July 28, 2011

From Olivia Robertson: Memories of Preparation for Ordination & Other Initiations

From Olivia Robertson
via Caroline Wise
Received: July 28, 2011

"A Priestess of Isis here in Avalon, Celia, asked me how my brother and I prepared candidates for Ordination and other Initiations.

"Our essential aim for any Candidate was to receive direct revelation of the real existence of the Goddess. This we achieved through the Candidate developing psychic and spiritual awakening through trance experience and dream interpretation. Development of the Kundalini was all important for receiving the direct flow of energy through the body.

"The Candidate was required to have a practical way to care for others through nature, social work, care for animals or the environment.

"Practice of the Arts and Crafts was necessary for each Candidate to develop his or her unique gifts. Lawrence and myself gave our sessions for eight day periods. We would assemble in the library in the morning and each person was required to read a paper on some relevant subject to FOI. In the afternoons, we made pilgrimage to a sacred place to cooperate with the local energies.

"At 6.00 p.m. we would assemble to experience magical journeys of the soul, where each person would report on what they received spiritually. Here, some found the gift of Oracle, others of Healing and Counselling. We accepted the equality of Teacher and Candidate, demanded no violation of their private lives or asked for any binding vows. When we felt that the Candidate was accepted by the Goddess and her Consort the God, we would then give the Rite of Rebirth, followed by Ordination in our Temple of Isis in full ceremony. The new Priestess or Priest, in our experience, received a full flow of divine energy. They then, as was the custom of the ancient Priesthood, gave their Blessing to the world, with a declaration of their future spiritual intent."


Archival link: Letters from Olivia Robertson

(Our thanks to Olivia & Celia, as well as to Caroline and Linda for forwarding these messages.)