January 31, 2011

Audio Clip: Brigid's Visitation

To help celebrate Brigid's Day, here is Olivia speaking of an experience she had, in the year 2000:

First, some background information - Olivia writes:

"In the year 2000 at midnight during the Summer Solstice I saw in full consciousness a “Sun.” On 6th September this 'sun' – large, cheerful, slightly flushed – woke me up and burst in a sort of explosion from my body. On the eve of my departure for the USA (26th Sept. the first day of the Demeter Harvest Mysteries, The Thesmophoria), in full consciousness at night or rather early dawn, I saw an unearthly woman by my bed. She had hair like liquid gold cut in 'petals' and wore a white robe slightly flushed with gold on a part of it. It was what she was doing that was so strange. She was striking a suspended very long crystal with a rod. As she did so, I observed a mighty transparent column on her left side and within it, at the beautiful clear fairly high note she struck, spirals of golden 'atoms' gyrated."

Click to listen to Olivia speaking further about her experience: Audio Clip

(Link should open with the audio software you have designated on your computer to play MP3 files - it is 1:57 min./459kb.)

Audio Clip Text:
"When I was given a visitation of the Goddess Brigid, She was showing me a way that would bring us access to other spiritual and better realms without taking to extreme asceticism and self-punishment. What she demonstrated to me was simple. She was showing the production of sound from striking certain crystals, and that these affected particles in a vacuum column. All this was performed not in the material state but in what many call “the etheric” sphere, more refined than our earth, but still the higher part. All of our apparently solid material world emanates from this more luminous sphere. Hence miracles may take place in soul consciousness. This realm was a part of a twisting spiral of life involving the Infinite Love and Truth of Deity through the Universe.

"Since my experience with Brigid, and of attaining the Inner Sun of the Isian and Eleusinian Mysteries, I have tried to comprehend what I was being taught. I know that what I receive I need to share with others. Of course so many people know about attaining the spiritual life, but what had I to offer?

"What I feel is essential is the acceptance of Deity – by whatever Divine Name you use – as transcendental, but also immanent throughout all creation. Duality is a delusion. Obviously we need to be aware of dangers, of evil, of cruelty and injustice, and to conquer these. But we do not conquer what is real. We are eliminating distorted shadows. So in coping with the most malign person, we can only help by concentrating on the divine spark within, which is projected from the Heart of the Mother."

(Art by Olivia Robertson, from personal correspondence. Audio file by FOI-Crossroads Media. Both copyright protected.)

January 30, 2011

Ra-Herut in Fellowship of Isis Temple

From Olivia Robertson, via the Most Rev. Minette Quick


This Sphinx has as Mystery the Riddle of the Inner Sun:

“What is it that warms without burning,
That shines from the darkness
That is nowhere and everywhere?
Who answers this riddle
Has answered My Secret."

The Sphinx is between the Shrine of Kwan Yin of Compassion and the High Altar of Isis of Truth.

Minette writes: "Olivia is thrilled with Ra-Herut the female Sphinx, whom she 'created' in the past couple of days and wanted you all to have immediately! As you will see she has been having a wonderful time adding to the Shrine of Kwan Yin which now has a number of delightful new touches, lots of green etc. and I have sent you the full-sized versions because she and I had a lot of fun seeing all the details on my camera when I blew them up fully to check the focus on them over lunch yesterday. She invites you to look at the wonderful 'Green Man' on the chair beside the High Altar which is visible on the Ra-Herut close-up. The Kwan Yin one yields lovely views of Sekhmet and the head of Bast visible in the Her Shrine behind the stained glass division. She points out that there are two Solar details also and she loves all the close-ups of things which people don't really see just glancing even on a visit to the Temple. Enjoy!"

Click to see full-sized photo of: Ra-Herut

Click to see full-sized photo of: Kwan Yin Shrine

Archival link:  Ra-Herut in Temple

DVD trailer of Olivia: Priestess of Isis

Just a reminder that the DVD, "Olivia, Priestess of Isis" has been released, available to be ordered via PayPal or by credit card - and for those who live closeby, now at Treadwell's Bookshop in London! A poster (below) is also available upon request.

The trailers reflect the beauty of this DVD. Our thanks to Steven & Dennis for sharing their vision so all Fellowship members can enjoy it for years to come!

Click to order: Logic Reality

January 21, 2011

High Altar Update

"I'm delighted at the work I've done.
I've spent hours working - daring - to change the High Altar."
Olivia Robertson

Olivia Robertson recently made some changes to the High Altar at the Fellowship of Isis Temple at Clonegal Castle, which she discusses in a new audio clip.  To hear the mp3 files and read the transcript, please see the following link.  We have also added photos to go along with the text:

Our sincere thanks to Olivia and Minette Quick for sending this update.

