March 21, 2011

Shrine of Aries

Shrine of Aries, Clonegal Castle
Bast figure carved by David-Durdin Robertson

Happy Sun in Aries!  The above altar of the Shrine of Aries is dedicated to the Goddess Bast.  It is located opposite the High Altar on the left side of a deep alcove, which had been the original hearth of the Castle.

Olivia writes in the "Mystical Awakening of Aries and Durga" ritual: 

"Companions, on the quest for the Golden Fleece of Love and Life, know that Aries the Ram is Shepherd of the Starry Flock, leading the Zodiac procession round the encircling year! Shining unattainably in the bright sky are the gold cloud sheep of Phoebus Apollo. The flock's Ram bore Helle and her brother Phrixus on his back as they flew from the wrath of their step-mother Ino. Alas, Helle flew into the sea, hence called the Hellespont. 'First Golden Aries shines, who whilst he swam lost part of his freight, and gave the sea a name'. To this constellation belongs the starry Shepherd, Tammuz Dumuzi. As he sank to his death into the Western Sky Ocean, he was rescued by Ishtar, Goddess of the eight-pointed star Sirius. The mighty Amon Ra, Ram God of the Egyptians, reigns in this House. He is also the Agnus Dei, the Easter Lamb. His is the Golden Fleece. "

Isis relief by David Durdin-Robertson,
directly above the Shrine of Aries

Archival link:  Zodiac Shrines

(Photos by Olivia Robertson and enhanced by this site.)