May 29, 2011

DVD trailer of Olivia: Priestess of Isis

Sent by Dennis & Steven - a clip from Olivia's DVD, available through Logic Reality.

Order the DVD from this link:  Olivia, Priestess of Isis

Changing Faces of the Temple

Four new photos and commentary were received this morning from Olivia Robertson via Minette Quick regarding the Star Chapel.

The Star Chapel

Already we have a Star Child, presumably using our Mirror with a painting of Ishtar on it as a convenient Doorway. Now we have two more.

One, Aisling, is a Mer-girl, offspring of the Goddess Dana. And supported by Fionnuala the Swan Maiden – on the left, and a White Sidhe with Baby – on the right:

The third altar has now been augmented by A Divine Child with an elaborate aura indicating Divinity. The child is sponsored by two women, one black, one white, who are surmounted by a picture of The Goddess Tara, Star of the Mountain.


(All paintings by Olivia Robertson)

What to me means much, is that I have used this chapel to show 3 Goddesses who have come to me: Tara in 1946, Dana in 1952 & a side picture of Brigid in the year 2000.

Am I being told that the descent of Ishtar through various levels represents incarnation, especially now with Star Children?

Anyway all beings have a star within – I’ve been rather reluctant to show these new arrivals from beyond – but the first boy rather took over! He’s found a mirror door.


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May 23, 2011

Illustrations from Olivia

Two illustrations were just received from Olivia Robertson, with her written message:  "The pictures enclosed are now powerful black and white!"

The Sun Goddess Awakens:

We are also attaching her earlier versions that are in color, for your enjoyment!


The Sun Goddess Awakens:

More of Olivia's Goddess art may be seen in the online art gallery: 

(Olivia's artwork is copyright protected.)

May 22, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

Star Child
A vision of a child made of crystallised light
seen at dawn on Wednesday 27th April, 2011
by Olivia Robertson

The above photo and commentary was received this morning from Olivia Robertson, via Minette Quick.

Olivia also writes via letter:
"I am immersed in changing faces in the Temple - just painted Ra-at as an African Goddess, all gold! and had a vision of a "crystal" child so had to paint him where I saw him, in our Star Chapel."

Here is the account of Olivia's vision:
(also included in Changing Faces from May 8th)
“While lying in bed at 6 am, I found myself standing before the Ishtar Altar. I was puzzled because a shining figure made of pure white light was blocking my view of the Altar frontal, of my painting of the Winged Goddess. The figure was that of a child – I could not determine the gender. I believe the child represents the Star Children from beyond our earth who are incarnating at present. However, all of us, old and young are born of the Goddess, so we may share this gentle coming with equality, happiness and love.”


Archival link:  Temple Updates

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May 20, 2011

Shrine of Gemini

Happy Sun in Gemini!  Above is a photos of the Shrine of Gemini at the Foundation Center Temple in Ireland.  You may also hear Olivia Robertson, during a meditation on the "Window of Gemini":

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 3:16 min./765kb.)

Audio transcript:
"We reach the window of Gemini. The picture shows a young man and woman embracing each other, their wings reaching upwards to two stars. They head a spiral procession of twins winding like a serpent through indigo space. Each, man and woman, twins. Suddenly a wind blows open the window and we see the constellation of Gemini itself. Hear the words of Meylo Moya, Sage of the Builders of Zimbabwe.

'Look for the Star! That star does not rise, nor does it set: it holds a fixed place beyond the clouds. O seeker, know that this Nature in which you live and labour is the battleground of the Gods of Storm. Not until you dominate strife will the clouds of fury lift, and the Star illumine the sleeping earth. Then while the Star flames upon the way may you rest with Peace and raise the veil from Her Face. Ngisi kuve hambaseke kahlese! Which in arcane Bantu means: Follow thou after Peace.'

Look upon the orange star, Pollux, of the Gemini twins. Within its aegis is the Heaven of Zimbas. Its rulers are the Rain Queens, each known as Queen Mujaji: 'She who must be obeyed.'

Now, gaze upon the other star of Gemini, light years apart and yet one to our vision: the white star Castor. Within its pure light dwell Mawu and Li-Sa, first of the seven twin deities. Hear the words of the Berber sage Meylo Moya: 'I mounted seven steps of Rainbow Crystal in the Temple, and three more of Opal. And I knelt and adored the Sacred Star. And the crystal pavement of the Temple became a pool, clear as a perfect mirror reflecting the midnight sky. And I heard these words: If thou wouldst be perfect, O servant of Life, thou must dwell in the Light and work in the Shadow. Ili Tongo ka lase nwaya zu ze esu nka dhlineni. May thou and the United All dwell together in Eternity.’

