May 29, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

Four new photos and commentary were received this morning from Olivia Robertson via Minette Quick regarding the Star Chapel.

The Star Chapel

Already we have a Star Child, presumably using our Mirror with a painting of Ishtar on it as a convenient Doorway. Now we have two more.

One, Aisling, is a Mer-girl, offspring of the Goddess Dana. And supported by Fionnuala the Swan Maiden – on the left, and a White Sidhe with Baby – on the right:

The third altar has now been augmented by A Divine Child with an elaborate aura indicating Divinity. The child is sponsored by two women, one black, one white, who are surmounted by a picture of The Goddess Tara, Star of the Mountain.


(All paintings by Olivia Robertson)

What to me means much, is that I have used this chapel to show 3 Goddesses who have come to me: Tara in 1946, Dana in 1952 & a side picture of Brigid in the year 2000.

Am I being told that the descent of Ishtar through various levels represents incarnation, especially now with Star Children?

Anyway all beings have a star within – I’ve been rather reluctant to show these new arrivals from beyond – but the first boy rather took over! He’s found a mirror door.


Archival link: Temple Updates

(Photos copyright Minette Quick with additional cropping/enhancement by this website.)