June 14, 2013

Book highlight: Maya

Now available in paperback format: "Maya, Goddess Rites for Solo Use."  This book was written by Olivia Robertson and consists of five rituals written specifically for solitary Fellowship of Isis members. From the introduction:

"Through the years members have asked for devotional practices for those who worship the Goddess on their own. The word 'worship' describes the initial stage of our relation to the Divine Mother: as we develop in Her way we achieve a loving identity with Her, while retaining our own originality, and honour for Her manifestation through others. Daily private practice, whether in silence or in spoken words, is essential for sustained progress on the religious path. To invoke, sing and dance on one's own requires moral courage, but unbinds the soul! There is no limitation to the Pantheon of Deities in all faiths, and no limit either to the divinity latent in each of their offspring. Therefore although apparently alone, the Devotee becomes more and more part of that rainbow network which brings Heaven on earth."

Please also note that the book "Isis of Fellowship, How the Fellowship of Isis Was Founded" is now available internationally through all of Amazon's online stores, as well as from local libraries.