Ponder upon the wisdom of ancient Africa.”

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May 16, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

Two new photos of the Foundation Center Temple were received this morning from Minette Quick, along with commentary from Olivia Robertson. (photos taken yesterday on May 15th)

In the Star Chapel

High Altar of the Goddess Ishtar of Babylon,
To the left of the Altar Frontal
The Star Child Offspring of Ishtar & Tammuz
Has now come into full manifestation!

Shrine of the Anthrosphinx

The Ancient Egyptians linked Leo & Virgo as one zodiac influence
And invoked Sekhmet Goddess of the Sun at Noon.
Bast, Cat Goddess of Sun & Moon at Twilight, Day & Night.
Ra, the Travelling Sun God /His Female version is the Goddess Ra-at
He has experiences in His Boat of millions of years,
Travelling three cycles of darkness & light.

I have added a painting of Sekhmet by a son of the Rev. David de Roeck. And a golden African wooden statue of a mother travelling with her baby on her back representing The Goddess Ra-at with Her baby Ra.


Archival link:  Temple Update May 16, 2011

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May 13, 2011

Featured Liturgy: Ordination of Priestesses & Priests

Our featured Liturgy this week is the Fellowship of Isis booklet "Ordination of Priestesses and Priests" by Olivia Robertson.

From the Preface:

"All beings are children of the Mother Goddess. Hence all are in essence Divine. Priesthood involves a voluntary acceptance of work undertaken for the Divine Plan of the Deities... Human beings attain Priesthood in various ways. Vocation is received from the Deities. Reincarnation brings memories of previous ministry. Initiation is given through Rite or touch. Heredity gives family priesthood. Priestly authority may also be claimed through occupation, such as the Smiths with their God, Weyland Smith, the starry Blacksmith in the sky.

"The Egyptian Priesthood was conveyed through heredity or by rites and appointment. The Priesthood of the Fellowship of Isis is hereditary in source, through the Robertsons of Strathloch. It is passed to Priestesses and Priests through the Rite of Ordination by consecration through oil. The ceremony may also be conducted through attunement at a distance through mutual arrangement. The Priestly line comes to Lawrence and Olivia Robertson from the Egyptian Princess, Scota, the dark one, the daughter of the Pharaoh 'Cincris'. Scota was hereditary Daughter of Isis, through her descent from Isis and Osiris. Scota left Egypt with her Scythian husband Nel and gave her name to Scotland. The Gaelic race was named after her son, Goadhal or Gaelglas.

"Lawrence and Olivia Robertson derive the titles 'Priest and Priestess Hierophant' from Scota in another connection. Those Princesses who did not attain the rank of Queen by marriage, filled the office, of Priestesses of the Goddess Nit or Hathor and bore in their households titles which they transmitted to their children, writes Maspero, in the 'Dawn of Civilization'. Hierophant means a Guide, one who both leads and aids: 'At the gates of the other world... one often sees the dead welcomed by a Goddess who offers bread and water. The Deity who thus welcomes the dead is often Ament, Nut, Hathor, Neith or Mayet: Veronica Ions 'Egyptian Mythology', Genealogical Sources, Manetho 'Labor Gabala Erenn', Mediaeval, 'Irish Pedigrees' O'Hart, 1979.

"The Robertson of Strathloch line is traced through Matriculation, Lyon Office, Edinburgh, 1907, and through Matriculation, Genealogical Office, Dublin Castle, 1979.'"


You may also hear Olivia speak about the FOI Priesthood here:
(1:35 min./334kb)

Audio transcript: ""We have our Priesthood derived hereditarily from ancient Egypt, which we have described in booklets and therefore. But a Priesthood really means that you have a Vocation from Deity in some form or other, to help the world in some particular way: maybe through scholarship, writing books, doing nature. You're asked to do something. You feel the Vocation, but it is always from the Goddess - but you can add the God if you like - because the person joining the Fellowship wants to emphasize that part of their lives."


There is also an accompanying CD to the booklet, which includes both the ordination of a Priest and consecration of a Priestess Hierophant during the same rite, recorded at Clonegal Castle:


Both may be ordered from this link: Order FOI Materials
(booklet: $5, CD: $8, plus shipping/handling)

Additional links:
Priesthood of the Fellowship of Isis
Read the Ordination Rite Online

May 8, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

More new photos received this morning from Olivia & Minette - enjoy!
Star Chapel Ceiling

In 1980 the Star Chapel was created by Co-Founders, Lawrence Durdin-Robertson and his sister Olivia. They worked together painstakingly to clear an ancient wine cellar in the basement of the Castle. The ceiling was designed by Lawrence to show many of the wonderful non-zodiac constellations such as the Polar Constellations, including Caer Arianrhod, her Pole Star home, and the Great Bear.