(Audio files and photos on this page are copyright protected.)

January 20, 2011

Shrine of Aquarius

Happy Sun in Aquarius!  The above photo is the Shrine of Aquarius, located in the Sanctuary of the Foundation Center Temple.  It honors the Goddesses Uzumi, Tara, Maria and Kwan Yin.

Here is the voice of Olivia Robertson, during a Fellowship of Isis ritual drama, as she describes the mystery of Aquarius:

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 1:50 min./430kb.)

Olivia says:  "Contemplate the 2 wavy "W's" of Aquarius and we see that they resonate against each other, in a sort of polarity - two forces.  Now, listen to the Priestess and we'll go dreamy: "we see a winged Goddess holding a mighty urn, from which pours a stream of life forms of which we can discern fishes, animals, plants, rocks, elementals, humans.  A laughing God behind the Goddess draws power upon them with his trident. Look at this - imagine the most beautiful Goddess you can imagine with mighty wings and she has this urn, and imagine all life forms, even the oddest, you know - lizards, insects, fear viruses, crystals, giraffes, weird creatures from other planets.  We could go on looking at this stream of life forever.  All sorts of fabled creatures are here, which exist somewhere, or we wouldn't have thought of them.  Look.  And as we are, we see a God behind her drawing power, sharing it with her, with his trident.  And that trident also seems to have a meaning. The positive and negative forces are held together by the central spike, as it were.  And we gaze upon the stars of Aquarius, set in the Sea of Heaven.  Know that the ancients wanted us to see these visions, so they attached these visions to the constellations, that we may attain Stellar Consciousness."

Homepage Archive link:   Shrines of the Zodiac

(Photo by Minette Quick, cropped and enhanced.  Wooden panels behind altar were carved by William Morris. Photos & audio files on this blog are copyrighted.)

January 18, 2011

New DVD Trailer

Another beautiful new trailer.  Olivia's DVD will start shipping out on Thursday. Also, the video company is now able to take credit cards directly, if you do not have a PayPal account. Please pass the word on to your friends!

Link to order: Logic Reality

Additional note added on Jan. 20th - Dennis from Logic Reality writes: "available in NTSC reg1 USA and PAL reg2 Europe and beyond! Released today - people who preordered will receive their DVD's within 5 / 6 working days if in the US European orders 2 / 3 days.

New Artwork: Finuala Swan Sidhe of Air and Water

This lovely new painting by Olivia Robertson is entitled "Finuala Swan Sidhe of Air and Water," It resides at the left of the well in the Chapel of Brigid.

We have included it in the Well Chapel section of our photo gallery, and will also add it to the online art gallery soon:  Well Chapel

Our sincere thanks to the Most Rev. Minette Quick for sharing this photo from the Foundation Center Temple.

January 11, 2011

Featured Book: God the Mother

God the Mother, The Creatress and Giver of Life

By:  Lawrence Durdin-Robertson

From the back cover: "This books presents a theology. It is based on the fact that the Goddesses alone possess the power to create from and to transmit life; the Gods, while having neither of these powers, are allotted the function of helping the Goddesses organise these forms and of assisting them in administering their vital gifts.

"The first part of the book, The Maternal Source, shows the Female as the Original First Cause of the cosmos. Examples of the recognition of this are drawn from many religious traditions, including the prehistoric, the Western, the Eastern and the modern.

"The second part, The Generation of the Great Mother, describes the various ways by which the Female reproduces herself to form the Cosmos, by fission, by parturition or giving birth and by sexual emission. Examples of these methods are shown in the different religious traditions."

The cover illustration of this booklet is by Anna Durdin-Robertson. The dedication reads: "This book is dedicated to my wife, Pamela."

To read excerpts from this booklet, please see this page:  God the Mother

January 6, 2011

The Star Chapel & the Chakras

The latest trailers from Olivia's DVD:

The Star Chapel

The Chakras

Ordering information: Logic Reality

January 3, 2011

Featured Audio Clip: Dark Moons of Winter

Below is a link to a short audio clip of Olivia Robertson during a past mystery drama:

(Link will open and play with the audio software you have designated for MP3 files - it is 21 sec./85kb.)

Audio text:  "The dark moons of winter bring initiation to the soul who would penetrate the Abyss, and so learn the occult knowledge of the Tree of Life, which bears the Spheres as its fruit - the Spheres of Being!"

(© Photo of Olivia Robertson from Logic Reality, and audio files from the Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive from FOI ritual cassettes.)

January 1, 2011

Still photos from Olivia's Documentary

Below are photos from the DVD of "Olivia, Priestess of Isis", available from Logic Reality: Order Details

(Photos by Logic Reality, included with permission.)