September 1, 2011

Oracle: Goddess Hathor

In honor of Olivia Robertson's new booklet, "The Many Voices of Isis" (see post directly above), we are sharing this month's FOI Oracle of the Month,  which you may also listen to from this historic audio clip of Olivia and Lawrence during ritual.

(MP3 file - 4:51min/1.11mb - audio varies slightly from text)

FOI Oracle of the Month
September 2011
Oracle: The Goddess Hathor
Booklet: "Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess"
By: Olivia Robertson

Adorable Hathor, Kindly Mother of all creatures, Goddess of love and laughter, we are orphaned of Thee! We have turned away from Thy joy which calls us through all Nature to return again to Thy beautiful bounty. Bestow on us happiness and love; health and abundance.

Because you ask Me for these gifts, you shall receive them! For long hard centuries you, my dear human children, have sought knowledge and authority, strength and sanctity, believing that these hardly won gains will make you as the Deities! But though it is well to be powerful, without love and happiness you are as nothing. And this love is not some strange and terrible passion that could tear you asunder, as it does when suppressed or misused: rather it is the kindly benevolence that not only seeks the good for others but also for oneself! For who would be the victim of another's immolation? True friendship and marriage is to share good things such as abundance, laughter and peace. For in the past you clever and hard-working ones have travelled the earth making converts to your puritanical civilization, but have made millions wretched and uprooted them from their own way of living.

It is not for nothing that I am depicted with the solar disc between the horns of a cow! Do not despise me in this form, for as a cow I have four legs and can stand in my sleep, whereas the walking two-legged human suffers from unbalance! I give my milk generously and have the wisdom to stay where I am, either eating grass or meditating, which is what you call ‘chewing the cud'. You run around too much in your minds and with your bodies. Be peaceful. Be happy. And in this way you will, through gentleness, find power; through stillness, achieve progress, and by living fully each moment, gain abundance for all time. Know that Jupiter Himself appears as a bull, as does Serapis. Yet neither of these Gods nor I Myself manifesting in these animal forms derive Our strength and health from killing and eating our fellows. You petition Me for health. Do likewise. Be happy! For if you are happy now - you are happy forever. To rejoice in the Eternal Now is my secret. My Love abideth, for it is the Love of the All-Mother.

(c) Olivia Robertson, FOI co-founder
All Rights Reserved
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Photo of Olivia Robertson courtesy of Dennis Murphy/ Logic Reality, from the "Olivia, Priestess of Isis" DVD.

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