There are Cygnus the Swan, the Ariadne Crown, Andromeda’s Sea Monster, Sirius, Orion & Cassiopeia. Having first painted the whole ceiling deep blue, Lawrence created cardboard stencils. These Olivia then used to paint the stars in gold. Here are some small photos of parts of the ceiling just to give a sense of it.

Olivia pointed out Sirius at the top of the first photo below.

Ceiling Stars

In the Star Chapel: Ishtar Altar

This is the High Altar of the Goddess Ishtar of Babylon.

She descended the 7 planes from the Stars to the last level, the Earth, to rescue her lover, Tammuz, Shepherd of the Starry Flocks. The 7 stages are shown from the White Angel with wings, A mirror showing Ishtar, Ishtar & Tammuz together in a statuette, a silk frontal with a painting of the Goddess (by OR), and finally the Offspring of Ishtar & Tammuz as a Star Child with a Moon and a White Cat representing all creatures born of Ishtar as Lady of 15 (The Moon) & of the 8 pointed Star Venus, which is in the heart of all beings.

Olivia Robertson writes: “I would like to share a psychic experience I was given on Wed 27th April, 2011, which inspired me to paint the Star Child:”

“While lying in bed at 6 am, I found myself standing before the Ishtar Altar. I was puzzled because a shining figure made of pure white light was blocking my view of the Altar frontal, of my painting of the Winged Goddess. The figure was that of a child – I could not determine the gender. I believe the child represents the Star Children from beyond our earth who are incarnating at present. However, all of us, old and young are born of the Goddess, so we may share this gentle coming with equality, happiness and love.”

Also in the Chapel of the Stars…

Altar of the Goddess Tara

Star of the Mountain.

Again we have stages of incarnation. Above is the Winged Isis. Below is the painting of the Goddess made of White Light who came to OR, then below that a large painted medallion of Tara laughing, by OR, with an unexpected blackbird by her white wing. Sharing her liveliness is a large blue dolphin, splashing on the Altar. The frontal shows a Tara Hill with stars. Her hills are all over the earth. The Dolmen is Her Star Doorway.

Altar of Aquarius

Dedicated to Amaterasu No Kami, Sun Goddess of Japan

Altar furnishings designed by William Morris in the 19th Century with gold-leaf ‘fleur-de-lys’. A Sun disc with Japanese face, represents the Goddess and another in gold below this is of Uzumi who drew Amaterasu out of Her cave to shine again by her dancing, thus founding No Plays. The cloth frontal of 3 Japanese Muses was brought back by OR from Japan. To the left is a Japanese, fox fairy, represented by an Art Nouveau face & cloth Illustrating ‘fin-de-si├Ęcle’ Japanese influence in French art.

Archival Link:  Temple Update May 8, 2011
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May 6, 2011

Remembering Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

This post is in honor of the late Lawrence Durdin-Robertson, who was born on this day in 1920 and passed to spirit sphere in 1994.  Please take a moment to remember this FOI co-founder and Olivia's brother, while listening to this audio clip as he described his own religious background:

(Link opens as MP3 file 1:32 min./361kb)

Audio transcript:
 “I started as the Church of Ireland, or as we call Anglican, as an Anglican. I suppose one approaches. . . everyone is basically interested in religion, and their first approach is through their religion to which they were born, and as I say I was born into the Church of Ireland, the Anglican Church. And then my horizon broadened and I became interested in many other religions, and so many of them the last 150 years have been prevented, Indian, Chaldean, Egyptian, Japanese, the old Norse and Celtic, and so on - that my horizon broadened, so I became – actually I call it – a Universalist, believing in all the religions, but particularly of course, the fair feminine aspect, which is now very much coming into the fore again. Of course you get that in Christianity, particularly in the cult of the Divine Wisdom, Sophia, that you get of course in the Hebrew Bible, Hakma, but also in the Virgin Mary. So there isn’t really such a gap because the Virgin Mary has many of the titles as the Goddess Isis. Isis represents all women and corresponds to all the Great Goddesses or in fact, every Goddess, or every woman to that extent."

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May 3, 2011

More photos from Olivia's Documentary

Below are four new photo stills taken from Olivia's DVD:

Further photos from Olivia's DVD, video clips and ordering details may be found here:

Our sincere thanks to Dennis and Steven, producers of the DVD for sharing these and for creating such a beautiful tribute to Olivia's life and work.

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