September 1, 2011

New book: "The Many Voices of Isis"

"The Oracles have returned to aid us."
Olivia Robertson

We are happy to announce a new booklet is now available: "The Many Voices of Isis, Oracles of Alchemy", by Olivia Robertson.

This is a sequel to the booklet "Sybil, Oracles of the Goddess", and contains all of the Oracles that Olivia has since received and incorporated into the FOI Liturgy.

"The Many Voices of Isis" includes an introduction, 8 sections of 98 Oracles, illustrations and photos.

Color cover art:  "The Three Oracles"

You may order this booklet here:  FOI Liturgy Order Forms    ("Liturgy" section - $10 plus s/h)

Or, read it in full here:  The Many Voices of Isis