May 22, 2011

Changing Faces of the Temple

Star Child
A vision of a child made of crystallised light
seen at dawn on Wednesday 27th April, 2011
by Olivia Robertson

The above photo and commentary was received this morning from Olivia Robertson, via Minette Quick.

Olivia also writes via letter:
"I am immersed in changing faces in the Temple - just painted Ra-at as an African Goddess, all gold! and had a vision of a "crystal" child so had to paint him where I saw him, in our Star Chapel."

Here is the account of Olivia's vision:
(also included in Changing Faces from May 8th)
“While lying in bed at 6 am, I found myself standing before the Ishtar Altar. I was puzzled because a shining figure made of pure white light was blocking my view of the Altar frontal, of my painting of the Winged Goddess. The figure was that of a child – I could not determine the gender. I believe the child represents the Star Children from beyond our earth who are incarnating at present. However, all of us, old and young are born of the Goddess, so we may share this gentle coming with equality, happiness and love.”


Archival link:  Temple Updates

(Photo copyright M. Quick with additional enhancement by this website.)