivals

A notice was received from Minette Quick this morning: 

"Olivia Durdin-Robertson has arranged for all ceremonies at Clonegal Castle to be facilitated by the Circle of Brigid, The Druid Clan of Dana, and the Noble Order of Tara. A general plan has been approved, including her family. This is part of a general plan to protect the future Fellowship of Isis from inappropriate use."

Archival Link:  Olivia's Letters

June 14, 2013

Book highlight: Maya

Now available in paperback format: "Maya, Goddess Rites for Solo Use."  This book was written by Olivia Robertson and consists of five rituals written specifically for solitary Fellowship of Isis members. From the introduction:

"Through the years members have asked for devotional practices for those who worship the Goddess on their own. The word 'worship' describes the initial stage of our relation to the Divine Mother: as we develop in Her way we achieve a loving identity with Her, while retaining our own originality, and honour for Her manifestation through others. Daily private practice, whether in silence or in spoken words, is essential for sustained progress on the religious path. To invoke, sing and dance on one's own requires moral courage, but unbinds the soul! There is no limitation to the Pantheon of Deities in all faiths, and no limit either to the divinity latent in each of their offspring. Therefore although apparently alone, the Devotee becomes more and more part of that rainbow network which brings Heaven on earth."

Please also note that the book "Isis of Fellowship, How the Fellowship of Isis Was Founded" is now available internationally through all of Amazon's online stores, as well as from local libraries.


FOI Centers Listings

We have reinstated the listings that the late Rt. Rev. Deena Butta was kind enough to maintain for the Homepage Archive for many years on her own site.  Please check to see that your center's information is up-to-date, or contact us if you wish to add your Iseum, Lyceum, Grove and/or Priory.  Thank you.

June 10, 2013

FOI Healing Prayer

"The Healing Wings of Isis
Protect, Enfold and Awaken you!"

Archival link:  Prayers and Blessings

(Prayer and illustration, copyright Olivia Robertson.)

June 3, 2013

Letter from Olivia: FOI Basic Rites

A letter for all global sites, regarding a compilation of FOI materials that Olivia Robertson wishes to acknowledge as the "Fellowship of Isis Basic Rites." This page includes links to all the mentioned rituals, which may be read and printed for your convenience:


June 1, 2013

June Oracle: Derceto

This month's Oracle is dedicated in memory of the Rt. Rev. Laura Janesdaughter:
(photo of the altar of Derceto, Clonegal Castle, copyright Ashera)