March 7, 2011

FOI Liturgy announcement & new Tara booklet

Olivia Robertson's latest liturgy booklet, Tara of the Oracles, has just been released by FOI-Crossroads Media. It includes full introductions, 26 illustrations and rituals, and a new original cover art of The Fates Transform the Earth.   Olivia writes: "The Tara Booklets are magnificent! I've dedicated them to the Temple."

Also, please know that the entire FOI Liturgy may now be ordered in printed form, from the Homepage Archive website. Each booklet includes complete cover art, illustrations, introductions and rituals as originally written by Olivia Robertson. Booklets are offered in 2-formats - large: 8.5" X 11" (good for ritual use), or small: 5.5" x 8.5" (convenient reading size). Olivia writes: "I love the easier larger format for our Rites!"

Since 2000, FOI-Crossroads Media has been offering manuals, ritual cds and booklets through the Homepage, after Olivia shared her publishing rights with us in 1999.  The first liturgy booklet offered, Nuit of the Milky Way, was published at her request in 2004. Now that she has decided to no longer personally ship her booklets by mail, and only offers them to those who visit the Castle, she has asked us to help provide this service to our members. Olivia has also given Isis House Publishing the rights to sell the liturgy, and there may be others in the future as well.   We are honored to be one of the outlets producing the FOI Liturgy booklets.

You may order Tara of the Oracles, as well as any of the other FOI Liturgy booklets at this link:

Or, read the entire FOI Liturgy here: