March 1, 2011

The Changing Faces of the Temple

The Most Rev. Minette Quick writes: "Here is a portion of a lovely letter Olivia received from Uganda. I will be sending photos separately as I'm having difficulty making attachments today. One of them ties in with the Great Mother Eke-Eyen."

Message from Rev. Vincent:

Holy Place of the Great Mother Eke-Eyen Rediscovered
New Iseum of Eye-Eyen, The Great Mother

There is clear evidence that our entire family if not the Whole Village were devotees of The Great Goddess.

Last year in our plot of land a sacred site, once a shrine of a Great Goddess. My Great-Grandfather and even my Grandfather converted to Christianity and abandoned the site. It is now in bush farm land but it is still alive.

The Name of the Deity of Goddess in our language is EKE-EYEN. This means “THE CHILD’S MOTHER,” like the Madonna or Holy Mary. She carries a baby on her back and cares for the entire family/village. Something unusual happened after the rediscovery of the forgotten Mother.

My elder brother Michael in his residence at UIyo – the capital of Akwa Ibony State, fell seriously ill. His whole compound became filled with vultures. An Oracle told Michael that the Ancient Ones had come to inform him to come to the Sacred Site and take the office of Eka-Eyen.

*** Michael miraculously recovered his health. His family Ekwere offer libations to the Great Mother.

Message from Olivia:
"Support for this Iseum in Nigeria would be so helpful in the form of books and magazines and exchange of ideas through personal letters."

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Wooden African Carving of Mother & Child. The Mother Goddess, Eke-Eyen. Behind, the 3 Artistic Creators, Pele, Brighid, Maya.  Stone figure of Child of Gaia. Painted cloth of Persephone, Queen of Hades.

The Goddess Gangur, hand-crafted and painted by Devotees in Rajasthan village. She is connected with the Goddess Parvati. She 'protects from excessive male violence.' So She is Gangur the Protectress. Before Her is a bowl offering water to a jade dragon, a sea monster, a frog and a crocodile. An elephant bears fruit for the hungry. To the left is a banner of Green Tara, Goddess of Compassion. To the right is a wall hanging of Radha and Krishna, happy, divine lovers. He plays his magical flute.

Quan-Yin, Goddess of No Plays, with Uzumi & Pia, Japanese No Goddesses.

On the outside door to the Temple from the outdoor Chapel of the Goddess Persephone. Olivia has painted the Goddess Ariadne below a tiled picture of the Snake Goddess, which she got at Knossos in Crete. Ariadne is painted in front of the Outer Door of Her Labyrinth, which is the plan of the Temple of Isis with 5 chapels of the Elements and 12 Zodiac Shrines. She upholds 2 snakes, dual aspects of the Melusina - Kundalini Powers of Life.

Archival Link:  Changing Faces of the Temple

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Our sincere thanks to Minette Quick for the photos and commentary found underneath them, and to Olivia for sharing her vision for the Temple.