March 29, 2011

The Call of Isis - new edition

Recently we have had questions about whether we were going to publish The Call of Isis in booklet form, and the answer is yes!

The Call of Isis is quoted by Olivia Robertson as being her "spiritual autobiography" in which she "vividly describes her adventures in the psychic, occult and mystical fields," during the early years of the Huntington Castle Centre for Meditation and Study.  This was first published in 1975 - before the founding of the Fellowship of Isis.  Olivia writes: "It's how it all happened."

Our edition includes the original 18 chapters and 12 illustrations, as well as a new introduction by Olivia, and added photographs. (7 x 8.5" format)

You may order The Call of Isis, or read it online, from this page:  FOI Publications